Long Live the King (of Spain!)


Just like any decent American, I used to  admire Hugo Chavez for his vigorous Bush-bating. Now, I see he’s just a big baby.

When Chavez wouldn’t stop interrupting Spain’s Prime Minister, who was defending the honor of his predecessor,   King Juan Carlos of Spain quite rightly leaned over and said to Chavez: “Por que no te callas!” (“Why don’t you shut up?”)

Now, Venezuela’s fiery leader is threatening to stop doing business with Spain. He says the King was being imperialist by telling him to shut up. He’s so mad that today, he threatened the US that OPEC would punish it with oil prices if there were any aggression towards Iran. King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia managed to override this blustering threat, but he neglected to tell Chavez to shut up.

I love that Juan Carlos! This shows why that dude is a King. Maybe he can tell Bush to shut up, too, or even better, to resign.

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