Behold the Willis Girls

I was thrilled to hear that Tallulah Willis (middle, above) was   chosen to attend the prestigious Debutantes Ball   at the Crillon Hotel on Paris’ Place de la Concorde.

At just 17 years old, Tallulah is one of the youngest of the 23 girls making their debut last night.   Just look at her jewel-encrusted Lanvin gown, created especially for her by designer Alber Elbaz, who she described as “a very dear friend.”

Rumer competes for attention in a breathtakingly low-cut dress that craftily draws the eye downward to her bared breasts. Determined to make a splash in her own right, Scout died her naturally brunette hair for the occasion, achieving the perfect shade of bright yellow.

I can’t wait for more photos of the event, but I knew you’d be dying to get an early look at the splendor of these wonderful girls!

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26 Responses to Behold the Willis Girls

  1. littlebadwolf says:

    hookers chez crillon? the mitford sisters, they ain’t; nor the cushings.

  2. alicia says:

    They look like horrible people. I categorize them in the same category as Vanessa Traina and Jen Brill – useless sacks of shits.

  3. Sista Coyote says:

    Was it a Monster Ball? These girls look evil and supa-dupa-scary.

  4. annemarie says:

    Fuck, I hope the dress has a cut away section to reveal the “Be Present” tattoo on Rumer’s ribs. She’s a beautiful and deeply intelligent young woman, and a positive role model for girls everywhere.

    I’m also impressed with Tallulah. The fact that she is a very dear friend of Alber Elbaz shows that she is an old soul, wise beyond her years.

    And Bruce is simply killing it with that red lipstick and blond hair.

  5. Ann says:

    Those are not attractive young ladies.

  6. Stacy says:

    The man behind the bare chested girl confirms that this event was not to be attended by humans.

  7. honeypants says:

    rofl Stacy!!!

    Oh Sister! This is wonderful. It completely made my day! Please treat us to more photos of this event as they become available.

  8. Taylor says:

    The yellow hair is making me have a panic attack about going blonde that mine will end up looking like that.

  9. Marketa says:

    Stacy, I just laughed my ass off reading your comment. Thanks!
    What a scary life the celebrities lead…

  10. Andra says:

    I can’t deny that I love the Alber Elbaz dress but everything else?

  11. Cricket9 says:

    Ugh. “Charmed”???

  12. KR says:

    Okay, Scout’s hair is pretty cool. It’s got that slick ’30s Marcel wave look that I love. But other than that, yikes.

  13. RedHead says:

    When two sets of fabulous genes combine with mixed results (is this the future of the Jolie/Pitt offspring?) but enough being horrible about toddlers – I actually think Rumer Willis is gorgeous. This is just an unflattering picture.

  14. I feel wrong saying this but it was the fugly ball right?! Rumer is looking like she might blossom though. Poor kids but I’m sure they are happy as sandboys

  15. Juri says:

    I don’t think I can take in all this effortless glamour at one look.

  16. Jaimi says:

    They look straight out of an old Eightball comic.

  17. srenna says:

    I think the one in the middle is cute enough.

  18. Le Mod Girl says:

    Oh dear. Uh oh!

  19. Marky says:

    I love you, Sister Wolf.

  20. Debbie says:

    You are soooo bad LOL! But truthfully, those poor girls are so ugly … jeez! And those big jaws … Jay Leno????

  21. mimi says:

    proof that attractive people can spawn not so attractive children.
    poor girls, its not their fault!

  22. Dru says:

    As a person who drew the short straw in the genetic lottery herself, I’d feel a proper meanie for ragging on these girls about the way they look.

    But the fact that they are at a “debutante ball” to which they were only invited because their parents are famous, in the second decade of the twenty-first century, now THAT is cringeworthy. (and annemarie, you are killing me)

    Also, can we not be nasty about Alber Elbaz? He designs lovely things and sounds like a sweet man in his interviews, nothing worthy of cunthood there.

  23. Dru says:

    ^I did not mean to imply that anyone was nasty about Alber Elbaz – just wanted to pre-emptively leave him out of what looks like a clusterfuck.

  24. Monica says:

    What a hideously unfortunate genetic stew. They all look like Mr Potato Head (Drag Queen Edition).

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