Casting The Phil Spector Movie


By now, I’m sure we can all agree that Bruce Willis should play Judge Larry Fidler. In fact, how do we know that he isn’t already playing Judge Fidler?

The other roles are still open. I like Al Pacino for Phil Spector. I haven’t thought much about Lana, but her ‘good friend’ Jennifer Hayes-Riedl looks somewhat like her. Unfortunately, Jennifer is so mean and disloyal that I don’t think we should throw any work her way, know what I mean? She not only accused Lana, on the witness stand, of being “very very very depressed,” but she called her “anal-retentive.”

In other Spector news, you can hear an interview he gave just 36 hours before he shot Lana Clarkson, here.

And if you haven’t read the bodyguard’s testimony regarding Phil’s opinion that woman are “all fucking cunts who deserve a bullet in their fucking heads,” go here.

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