Beauty and Babies


Look at Blanket.   It almost hurts to see such a beautiful child.   I can’t stop looking at him.

Ambika asked me to list Ten Honest Things, so my outburst above is number 1.

2. I love babies.
3. I want a baby.
4. When I offer to babysit,   people are scared off by my neediness.
5. I love to watch little kids when I’m in line at the post office.
6. I love it when they fall down.
7. I love toy babies and baby parts, like these soap baby hands.


8.   Both of my babies were more beautiful than any baby ever.
9. I was pretty cute too, but by five I looked like Anne Frank.
10.   I am still in awe of this photo, after 16 years.


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27 Responses to Beauty and Babies

  1. jennine says:

    omg what a darling picture! i can see why you love babies.

  2. arline says:

    I love babies and small very much, but I don’t want to birth any.

    My nieces are the world to me, and I am so grateful to have them,
    both beautiful and incredible in countless ways.

    You have a lot of depth sister.

  3. I don’t share your love of babies, but that photo of you two is beautiful!

  4. andrea says:

    You have not changed one bit in 16 years! That picture is proof.

  5. Jill says:

    Shit…you almost made feel a maternal twinge…almost

  6. JK says:

    Make that:

  7. Ann says:


    If that isn’t the most beautiful picture I have ever seen. You are timeless.

    I love when babies and toddles (yes, toddles, not toddlers) fall down too.

  8. Deni says:

    Great picture! You haven’t aged a day since that picture! Charlie is so cute! I, too, love babies and if I had started earlier I would have had 10 (and I would have wanted 10 by 10 different fathers . . . for diversity . . . is that an odd thing to want/say?). Monogamy is for the birds!

  9. TobiLynne says:

    You’re right … you may have given birth to the most beautiful baby ever!

  10. ash says:

    I have always wanted to open my front door and see a baby in a basket sitting there. With a rattle and a note. Such a nice way to get a baby.
    That picture is amazing! You ARE timeless! And you had that baby and still had time to have red fingernails!

  11. dust says:

    Not even such a cute pictures are gonna make me want them! I deny everything!
    Damn you have a good genes, both of you.

  12. K-Line says:

    Honestly, are you paying some evil force to look 33 forever??? (Can I have the number?)

    Your baby photo is gorgeous – you and him!

  13. WCGB says:

    Ever since my kids moved out, I dream about babies. I dream about my youngest being a baby again…sometimes he’s pre-walking, sometimes he’s about 4. Then I wake up and remember he’s 23. It’s a heavy kind of emptiness. (But who am I kidding? He’s not dead, he’s not in Iraq or Afghanistan!)

    I love the look of joy, pure joy, on your face.

    PS I love the TP roll in the background.

  14. David Duff says:

    Good grief, you’re smiling! Have another baby – instantly!

  15. WendyB says:

    When my sister and I have bad hair days, we refer to it as “Anne Frank hair.”

  16. Sister Wolf says:

    jennine – Thank you! xo

    arline – You don’t have to birth them, I’m happy that you love them.

    Iheartfashion -The photo is a miracle – he is glowing like the baby jesus!

    Jill – You shower maternal feelings on the dogs, don’t try to deny it.

    andrea – Ha, not true, but thanks! xo

    jk – Love them! Babies!

    Ann – People have asked me if it’s Max in the picture! Maybe I AM timeless. Have you seen any youtube things that are montages of toddlers falling down? Best shit ever.

    dust – PLEASE have one!!!!!

    K-Line – Thanks, he looks like a Renaissance baby doesn’t he??

    WCGB – Oh, let’s go out baby-snatching together!

    David – OKAY! Want to help?

    WendyB- Hahahaha!

  17. Mark says:

    Look at that bambino!

  18. David Duff says:

    I’ve got a headache!

  19. I loved my babies but truly I’m not a big baby lover. However I felt/feel the same about Blanket.
    You know you can babysit any time – I think the neediness is an asset. Hell you can babysit me!

  20. Sister Wolf says:

    Mark – Time flies.

    David – Oh, that’s what you always say.

    Make DO – I’d Love to. If only I could.

  21. Bex says:

    Awwwwww cute photo!!! Very adorable!!!

    YOu offered to babysit for me once. I still haven’t got any kids.

  22. hammie says:

    Both my babies were and are way better looking than either of their parents. I get asked about surrogacy, really.

    Something about a thing being greater than the sum of its parts.

    I am however, all babied out. xx

    Please come and live next door to me Sis, you can have Bratty every weekend! xx

  23. lauren says:

    Sister, you & your baby are beautiful!!!!

  24. Aja says:

    What a beautiful pic. Such a gem. I’ve got to scan some pics in of my Dad and I when I was little. Your bleedin’ baby lovin’ heart will melt. I promise.

  25. Nicole says:

    Ohhh!! That’s just beautiful. I think our boys our equally beautiful. I’ll have to knit you a new baby…

    Did you see that documentary a while ago about the women who have these pretend babies and dress them up, take them out walking etc? They look so real! Can’t remember what they’re called but will look it up and send you the link. It was really scary. There are conventions for these women to get together too.

  26. ambika says:

    Aw, that last pic is so sweet! You surprised me which makes me grin!

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