Copy Cat Alert + A Designer to Love


These nail gloves by Anna Sara DÃ¥vik were all over the place in February, but I didn’t see them until today. Now I feel bad about giving props to Dominic Jones in July for basically copying (stealing?) this idea.   The original version looks so much nicer.

Not only that, but check out these 18K gold rings by Anna Sara DÃ¥vik. To me, this is the ultimate expression of avant garde luxury.   I love you, Anna Sara DÃ¥vik!


I found this picture on a Swedish blog so I let Google translate the caption for me.

A new personal favorite is Anna Sara Davik. Her whole on clothing and jewelry gives me a blowjob after having requested. I have clearly underestimated the Swedish designer.”

Ooooh! It gives me a blowjob too, sort of!   When I’m not thinking about Jewelry by Wendy Brandes and Hannah Martin, I’ll be thinking about these rings.

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11 Responses to Copy Cat Alert + A Designer to Love

  1. skye says:

    Is “it gives me a blowjob” the new “killer”/”I die.”?

    OMG those leather leggings/studded platforms/shredded tie dyed jeans just gave me a blowjob etc.

  2. Style Spy says:

    Okay, now I’m feeling ripped off, because none of my jewelery has EVER given me a blowjob. Obviously, I’m shopping in the wrong places. Wendy, does your jewelry come with (get it?) sexual favors? Because I might have to dust off the ol’ Master Card…

  3. “It gives me a blowjob” is the best new description ever. I hope Rachael Zoe starts using it.

  4. WendyB says:

    For a while I had wanted to do nail rings in honor of Empress Wu, who wore them, but decided that too many people have done them PLUS they’re not that practical. That’s why you need to be an empress to wear them! You make your eunuchs do all the manual labor. So, anyway, Empress Wu is just getting a regular finger ring.

    And by the way, Style Spy, the Wu ring might give you a blow job. Well, it will have a mouth. So it physically could, but you’ll have to see if it feels romantic.

  5. Aja says:

    Both are a bit creepy in an awesome sort of way.

  6. annemarie says:

    How come there’s no good slang for cunnilingus?

  7. JK says:


    I’m tempted to give you a good tongue lashing but all this talk about blowjobs has me … well, I don’t know where it has me.

  8. Swedish smartass says:

    Too bad the proper translation would only be something like “it gives me cravings”. But I guess now thanks to google translator Sister Wolf herself can take credit for this new in demand slang instead of swedish blog-girl!

  9. Bex says:

    Hahahhahah!!! Brilliant translation!!

  10. HelOnWheels says:

    But Swedish, the wonky Google version so much “better” than the proper translation. I say we stick with the Googleation.

    Anna’s gloves are OMGKILLINGITIDIEIT’SBANANAS…erhm…I like both pieces.

  11. Hilda says:

    Elsa Schiaparelli produced these ‘fingernail’ gloves back in the early 1900s. They were wildly popular with fashionable women of the time. Hers, however, were black suede and red snakeskin. She was pretty goddamn fabulous back in the day, and very much ahead of her time.

    ps, according to Google there are rumors of the Schiaparelli’s house opening again.

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