Comments For Jane 2/3/2010

Sea has been very busy with “work”, but here we find her taking a well-earned rest, covered fetchingly with nothing but a curated fur coat. Note the cascade of streaky hair.   Would a mother take such a photo of her teenage daughter? Surely not. So….did Sea pose for herself? Or for the gay boyfriend?

In other news, Sea confided that she didn’t really have a pair of casual flats, so she obtained/acquired a pair of studded Givenchy ballet shoes that are currently available at Barneys for $450.   A girl needs flats, right? $450 is really pretty reasonable, when you think about it.   It’s a steal, in fact.

Sea also confides that she’s sick and tired of the bad weather. Maybe it’s hard to shop in the rain. Where is a Margiela raincoat when you need one, for fuck sake? If only Mom would buy a TV!

If you need to leave a comment for Jane, this is your chance, since her ban on comments is still in effect. I’ll go first:

Dear Sea, the pose in the fur coat is an unfortunate development. Don’t ruin your brand by playing the slut card! Find a good colorist who can fix the hair, I’m sure they have one in Texas, or call Chanel to see if they’ll send one from Paris. Love, xo SW

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60 Responses to Comments For Jane 2/3/2010

  1. Federico says:

    I ABSOLUTELY love this post. Although I sometimes Like Sea’s blog. But after all you’re right!

  2. Mark says:

    Dear Sea,

    What sort of degrading favor did your mother perform to earn that dead animal?


  3. Eliza says:

    Mark, your constant references to Jane’s mother as a whore say a lot more about you than her, if I may be so trite.

  4. hammie says:

    Eliza: Many women perform degrading favours for their husbands. does this make them whores? xx

  5. Zenobie says:

    Anyone else noticed that Jane hasn’t posted in a week?

  6. Eliza says:

    Hammie: It’s a pattern with Mark’s comments where he has specifically called her a whore. Don’t be so quick to judge.

  7. isuka says:

    o my goodness. i can taste the bitterness seeping through my screen reading all these comments here.

    big fan of miss bubble’s creative thoughts and self-expression.

    but give the texan barbie a break will ya. she is still a child, and yes, she’s rich and yes her parents spoil and bestow her with all sorts of fashion goodies from our dreams, and yes she parades them for the world to see. if some find it vomit-worthy, just click it off. have a constructive rant online if u have to and get over it. but do i sense envy amongst some here.

    i cant help to notice some even go the lengths of checking the frequency of her posts/ or articles on her then conspiratorially bitch about it. its about as pathetic as your perception of sea.

    personally i think she has an eye for fashion (an expensive one, so?), i don’t think you need to have worked 30 years to be able to afford to explore and express such a view seeing that her parents already have done the financial legwork for her, she has a headstart in hi-fashion world (and why not if that is her vocation in life?). not all fashion blogs are about putting mish-mash trash finds-hi-street-vintage-designer clothing together which i can also appreciate. as a reader, what i enjoy most is the diversity of fashion blogs portraying different personalities, thoughts on style and clothing, and most of all, these bloggers genuinely have fun playing dress up. so cheer up people.

  8. Kathleen the Great says:

    If I thought this photo were intended as some type of artistic commentary, I’d find it more interesting. But I don’t think the kid was thinking of society conflating women and animals as victims or anything like that, so I just find it kind of sad. She looks like the victim of something here, just not sure exactly what.

  9. j says:

    @Zenobie maybe it’s because she broke up with her bf recently?

  10. Sandra says:


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