Daphne Guinness is Just Normal, Get it?

I know everybody loves Daphne Guinness. I’m about to get sacrilegious.

Why does she talk like she has marbles in her mouth? Are her lips okay? Does she signify anything besides wealth and acquisitiveness?

I’m sorry! I’m prepared to be banished from the internet for this impropriety. That’s okay, this interview makes me want to kill myself.

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14 Responses to Daphne Guinness is Just Normal, Get it?

  1. editor says:

    i don’t know which to thank you for first – showing me the interview (fun in a sugary-junky-rots-your-teeth-nothing-of-substance-zero-what-so-ever-no-nutritional-value-candy kind of way), or for hating her.
    i don’t hate her, but i don’t mind that you do. not one bit.

  2. Bex says:

    I saw her on a thing on PBS and she does talk like she has marbles in her mouth. I also love how she won’t wear anything that’s been seen on a celeb. She’s just lovely. (I’m being sarcastic).

  3. Jill says:

    self absorbed husband pilferer

  4. Braindance says:

    I am not into her as a character myself, she has some mental clothes, and she did put her money behind a enjoyable British film called Cashback.

    ‘I always think I look so normal’
    No. you do not Daphne, you lying filthbag, you wear couture every time you appear in public, that is not looking normal. Unless normal to you is insane pricetags.
    You would go all wicked witch with a house on top of you, if you really did think you looked normal. That snippet of shit has just thrown Daphne down my ladder of casual respect, grow a truth bone prune face.

    Man, I am angry after spending a afternoon shopping, BUT NOT FOR MYSELF….Arrgghhh Feel my impotent wrath keyboard

  5. Ann says:

    Does everyone love her? Why? Everything about her looks like she is trying too hard and when complimented, busts out with the immortal line, “Oh, this old thing?”

    To think – she was THISCLOSE to being Paris Hilton’s mother-in-law! Can you imagine?!

    I do like her family’s beer, though.

  6. arline says:

    ICK, I mean ICK!

    I don’t love her, and I think she is a bore.

  7. e says:

    I don’t mind anyone hating her, it’s easy to dislike someone who is as casually filthy rich as she is.
    But compared to her other outfits, I would say she looks pretty normal, and I believe her when she says she feels that way. I mean, come on, her whole life she’s been wearing couture, that random outfit she had on was nothing special to her.

    To be honest she seemed a lot more down-to-earth than I would have imagined, even just in the fact that she agreed to an online video interview.

    I also have to point out how hilarious it was to see someone write in the comments page at NYMag how people like her should stop ripping off Lady GaGa and trying to be avant-garde!! HAHAHAHA.
    Now SHE is a total copycat fake bimbo, at least Guiness is an original.

  8. Braindance says:

    What is normal about spending ten years getting the platform ratio of a shoe right? She did not say that she felt normal in that particular outfit, what she said was she always feels like she looks so normal.
    Anybody who says that is lying, for all of us, regardless of our bank balance, strives to look different to others at some point. If we manage to is a different matter…

    But yes, E, you have a totally valid point about the NYMag comments, Daphne has been doing her thing for years. I like a lot of what she wears, I would not say no to most of it, but fact still remains, she grinds on my third eye.

    The only thing Lady Gargoyle (my daughter came up with that name as we watched the Glastonbury coverage) is a master of, is ripping off others.

  9. Mark says:

    I get it.

  10. Sister Wolf says:

    editor – You’re welcome, and thank you!

    bex – I can’t deal with the marbles!

    Jill – So eloquent, yes.

    braindance – Punish that keyboard and then go out in the sequin dress.

    Ann – They worship her, bigtime.

    arline – Wow, I thought I was all alone out here.

    e – I don’t want her OR that Gaga character!

    Braindance – yes, yes, and yes.

    Mark -Hahahaha! I figured you would.

  11. crocodilian says:

    I know I’m late on this one, but I just had to say how much I admire her for spending ten years adjusting the ratio of platform-to-heel on her big red hooker shoes so that she can “run around in them” because that’s totally not what flat shoes are for.

    Is this what the baby fashion bloggers will be like when they grow up?

  12. You are not alone – she bores me witless.

  13. Sister Wolf says:

    crocodilian – Oh, you definitely get it.

    Make Do – Jesus! This is like Christmas morning! I had no idea!

  14. Deborah Louise says:

    I don’t know what you want from her. She has always stuck me as inventive and imaginative with a practical, hands-on bent (down to earth, as e said). Yes, she has great clothes but wouldn’t you, if you could afford it? I can’t afford couture so I make my clothes myself, by hand, and I suspect that if she was in my tax bracket, she’d do the same. And the marbles in the mouth – she’s a well-spoken, well-educated English aristocrat, and that is how they speak. Her perfume is to die for ($140 of my hard-earned bucks died for a bottle, a rare sacrifice). And the millions? Purely incidental. She’d make a cardboard box look like couture.

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