Let Me Count the Ways, Mrs. P


How do I hate thee… how could anyone not hate thee?

This reliance on Trig as a crowd pleaser during Mrs. P’s book tour is driving me nuts with helpless rage. Even though the baby is so clearly a prop, her shameless Trigsploitation has struck a chord with the gullible right ring. This is the sort of thing they’re observing:

“She’s going out there as a pro-life woman to say that there’s great joy in special-needs kids – and that we shouldn’t be aborting them.”

Christian conservatives write that “Mother and son have become objects of the left’s unrelenting scorn” and that this reflects “a broader societal bias against disability.”


So now, if you don’t like Mrs. Palin, you’re not only a godless commie, YOU HATE THE DISABLED! You abortionist!

Has anyone   else in politics ever dragged around a special needs kid like this? It seems like some sort of new low. I don’t like the way Trig’s shoes and eye-glasses are optional accessories. I don’t like the way she holds him up like a fisherman showing off a prize winning bass.

I know plenty of moms of special needs kids, and none of them act like they deserve to be president based on their children’s disability. I’ve said it before and I’m compelled to keep saying it. What a fucking cunt! 

** Oooh and by the way, Ann wins the Dead Sweater, Dewayne gets it if Ann declines due to a secret sex tape.

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26 Responses to Let Me Count the Ways, Mrs. P

  1. andrea says:

    I despise her and all she stands for. And I have only compassion for anyone who is challenged in any way. But little Trig looks like a Downs syndrome blow up doll. She should stop using him as a prop!

  2. Ann says:

    I have a secret sex tape but still want the sweater. Fork it over! Effusive thanks, I’ve been admiring that sweater! My A’s will fit in it perfectly.

    Her face IS that of a fisherman that has caught her first 11 lb bass. You couldn’t be more right.

  3. Miggs says:

    The woman in the first picture seems to be holding him up by his waistband, which means the crotch of his jeans is probably jammed right up into his goolies. Ouch.

  4. deja pseu says:

    Not only is she using her child as a prop, but as the mom of a special needs kid, I learned how important early intervention therapies, regular schedules and routines are to kids with any kind of cognitive disability. I have to believe he’s not getting regular physical and speech therapies on the bus private jet.

  5. arline says:

    Egregious and pathetic. What sickens me about this, is that some people will buy into it.

  6. annemarie says:

    A young child should not be carted around the country and thrust in front of baying crowds like that. Maybe she’s doing it to him because he’s disabled and can’t complain. BITCH.

  7. Hammie says:

    So I can be president now? When do I get to choose all the stuff?

  8. I’m with annemarie – except I’d clarify no young child should be carted round in this manner by a parent. All children need a routine in their home. Children thrive in this manner and all that flying at his age and time zone issues – fundamentally cruel and in my mind neglectful. If I was doing a book tour petit garcon would be at home with family and a nanny to help out – better for him to miss me than be pulled from pillar to post.

  9. David Duff says:

    And if she refused to be photographed with the child no doubt you lot would be screeching that she was ashamed of him.

  10. arline says:

    David, it is a different thing to be photographed with your child in a loving and carefree manor, but the photographs we seem to see the most, happen to be when she is presenting her political agenda.

    Why isn’t she photographed with her other children in this way?

  11. Sarah.p says:

    I went to the Hackey Empire panto this week. . . Halfway through, Britain’s finest pantomime dame – an immense black man in full drag and six inch heels with a voice like Aretha – made some crack about Sarah Palin shooting moose. Can’t for the life of me remember the joke but I thought of you, Sister! (Best joke of the night – ‘when I was born I was so ugly the nurse slapped my mother. . . ‘)

  12. dust says:

    Here in Holland we have our own example of power-hungry-lunatic woman, only she actually had power. There is always a point when those characters compromise themselves too much and loose all phantom credibility they might have had. They simply work against themselves, and Sarah’s clock is slowly ticking away….

  13. dewayne says:

    congrats ann on getting that sweater! i seriously forgot there was even a contest. i just like to win things, because it very rarely happens. ha.

    on subject with the post, maybe we should start fucking with the right wing by actively supporting utilitarian bioethics? you know, before they accuse us of it.

  14. OMGGMAB says:

    Palin should stay home, make sure Trig gets the services he needs, and have some pics of them having fun together. If she really cared about that child, she would put off her selfish self promotion for a while to provide what he needs. He’s not carry-on luggage!

  15. Of course abortion clinics can’t keep those kind of statistics but I’d like to know where anyone got the idea that Democrats are more likely to abort Down’s Syndrome fetuses. I don’t buy it.
    Her shameless use of Trig as a prop is revolting!

  16. Aja says:

    Duffster, I know you love Sarah Palin but you have to admit this is pretty low. If Obama dragged his children around the country promoting his book, you KNOW he’d get eaten alive too. This is not a matter of us simply disliking Ms. Palin (though believe me, I do), this is the matter of someone using her child as a prop. Just like she used Bristol’s pregnancy as one to appeal to the pro-life groups. Gross!

  17. Iron Chic says:

    Andrea- “down’s syndrome blow-up doll.” LOLLOL

    A quote from my boyfriend’s Dad’s boyfriend (that’s right)
    “I would adopt a Down’s syndrome baby, they are always so HAPPY!”

  18. David Duff says:

    To clarify, I agree with the proposition that politicians should leave their families out of the limelight which, ‘pace’ Aja, above, Obama patently does not. All I was saying is that if she failed to appear with the child you lot would slag her off for being unloving, uncaring, ashamed, etc, etc.

    Not that I feel sorry for her, you understand, I am an equal opportunities man when it comes to giving politicians, of any colour, a hard time.

  19. Aja says:

    Ummm sorry to disappoint Duffster but when I work at the White House (something I do from time to time) there is a STRICT no photo policy to which we abide by when it comes to the little ones. You don’t know what you’re talking about. And after the kids were interviewed that one time for during the campaign the Obamas decided NEVER to do that again. Do your research Duffy and come prepared.

  20. Aja says:

    Oh and if you’re referring to Obama not keeping his kids out of the limelight when it comes to events like The Christmas Tree lighting, Easter Egg Hunts, etc . . . every kid who has inhabited the White House attends those events. It would be cruel not to let them. But a book signing, Palin puh-lease.

  21. David Duff says:

    My goodness, Aja, you mean all those cutsie pics of the little kiddies here, there and everywhere which I keep treading in on the net and in the prints all arose from sneaky paperazzi getting through the Secret Service security (not so hard these days, I gather) – Heavens to Betsy! what a bunch of scoundrels. And as for Mom and Pop, I accept your assurance that they are a model of modest, retiring self-effacement.

  22. Whilst it pains me to waste time ‘arguing’ with Duffster I have to point out that Aja is correct not only in the US but also the UK there is a no photo of kids even celeb ones unless permission is granted. So when you see a child in all its glory it has been sanctioned. Photocalls are what Aja is talking about as per Obama. Palin is technically ‘cavorting’ and allowing unlimited access – this translates as no holds barred and hence no blocked out face of her child in this case Trig.

    Duff you obviously don’t buy pap shots as if you did you would know the grading and this has nothing to do with secret service, feds or any other body. I suggest you check out the Press Complaints Commision for clarification in UK, I’m not sure of the name of the body in US but in this country Price Charles redefined with the ‘co-operation’ of the press the images of minors.

    I spoke to my BBC White House reporter friend and he clarified that the Obama children are under no circumstances photographed excepted under pre arrange photo calls. This actually applied to both the Bush girls when they were minors and upon maturity there were agreed photos. This is not an issue of politics – all politicians abide by this and all media courtesy is extended to all.

    Trig is access all areas – his mother has chosen not to protect him or has asked the media to photo him, you decide which option she choose rather than thinking someone is making a statement.

  23. Ann says:

    Did Bristol have give Mrs P permission to parade her kid around that way?

  24. Aja says:

    Once again Duffy, a photo call and a book tour are two very different things. Got it?

  25. OMGGMAB says:

    Perhaps the child was cut, pasted, and airbrushed into the photos. That would eliminate any person really caring for the small babe. Palin is trying to make that babe into a caricature, just like herself. Gross, selfish, narcissistic. She’s preying on a person who cannot ever defend himself, and that, as far as I can see, is a sin in the Christian sense of the work. Word.

  26. Mark says:

    Is her fucking book tour over yet? If I see another photo of a piece of mid-American trash jumping up and down over the Rancid Cunt’s arrival at the local bookstore, I’ll puke.

    Trig should be at home with his mother (Bristol) and father (Todd).

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