I’ve only just discovered the term ‘cougar’ for sexually aggressive older women, and it’s hugely annoying. I don’t know its origins and I don’t care. It’s just really sickening. I will assume that the cougar poster girl is Demi Moore, or maybe Kim Cattrall? Ugh. At least Kim hasn’t hexed her own daughter like Demi did to Rumor, but she’s no bargain even so.

I guess people are talking about cougars on Oprah and Geraldo, and I see there are plenty of online dating services for cougars and their prey. Is there a name for the young men who date cougars? There must be a correlating term, like bears and cubs or plushies and furries or bro’s and bro-ho’s.

Some awful woman named Linda Franklin seems to be trying to corner the cougar market by offering ‘The Real Cougar Club,’ where cougars can network, let their hair down, and talk about menopause. Yeah, baby, that’s what I’m looking for. I am actually thinking of joining, but I’m afraid it might make me kill myself.

I know I’m acutely sensitive to words, but surely ‘cougar’ is creepy to anyone! What could be good about it? Why don’t they just call older women ‘vultures’ or ‘scavenger fish?’ It’s bad enough to be losing one’s value in a youth-based market, without this crap.   And when Mrs. Robinson is brought up to bolster the cougar image, no one wants to recall that Anne Bancroft was only 36 when she played that role in The Graduate.

Just last week, I saw an unusual and very compelling movie called “Vers le sud” (or “Heading South”, as it was called in the US.) Set in Haiti during the Papa Doc regime, it depicts a resort where aging women from Europe and America come to find sexual pleasure with beautiful Haitian boys. It’s a story about power and ignorance, but the women come across largely as either desperate or deluded. They want to feel lovable, more than anything, and to them, desire equals love.

Older women seeking validation through younger men are just pathetic, Demi included. What’s the point of getting old if the best you can hope for is a lover who doesn’t know anything that happened before 1980? If god wanted older women to mess around with young men, we wouldn’t have to get so much Botox and plastic surgery to attract them. And Rumor Willis would not be living proof of the lord’s wrath.

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  1. The Real Cougar Club will not make you want to kill yourself, quite the contrary. It is a celebration and god knows we all could use more joy in our lives. Women over 45 need to know that life isn’t coming to a screaching halt as they approach menopause, in fact, that’s when you put the medal to the metal and go full speed ahead.

    I believe aging is inevitable – how we age is also our choice. It’s our attitude that determines how rich our days will be. So, if you have the courage to grab onto life, I invite you to join the Real Cougar Club and see what happens.

    Happy Holidays,

    Linda Franklin, Founder

  2. Being a Real Cougar woman has very little to do with dating younger men. She decides for herself who she wants to be with and what makes her happy. What defines this woman is her confidence, her intelligence, her attitude and the fact that she is financially independent. She is in control of her life.

    So I invite you to join the Real Cougar Club – you won’t want to kill yourself, quite the contrary, you will want to celebrate. Every woman over 45 needs a strong identity especially when society says she’s done after menopause. It’s just not true…it’s not the end it’s when you put the metal to the medal.

    Happy Holidays.

    Linda Franklin, Founder

  3. Sister Wolf says:

    Wow, this is fantastic! Do you google yourself, Ms. Franklin??

    Actually, I am incredibly hot and don’t need a bunch of old bags, I mean cougars, to boost my ego.

    What really troubles me is “put the medal to the metal,” and then “metal to the medal.” If you can’t use a cliche correctly, you may want to postpose the celebration of your intellignce.

    Sister Wolf

  4. dewayne says:

    so what does this make me? cougar-bait?
    huzzah!! i thought my days of being some sort of “bait” were over once i hit 18.

    my girlfriend is going to be pissed.

  5. Talia Murphy says:

    Dear Sister Wolf and the author of Cougars (didn’t know who to address):

    There is no doubt that, as a woman, there are no finite categories or roles where any of us perfectly fit. We’re all unique with different talents and insights. That is precisely the point of my website. I look forward to any response you wish to share with me and engage in dialogue with other women who may or may feel the same.

    The thing is, we never stop evolving and we are all more than just a label.

    Talia Murphy –

  6. Hotcougar says:

    You got alot of nerve sis wolf or wolf wanna be! HOW DARE YOU!
    Look at all the little teeny boppers out there having sex & getting
    pregnant & all the desperate 20 somethings chasing after men &
    boys like they are going out of style instead of letting them grow
    up & decide what they want in life.No young man should ever have
    to feel trapped or tied down to a commitment to a girl when he
    hasn’t even had a change to live life yet & many of these 20 some
    thing girls want to get married & trap a young or older man,& they
    will have babies even,yet they should know that old trick won’t work,
    yet they do it,but Thanks to DNA tests & The Murray show,ect…
    All young men have a way out because over 90% of the time these
    tests will & do prove that most of the men,lovers,boyfriends & even
    the husbands are NOT THE FATHER! This happened to two of my
    own brothers,& DNA testing set them free & off of the hook!
    I’m not 45 but I am happy that I am a Cougar & very proud of it!
    I am tired of jealous younger girls who should be interested in
    (college & getting a good career instead of being boy crazy) who
    are sooooo freaking jealous of Cougars & older men who can’t
    accept the a full grown woman has ever right to live her life the
    way she chooses!!! You little girls need to stop harrassing young
    men & get a life of your own & grow up!
    Many women are not sexy or attractive at any age,so they just
    need to keep their psych jealousy in check & learn how to better
    their lives & themselves!!! No most Cougars don’t need or have
    surgery but alot of ugly 20 somethings do!!! Either your born
    with it or your not,so stop your jealousy & your hate!!!!
    It’s such a shame when these little girls get pregnant & cry that
    they are being abused by men when no one ever told them to
    go out and be hooked to a guy in the first place! Talk about
    your sickness!!! Thats what I call gross & disgusting!

  7. NetochkA says:

    A young man that goes out with an older woman is called a tadpole.

  8. is that c_HAL_ifornia talking??

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