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By now, you’ve seen the pictures of Sea of Shoes at the ball. My sister pointed out that Sea’s dress was the only one with sleeves! I’m not sure if that’s the case, but it’s a good observation anyway.

As a public service, I invite you to leave your comment to Jane, since she won’t publish them herself.

I will begin:

OMG Jane, you look like a turtle in this photo! It’s good to see that you need to be photographed from a “good” angle, just like everyone else! Hate the dress but glad you had fun. Love, SW

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49 Responses to Comments for Jane 12-01-2009

  1. gretchen says:

    the dress turtle girl wore was only memorable because it was fugly and she should get her lip waxed …. ‘nuf said.

  2. Alicia says:

    I really didn’t like the dress. “Chanel” on the label doesn’t make it cute. I was glad to see Carol, though!

  3. youvegotbadtaste says:

    Jane, you’re 17, NOT 70. This is something Nancy Reagan would wear. Today.

  4. annemarie says:

    I loved the dress. Think the white petticoat thing that wrapped around the skirt part was in black though.

  5. enna. says:

    I want to know what Carol thinks of all the attention Jane gets.

  6. Miggs says:

    I would like the dress if it didn’t have that poufy white thing attached to it. I think that was the ‘couture’ element but it gives me a headache.
    I have a feeling that dressing up in her absurd rags is Jane’s way of distracting from the fact that her younger sister is way, way cuter that her.

  7. Leslie says:

    I demand to know why Chanel decided to attach a clutch-shaped mass right in front of your crotch.

    Glad to see you had fun though.

  8. Dru says:

    Pretty dress, apron notwithstanding. And take a lesson from the WAG facing the camera in front of you and do not ever get fake tan (or excessive real tan, which is worse).

  9. sarah.p says:

    The Puritan in me is glad to see a teenager modestly dressed (unlike the ‘WAG’ identified by Dru, who is in fact Lady Kitty Spencer, Princess Diana’s neice, and OH GOD I hate myself for knowing that). And I quite like the stripes. But I’m afraid I thought your sweet sister looked nicer….

  10. aine says:

    Holy moly that dress is hideous and so wrong for her age. Scrolling through some of the pictures of the ball, the inherent blahness of the girls’ outfits became apparent. Its one of life’s cruel ironies that people rarely look their best at big events, instead they look stiff and overdressed. Perhaps the comments shutdown was a pre emptive strike from Jane, she sensed that even the fan girls wouldn’t like that thing and didn’t want the backlash broadcast from her own blog. But luckily the backlash is always on this blog, may you never stop tormenting her SW

  11. dust says:

    I don’t get the concept of this event anyway, it’s useless bourgeoisie display of power and looks like sooooo boring. It’s looks like a posh cattle-fair, actually. Every time I see a picture of her dad, I think poor man, he works his ass of for some shoes. Wannabe aristocracy for Texas, hilarious!!!!

  12. dust says:

    *from Texas…yeah

  13. Vee says:

    Cut Jane out of the picture (I actually like her dress – it actually looks like couture and has some personality, as opposed to the “blahness” aine noted in the pictures), and I’d have no idea that this was any sort of “high-fashion, aristocratic debutante” event.

    The cheap dress, hair, and makeup on that overly tanned and bleached woman are DREADFUL. As the Brits would say, she looks chav-tastic. I’ll bet that tacky sashy mess she’s wearing cost more than my house, too.

  14. Juri says:

    I can’t be mean to a 17 year-old child. What is wrong with me?
    Dear Jane, I’m sorry but you and that boy in a black vinyl condom hoodie will have to wait until you grow up. Uncle Juri doesn’t lash out at children, though he hates on the players and sometimes has been caught speaking of himself in third person.

  15. Iron Chic says:

    I’m thankful to my parents who raised me to not put stock in such pointless bullshit.
    I was never that uncool.

  16. erika says:

    I love the dress, however I feel it should be worn by an older woman. Especially me. Minus the ball skirt of course. I generally like her clothes but she should dress a little bit younger. The messy hair also seems event inappropriate. At least it could have been a cool updo instead of a ponytail. This is like some kinda uber-prom.

    So funny how true it is that so many say they dislike her and here we are talking about her. Like that Oscar Wilde quote. I can’t remember it. Of course poor Oscar died so wretchedly didn’t he…ahhh, notoriety is overrated too.

  17. arline says:

    Enna, I am sure Carol is just fine. Jane is the one who created her blog. If Carol wanted a blog, she would have made one.

    The blog is what brings on so much attention.

  18. Ann says:

    Terrible dress. If that dress were on a larger scale, it would resemble a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade float.

  19. Stella Mayfair says:

    That glorious Lady Kitty looks like a Rock of Love Bus reject. Bring on these stripper heels and the mud bowl contest, please! Just… awesome!

    Yes, I’m embarrassed that I watched that mess. Every season. Guilty.

  20. Jenni says:

    You know what Jane needs? To spend some time with friends eating Ben & Jerry’s and laughing until 2 a.m. about nothing in particular. That sounds like more fun to me than an uncomfortable evening in a stiff gown knowing you are being judged on your appearance and the dollars in Daddy’s bank account. However, I still have hope, and maybe she will realise that being remembered as a great friend/philanthropist/brilliant mind is far superior than being “the girl with the shoes”.

  21. lisa says:

    It is driving me BATSHIT CRAZY…I need to know what her daddy does? At least that’s where I’m ASSUMING her money comes from. If not him-where? Anybody know????

    P.S. Can I tell you how happy I am you’ve started this? Yay for being a Sea of Shoes HATER!!! (Yes, I know I’m childish and I’m probably just jealous-don’t care!)

  22. Iron Chic says:

    Lisa- I read somewhere that her dad is a lawyer….

  23. hammiesays says:

    oh can I hate ON her too?

    if only because I want to go on an “appointment” to Chanel and get free shoes.

    How they hell are these people still so rich? what about the property bubble, oil crisis? jebus isn’t there some kind of apocolyptic end of the decade bad luck that can not only befall them but tip good fortune on to all those below?? huh??

  24. Not crazy about the dress from this picture, it does look a little matronly. And I’ll admit I’m scared to go to the site and get sucked in to ball photos!

  25. beybeh says:

    this post bothered me so much.

    you are so right SW, how about Carol? It’s just so bad that she mentioned how beautiful jane was and here is the photo of carol. WHY? I don’t understand that. Not once in that post she mentioned Carol.

    i love the dress, but lose the white thing. Jane please your posture. Well it weighs a ton right? She said that.

  26. alittlelux says:

    i actually don’t mind the dress, but i agree the strange muff ruffle in front is strange.

    BUT WHAT ABOUT CAROL. even mom of shoes got more camera/ bog time than her! and one of the pics of her is of her back!

  27. Kate says:

    I always look that crap when in Europe. Even the most fashiony Americans seem bad-postured, gawky, and oddly colored in Parisian light, and poor Jane’s pre-existing monopoly on these traits were only thus intensified.

    Poor girl. I think she’s just shy and creative but wasn’t given any outlet save for spend-n-wear-n-pretend. Hope she goes off to college, admits she’s a lesbian, chops her couture into a post-apocalyptic look, figures out that real life is what gives you style and patina, or, failing that, maybe does coke with what’s left of The Strokes when she’s bored–that’d be vintage and they could dish on modelizing. Then someday she can be the grand eccentric she always wanted to be. I’m getting a Texan Quentin Crisp vibe.

  28. alittlelux says:

    kate! can’t you just see sea of shoes and mom of shoes going all cuckoo and grey gardens in texas? big shoes and little shoes! raccoons! cats! hoarding!

  29. TheBadKate says:

    Carol has a “fuck off bitch” look in a lot of the pictures Jane does publish of her. I bet she’s all “I want nothing to do with your stupid SHOES BLOG, Jaaaaaaane. DON’T PUT ME ON THE INTERNET.”

  30. Lizzy says:


    Dear Jane, who are you, God? Only God has good reason to remove the comments page from His blog. Now your tweens and the people who are irrationally obsessed with you cannot leave you comments. But wait, you don’t really care about us!

    Did you stick a big, juicy steak in the front pocket of your dress? That’s what I would have used that big air pocket in front of the crotch for.

    Ehh…..I’m leaning towards hating the dress. It’s nice to see a teen that doesn’t worship strapless dresses, but that is still one fug dress. Modesty does not equal fug, not unless you let it.

  31. Mark says:

    Dear Vapid Jane,

    I have to admit, your dress is pretty cool, except for the vagina guard/puffy pouch thing in the front, which makes it look like it’s trying too hard.

    The guy you’re dancing with looks like an ’80s gay porn actor.

    Your mother is a nothing short of a whore.

    Worst to you,

  32. M says:

    conspiracy theory time:

    I think Jane’s mom has had this whole thing planned from the start. I cannot fathom how a mother could put her daughters blogging above going to school without having some sort of ulterior motive. They both have stated a number of times in interviews that blogging takes up a lot of their time and that Jane’s school had a “very strict curriculum”.
    Also, Mother of Shoes may or may not have friends in high places in the fashion world, let us remember that she was an ex-model/shop owner.

  33. Kate says:

    alittlelux: straight up on the Grey Gardens lead! (though I get the impression that that’s what Jane and Judy aspire to anyway).

    It’s like when Edie looks out on the trees from her balcony and deadpans “I never will find that scarf I lost. Oh, it’s a sea of leaves!” Only Jane will lament “I never will find that soul I lost. Holy jackie-o-motherfucker, it’s a sea of SHHHHHHOES.” They’ll never be as gangsta as big n lil E, though.

  34. Mrs. Smythe says:

    This girls timing is very bad. The economy is in a tailspin, people are losing jobs, homes and starving and she’s posting 1K shoes!?! Ugly IMO.

  35. These are not surprising my anymore, but thanks..

  36. Moda says:

    Wow! No one is sticking up for non hatred? I know her blog is vacuous and puke inducing and every picture on there is a gloat. I know that flaunting wealth so loudly especially now, is revolting. But please, “Your mother is a nothing short of a whore” “Yay for being a Sea of Shoes HATER!!!” ? Come on, it’s all sounding so low, on humans.

  37. I actually like the dress but those boots she bought are hideous. I always feel that Kaiser Karl is either good or plain rubbish and invariable his collections are a mixture of both or go one way or the other.

    Meanwhile poor Jane and her family. The reason I say poor Jane is she seems particularly bereft of so many wonderful things that living and life provided. I did delve into her website and her ‘mom’s’ one due to having to check the dress out!

    I’d like to compare her visit to Paris with that of the petit garcon

    He had fun, he explored and he had a walk by the Seine, climbed on railings and he did not go shopping. I don’t know at what point possessions took over that families life but poor Jane seems to be talking to some starry eyed materialistic idiots. I’m materialistic but I fight it all the time and I’m not rich so that helps too!

    I actually feel sorry for Papa Sea of Shoes the poor man – does no one in his family care about him? His shirt collar is too big for his neck, how could his wife and daughters not tell him!

  38. Dru says:

    Mark- OUCH!!! That crack about her mum was low, and uncalled for. I mean, it’s a long jump from ‘showoff'(the most common criticism of the Shoes on the internet) to ‘whore’.
    Don’t worry, Sea. I don’t have issues with your spending your (family’s) money in the way that they let you, and some of your outfits are lovely. Also, your mother seems like a nice lady. But I didn’t actually feel irritated with you until you turned the death of a young woman not much older than you into a footnote at the end of a long whine about how your blog is getting you so persecuted.

  39. I’m just grateful to have misspent my youth in the pre-Internet age!
    I don’t defend Jane’s thoughtless display of wealth in a down economy, but I’m not sure my judgment would have been any better at 17.

  40. susie_bubble says:

    Dru slammed it spot on me thinks…

  41. Nats says:

    Jane – I think carol upstaged you – sorry but tis true. Her natural beauty and innocence stole the show at the Crillon.

  42. Aja says:

    The Daul Kim bit that Jane posted on her blog doesn’t bother me one bit. I think if you were a big fan, maybe you’d be really upset, but maybe she wasn’t a big fan. I was upset because I followed Daul’s blog and wished I had reached out to her more, so yes, I was gutted.

  43. Dru says:

    ^Aja: Like you, I was a longtime Daul fan/blog reader and was absolutely gutted about it. Not everyone had to love her work or dedicate an entire post to her passing, but Sea just came off as perfunctory.
    Maybe she’s not mature enough to realise that that was what she sounded like. But a young person’s death, to me- especially a death by suicide- is just not something that can or should be addressed in that fashion.

  44. Aja says:

    I guess I just don’t see it. Some people get really riled up about death, other’s don’t. Had she not mentioned it she would have been scorned as well. And I look at it this way, would Daul have cared? Probably not one iota! So no, the Daul thing continues not to bother me. Now the braggie braggie bit . . .

  45. Aja says:

    And another thing, I have a mutual acquaintance who never misses a funeral or a memorial service whether it be someone close or someone distant. She also never misses an opportunity to talk about how sad she is and how awful it is. As a result, it comes across as phony and weird as shit. As a matter fact, I have made my other friends promise, should I have an untimely passing to NOT allow her to attend my funeral. So I don’t like when people get all worked up about death if it’s not genuine. The victim is probably watching it all from somewhere else and rolling their eyes.

  46. Dru says:

    ^’weird as shit’ is about right, your acquaintance sounds like she’s seizing the opportunity to make something all about her- which is sucky. I wouldn’t want someone like that at my funeral either!
    Daul would probably laugh at Sea, you’re right. I suppose the reason why so many people feel upset about her is because she was a blogger – not just a model but one of our own, so to speak. Funny how the online world works.

  47. erika says:

    Aja and Dru, I like your discussion, I must jump in to say that when I am dead, I won’t have a funeral because it always semmed stupid to me and I won’t give a shit because I will be dead. Also I unfortunately knew a few people that passed away a few years ago . Some of them were only acquaintances. I didn’t attend any funerals because I am just not interested in the whole spectacle and it seemed like some people were seizing the opportunity for false grief. I seriously hate that shit.

  48. Braindance says:

    When I die, I would like everybody to come in fancy dress, no black allowed.

    And the song I would like played as they wheel me into the fire is Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead by the Munchkins from the Wizard Of Oz.

    Or maybe Should I Stay Or Should I go by The Clash.
    Not Going Underground by the Jam though because I am going up in smoke.

  49. Queen Michelle says:

    Braindance, when my mum was cremated we played Great Balls of Fire – she would have laughed her head off at that, and she was a massive rock ‘n’ roll fan. We all had a wee chuckle.

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