Every blogger wants to have readers. That’s why we’re here. Me, I want to express myself, and I like to get a response. Otherwise, I’d just keep a journal.

It’s good to follow blogging etiquette. But it’s also good to break free and say whatever you want. Lucky for me, I’ve already said I’m a cunt, so I’m already out of that closet, so to speak.

I’m also on record as not liking certain bloggers and types of bloggers. Most people are more circumspect in their opinions. Now, however, I smell trouble and I love it!

Queen Michelle got lots of her readers stirred up when she implied a lack of respect for another blogger called luxirare.   Naughty Queen Michelle! Now people are all huffy, but most don’t want to have to take a stand one way or the other. Even luxirare jumped in and pretended to be hurt!

I CAN’T STAND luxirare and here’s why: She is too pretentious, her grammar is poor, and she features aggressive photos of singularly nauseating food. It doesn’t help that she mentions her mom’s old Chanel stuff. If your mom owned lots of Chanel, she should have taught you some manners, like don’t boast about your privileged background. (I miss my mom and I miss her crappy cheap handbags too.)

Luxirare can live without me being a fan. She’s got a million sycophantic readers going “OMG you are so amaaaaaaaazing!” and the ultimate fashion-girl accolade, “You are seriously killing it.” As far as I’m concerned, luxirare is a moron with a high end camera. Next!

Wait a minute, while I’m at it, I’m not crazy about Sea of Shoes or her vaunted Mom. If you add up what they spend on shoes, you could bail out General Motors and finance a health care program. There are too many $800 shoes going on, and nothing on their minds except for “Look at me! Can you believe me?!”   I don’t see any accomplishment, I just hear cash registers going Ding!

Now what? Do you secretly hate any blogs? Do you secretly hate me? Let’s hear from you.   If you can’t take a stand on something as harmless as blogger aesthetics, what good are you?!

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172 Responses to BLOG WARS!

  1. ana b says:

    Really interesting discussion. But can I just point out that one girl who wrote some very frustrated-sounding things about Rumi not commenting on other people’s blogs actually has a photo of Rumi on *her* blog with the caption that “Rumi always looks glamorous”.

    Umm….that one thing just set off my hypocrisy radar a little. Is it just comment jealousy half the time? Like “My blog is so way way better than that other spoiled brat’s – why does she get so many comments and a chance to live out her dream designing shoes – and I get to…umm…comment on this post?” I agree with Yvonne. I only read blogs of people who I can imagine being friends with in real life. And if I don’t, I forget about them. Like a bad smell.

  2. Lottie says:

    yeah, she does always look good and im not saying that she doesn’t. I respect her style, i just don’t like her attiitude :p

  3. I’m actually not familiar with Luxiar ..or whatever …and I’m tempted to look now but really don’t want to give her the page view …lol …but honestly, I thought the same about Sea of Shoes this morning …more about Jane …wearing all of her mom’s clothes and all of her shoes ….claiming that they’re hers and begging for the credit behind her style …when in actuality, it’s clearly her mother’s work. it bugs.

    I think the blogs that bug me the most are the ones that are just basically advertising …I mean, each post is a photo taken by someone else with a tiny blurb about why “they” think it’s cool with a link. It’s so rare when they have any original content. BOR-ING.

  4. LC says:

    Honestly, I’m more concerned about the type of audience certain bloggers cultivate, the type who feed off this blind obsessive worship and infiltrates other peoples blogs who are perhaps, not as rich, not as beautiful, but in actuality who the fuck cares?

  5. Loving the discussion!

    I don’t read most of the blogs mentioned here for one simple reason: they bore me (I used to read all of them). I think when you have virtually unlimited access to clothes, shoes and accessories (either because you have a big budget or because they send things to you) it becomes too easy, there’s no challenge any more. Among the most creative outfits I’ve seen online recently, only one or two were by a “major” blogger.

    What I really appreciate are bloggers who answer comments and/or build rapport with their readers in some other way. In that aspect many of them are really distant – I miss more conversation. Isn’t that why we started our blogs in the first place, to connect to more people?

    That being said, I will always respect well-known bloggers for attracting such a large audience. It takes time and effort; nobody starts getting +100 comments out of nowhere.

  6. weetzie h says:

    It’s kind of hilarious how everyone here makes comments about how awful and stupid and vapid these girls must be. It’s the internet. They’re not going to put up their entire lives with you. They could suck, or they could be fucking awesome. But don’t you have more important things to think about?

  7. paula says:

    i love this entry.

    this blog is amazing! bring it on people vent it all out! yeah!

    I used to run a blog before for work, it was part of my marketing/PR plan for a urban lifestyle store here in the philippines. I’ve came across all the blogs listed above through my research and pegs to find direction for the store’s blog. i have stopped blogging because i left that job and it was so detached to me to carry on as a my personal blog

    I plan to write my own blog (personal) soon about style, events here in the philippines, local stuff that i find aesthetically pleasing, personal adventures, etc.

    i have poor english grammer and am having a bit of a trouble with manning my blogger account and this RSS thingy. and not satisfied with my layout, I have to seek help from a fellow blogger all the time.

    i still frequent these blogs out of curiosity and some i actually visit almost everyday. Some posts i like some i don’t but whatevs!

    the point is – with just a few months in the blogging industry i have learned and understood two things.

    1.I sometimes get envious with people who can afford stuff that i want but at the end of the day i say, YOU CANNOT BUY TASTE hunny!

    2.MONEY DOESN’T BUY TASTE. period 🙂

    thats why i get pissed… you have $X amount of dollars and you bought that skirt/shoe/jacket or use it to make ur house look like a museum or better yet a carnival?

    —which color doesn’t even look nice with your skin, doesn’t flatter your body type and/or your a 17 year old who dresses like she’s in her late 20s.

    i’d say i would have done far better styling, buying, or whatever with the money you spent on that…

    am i the only one who feels this way? i think not

  8. paula says:

    again – am not envious with the lifestyle or the person. i just the greens they spend.

    i want some!


  9. enna.gnaw says:

    Oooo, I’m kind of afraid to comment..><

    I read all the comments, and I really agree with what Jae and InOtherWords said.

    To be frank, I really don’t see what the huge deal was about Jane was about (vogue, hm mag etc etc), I think that anyone who has as much money as her with a decent sense of fashion could probably end doing the same. Or better. -__-
    However, I also don’t really see her as flaunting, since she only buys expensive fashion (although WHY she must spend so much is also beyond me), and she IS doing a “fashion” blog, where you showcase your particular type of fashion.
    For actual innovation/creativity, I always look at Susie and Brooke (the fashion void that is DC–her style is a bit of a miss for me sometimes, but I really think she deserves more recognization). My I sounded like a infomercial there..

    I think that Judy and Jane have the freedom to spend their money however they like (someone brought up a really good point of high fashion can’t be sustained without ppl like them, I agree).
    BUT Sister Wolf should also have the freedom to express how she feels about their spending. We’re in a free country after all.

    I understand the whole concept of putting yourself out there when you say something on the internet (i.e. expect to be called really nasty things if you go on the potentially realyl nasty internet), but without sounding like a slap-deserving ass, I think we could go a little softer on the name-calling (I mean, relating back to the tax-health care thing, posting our opinions should not call for verbal flaying..right?)

  10. Natalea Hell says:

    I won’t talk about Sea of Shoes or Fashion “Go to McDonald’s and order EVERYTHING before you fall on the floor and die because you are too skinny” Toast, because I don’t think I can say anything that hasn’t been said. Any comment about their blogs would be boring and repetitive… like their ankle booties and ugly as fuck peep toes…

    I want to talk about stupid Tavi…. I hate Tavi. I wish someone kicks her in the face and reminds her that she has just turned 13 years old and there will be plenty of time for looking like a crazy senile grandma when she is old. I don’t feel sorry for her because she is “famous” and all that… and for some weird ass reason, the Rodarte girls find her amusing and want her to help them desing…. AWESOME. I think you should seriously seek for exile when you are a world famous designer and you need to ask for some stupid 13 year old that dresses like an old crazy drag queen’s advice… I don’t want to buy clothes co-designed by Tavi… she is stupid and wasting her childhood, because instead of looking like a normal kid she wants to dress like…. well…. like that….

    What’s so styleish about her? DUDES… she dresses like a retarded kid with a crazy grandma complex, whose parents don’t want to tell her that she dresses like shit because they feel sorry for her….

    Sister Wolf, I’ve just discovered your blog and have been laughing my ass off for the last hour. Hugs from Costa Rica.

  11. yui says:

    this was an interesting read (kingdom of cow and a lot of annemarie’s comments had me really laughing.

    it’s funny and sad that in discussions like this, the good writers have all the power and the ones that try to explain themselves lamely in flawed english just get dismissed (often with clever and mean one-liners by sister wolf!). in the end we’re all just indulging in what we enjoy and hopefully do well… like you, sister wolf, with your writing, and others like jane with her fashion and styling. i think it would be unfair to say that one is less applaudable than the other simply because it costs more money. not everyone is born with the ability to hone impressive writing skills or express intelligent ideas. i for one have always had an inferiority complex towards smart people because i can never explain half of what i want to say!! which is why different people have different ways of doing things. it might be weird and offensive to compare your blog with seaofshoes but looking at it from a more detached perspective, i think the blogs are similar in that you both do what you do well. your writing is obviously fantastic, and if you truly love fashion in the nauseating way that i do, you would notice (putting aside the fact that she has a shit load of clothes and shoes to work from) that jane sometimes puts together outfits in a very beautiful and refreshing way.
    these comments made me think about a lot of things, but i think this was the thought that i was left with.

    to answer your question, i think the sartorialist sounds like a pompous asshole. doesnt he???

  12. maryann says:

    brain exploded

  13. maryann says:

    ps i heart your blog! i discovered it yesterday, yay

  14. Estelle says:

    haha, this was entertaining to say the less! so.. not everyone loves everyone else? everyone has something to say about at least one other person/blog?
    i say welcome to the real world!

  15. wow says:

    It’s interesting to see that though bloggers at places like Sea of Shoes and Childhood Flames have lots of class when attacked by haters (who, yes, do comment) and either a) ignore or b) rationally reply, the people who hate them have no class at all.

    You can control whether or not you read these people’s blogs. But you can’t control whether or not other people do, can you? Bet that irks you to no end.

  16. Rabid says:

    Doesn’t irk me one bit, Wow. Seems like it irks you, that we’re having so much fun expressing our opinions, otherwise you wouldn’t have left such a passive aggressive comment.

  17. Lottie says:

    I know I said before that I didn’t so much like these bloggers, we have to cut them some slack,
    I mean, you don’t have to read it and they didn’t ask for this kind of hating.

    I mean, when your perhaps older than Tavi , and you make her run to her parents bed at night crying because you have said horrible things about her via her comments this bla bla, its a little bit mean? She’s thirteen for goodness sake. She’s enjoying herself, maybe not with what you lot did when you were thirteen but your secretly just jealous that shes accomplished so much at thirteen. Its very impressive. She has her whole life and career always sorted because of her blog.

    And Jane, yes she has beautiful shoes and way too many of them but I like her and her style. She replied to my email, twice, so it really shows shes not all me me me. We shouldn’t be telling her or her mum how to live. Her mum seems so nice, to have as a mum, compared to mine or say.
    I take back all i said about them previously.

    Just come on, these guys are people too. You can’t just hate them because their skinny or seem to be self involved. I mean, what their running are personal blogs, its not gonna be about how much they hate themselves is it?

  18. Today, I went to the beach front with my kids. I found a sea shell and gave it to my 4 year old daughter and said “You can hear the ocean if you put this to your ear.” She placed the shell to her ear and screamed. There was a hermit crab inside and it pinched her ear. She never wants to go back! LoL I know this is entirely off topic but I had to tell someone!

  19. Yumi says:


    You have nothing better to do than write this? You want readers?
    Get a Life.
    You aren’t “calling” anyone out. You’re just being a bitch.

  20. Gigi says:

    Seriously, anyone who thinks that dressing like Susie Bubble is in any way fashionable or stylish needs glass. She’s smart yes but is nothing more than a super fan who got in early on the whole blogging idea because she worked in social media as a social media planner for an agency. Does no-one remember this? She’s not a normal kid blogging, she’s contrived, displays fake humility (it’s a shtick she employs so she won’t be hated on). So yes she’s extremely clever and manipulative of her audience and earns pots of cash in the background on what she called “other projects” when in fact everything is tied back to her blog. I’m just calling this like it is… one can’t help but admire her cunning because basically that;s what she is, contrived and cunning and I have stopped reading her blog because a) she’s not really as nice as everyone thinks she is and b) she dresses like a clown.

    Other bloggers who just put themselves out there warts and all rich or poor I have more respect for them as they seem more honest. Luxirare, Sea of Shoes, Garance Dore they might seem privileged and elitist but there’s something very honest about their brashness, it’s as if the OFF button doesn’t work in the bit of their brain which controls fantasy.

    I’m just being honest here…. Susie’s faux humility has always niggled at me. Time will tell……

  21. Gigi says:

    Sorry needs glasses I should have typed. (Very late tying in bed). : )

  22. xxxology says:

    I know this is an older post of yours, and you may choose to not even respond. But after much deliberating I felt I needed to anonymously get this off my chest. So back since the days of Myspace, when I was a wee lad, people considered me to be “stylish”…..even up till I was in high school. Anyways, I stopped blogging, in fact I deleted my old blog, and stopped social networking in general cause I was too busy going about my business, and living life. There was this girl I used to go to school with…..she started basically ripping off my shit, down to the way I talk, and my life posts…..she idolized me. Now she’s got a pretty big following on quite a few social networking sites and I’m just like wtf. She even deleted me off a few things, and blocked me…so I couldn’t see that she was basically a rip off of me or something? Idk. I stopped talking to her years ago. So annoying. I mean there were quite a few girls who’d always ask me where I got my clothes, and tried to dress like me, which was alright I guess, I just think that this really annoys me because this particular chick got something out of it. She has people asking her to model for them now she also has a few sponsors. I’m not gonna name names, and what not but I still wanted to just voice this.

    I can relate to Luxirare though, not to say I was on that crazy level, because once I started blogging about me, THE REAL ME, people didn’t wanna see that shit. When I started going on Twitter in a drunk fucking rage because someone pissed me off people were like “EW.” or “Are you okay? I’m worried about you. This isn’t you.” It’s like I’m a fuckin’ human being alright so go fuck yourself. This is how I always am, I just chose to censor all the shitty parts of my life. I chose not to tell them about the time I got kicked out when I was 16 and had no where to go, I chose to not tell people I was horribly depressed and drowned out that depression with drugs.(I DO NOT do this anymore though, thank God.) What they saw was amazing parties, and great shoes. Not the truth, and no one was ever like “Shouldn’t you be in school?” “What does your mom think?” They were were more or less like “Your life is sooooo fabulous.” BULLSHIT. They want perfect, they want to see some fantastical bullshit. They always eat that shit up. I think it’s a problem most people have, even myself. We can never be happy with or appreciate what’s right in front of us. That’s what I hate about most blogs nowadays, they’re not truly expressing themselves. They’re not talking about the struggle. I mean no one has to spill the beans of their life story, but it would be refreshing to see a more “real” post every now and again.

    I just started blogging again, but it’s more than likely just gonna be life shit and crafts with my little one with the occasional what I like to wear post. If people like it cool, if not idgaf. I’m not gonna censor myself anymore, and I will piss and moan all I want. Lol.

    BTW, I really like your blog and just happened to stumble upon this post on Google.

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