Comments For Jane 3/03/2010

Catching up with Sea of Shoes after her whirlwind visit to New York, we now find her back in Texas, specifically, at an exclusive sale of Mom’s “vintage” wares at some shop in Dallas.

Sea and Mom spread the joy of hideous animal-themed costume jewelry, most if it sourced from eBay at a fraction of the price charged to their hapless groupies. Years from now, Texas woman will be wondering what came over them when they gaze upon their gigantic monkey and elephant pendants.

Jane stood around in her Anne D. shoes, perhaps daydreaming about Asian boys or Martin Margiela. Meanwhile, Mom has posted about her love of studded shoes, featuring at least $4,000 of   her carefully edited collection.

Would you like to leave a comment for Jane, who doesn’t care what you think? I will go first:

Dear Sea, I saw a video of an interview you gave in New York, and I realized that you are just an average looking girl who doesn’t seem to grasp the implications of anything at all. I see that Mom is the brains behind everything, and I hope one day you can move on to a ‘transitional object‘, like a blankie, before finally breaking free of Mom for good. Meanwhile, I think you guys have enough shoes. Love, SW.

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69 Responses to Comments For Jane 3/03/2010

  1. Whore/Barthes/Grammatical Errors/Picking an argument with Sister Wolf/Picking arguments with each other/Even stubborn petulance – brilliant!

  2. sg says:

    dear sea,

    why make such ostentatious displays of wealth then brag about stealing a bracelet from a vintage shop?

  3. Dru says:

    ^ I believe she said it was from her mom’s shop, so it was probably stock meant to go up on their website that Jane/Judy decided to hold back and wear themselves. Not the same as actually shoplifting.

  4. HelOnWheels says:

    @meh & anjuna: Lecturing people you don’t know on the internet, especially people who don’t care what your opinion is of them, is a sign of c*ntitude. See what I did there? We can all play that game.


  5. vergoncha says:

    I think you all give a bit too much of a shit. heckling is harmless. so what if judy is a “whore”… that’s her prerogative. muaahaha

  6. Mark says:

    Dru and Braindance–

    You’re probably right. Mother of Sea probably skipped law school or medical school so she could support her husband as he earned his MBA.

    And Dru, by “raise” children, do you mean allow them to follow you around while you shop, and teach them the importance of massive ostentatious consumerism? That woman cares more about what she’s wearing tomorrow and if she’ll get a blurb in Vogue than she does about her daughters’ lives.

    You can fantasize all you want, but all the evidence points to my conclusion: whore. And it is her prerogative to be a whore, so cut her some slack.


  7. meh says:


    And you obsessively bitching about a teenager who doesn’t know or care you exist is a sign of what exactly, my dear? Reminds me of pointing fingers and dirty hands. This could go on and on.


  8. HelOnWheels says:

    @meh: You really need to develop your own personal writing style. It’s somewhat sad that you’re only capable of copying and poorly rephrasing what I’ve written. So, shoo, you little interjection, and go work on your writing.

  9. meh says:

    You think you have a “writing style”? Considering that everything you’ve written thus far is so devoid of forethought, that it pwns your own argument when “rephrased”, poorly or otherwise, makes me wonder if you’ve even had an education. It doesn’t take much to be a bitch on the internet but looks like that is and will be your only claim to fame. Ah well.

  10. meh says:

    Oh and I’ll bet you’re one of those morons who just *have* to have the last word. If that is the case, do tell, and I’ll let you have it. It’ll be my good deed for the day.

  11. Sister Wolf says:


    HelOnWheels is correct: Lecturing people here will never work! The regular commenters here are much too smart and outspoken to let any sanctimonious party poopers get away with anything. For those who cited “venom” or “vitriol”, ENOUGH WITH THE V WORDS!

    For anyone perceiving “pure hatred” toward poor Sea or Mom: Get a grip! It’s called “mocking” or “making fun of.” Pure Hatred is what I feel toward Mrs. Palin. Huge difference!

    meh – Whoever you are, this isn’t the kind of blog where people say shit like “pwns” or even “meh.” Know what I’m saying? It won’t win you any points. Speak normally!

    Re “Whore” – Mark loves the word whore. He is going to keep using it. I’ve been using it myself lately. I like to call my BFF a “whore of Babylon” in fact, and she’s cool with it. it’s just a word. Whore whore whore whore.

    Dru – I love the term “unparliamentary language!” I would like to award you with Most Delightful Rejoinder of the Week prize!

  12. Dru says:

    ^ Thanks, Sister! Still not too cool with “whore” though, even if a former crush did once tell me ‘bad language is language’. Bizarrely, I have absolutely no objections to ‘cunt’.

  13. Braindance says:

    Mark, you made me chuckle with your first sentence, and though that chuckle, I concede that in your own brutal way, you have a valid point.
    I misread you, I thought you were being vicious with a large dose of tunnel vision, but really you are just vicious, with a dry wit.

  14. Betina says:

    Yeah, whore is just a word the same way fag is just a word, amirite?

    I guess I just haven’t followed and investigated the life of Jane’s mom as closely as you have, Mark.. apologies.

  15. Sister Wolf says:

    Betina – No apologies accepted, you stupid homophobic whore.

  16. Dude, you should check on your code, i dont know if it is just me, or does the site not display right in Firefox?

  17. Look at all those comments, i could swear most people dont even read the whole article!

  18. Thank you so much for your outlook, I totally agree with you. It is excellent to see a fresh outlook on this and I look forward to more.

  19. jamee dyches says:

    I hope all of you realize, both the author of the blog and the commenters, that essentially the only thing you’re doing is boosting her fame and popularity. Whether you’re talking about how you like her, dislike her, pity her, don’t get her, etc, you’re still talking about her. And in the end, that’s all that matters. You’re spending your time, that you could spend doing absolutely anything, talking about Jane Aldridge.

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