Cunt of the Week™: Abdoulaye Wade

President Abdoulaye Wade celebrated Senegal’s 50 years of independence by commissioning a gigantic bronze Soviet-style monument that cost $27 million and was built by workers from North Korea.

Wade calls it a monument of The African renaissance, but critics call it the work of a power-drunk president, who has announced that he will collect 35% of the revenue generated by the monument because “it was his idea.”

Thank you to Braindance for alerting me to this week’s cunt! She has made me realize that I know more about Demi Moore’s body issues than I do about world events.

With 54% of his countrymen living below poverty level, Wade has chosen to indulge himself with a hideous, sexist monument to stupidity, corruption and egomania. I know we can all agree that he’s a complete fucking cunt.

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25 Responses to Cunt of the Week™: Abdoulaye Wade

  1. Stuti says:

    Here in India, the exact same thing happens. Statues that cost more than $100 million dollars are built almost everyday, while the rest of the country is dying of hunger.

  2. That first image says it all! What a dreadful thing – the waste, the statue and yet again more evidence of power corrupts.

  3. Stella Mayfair says:

    what a shame!
    thanks for posting about this, sister. i had absolutely no idea what was happening in senegal right now (and yes, i’m guilty of that dreadful demi-knowledge too).

  4. Ann says:

    Excellent choice for COTW. Shamefully, I had no idea about Senegal (or that similar things happen in India, Stuti). Everything about that statue is despicable.

  5. Faux Fuchsia says:

    Come the Revolution that stupid thing will be torn down by angry workers with their bare hands.

  6. diyanah says:

    Aren’t you gonna say something about Sea’s hideous fanny pack?

  7. XuXu says:

    Large. Very Large. And Hideous.




  8. Dru says:

    Reminds me of a certain Indian politician who got to wear a garland made of money a few weeks ago at an event. That’s actual money made of actual paper notes, by the way, and I think the value of the notes strung on it was the equivalent of a few million dollars. Someone thought it would be a good idea to indulge her this way, and she/people around her justify it saying it’s ok because she is from a lower caste (ie very liable to have been disadvantaged growing up). She puts up multiple hideous statues, not just one, but I guess no one noticed since we’re an “emerging economy” after all.

  9. Dru says:

    PS: Sister, do you comment over at NYMag with the handle ‘SisterWolf’? I ask because I noticed a comment on a post about sometime Cunt of the Week Terry Richardson where the commenter basically said ‘stop this scumbag’. It sounded like you (and hey, the post was pretty cuntish too- since when does sexual harassment get called a ‘sexcapade’? A sexcapade should at least be fun for all parties involved.

  10. queenzelda says:

    The waste is outrageous and the mere suggestion he is personally entitled to proceeds boggles the mind. Its even worse in a place like Senegal which is supposed to be held up as aspirational for African nations.

    But gee – noone builds a good monument like the North Koreans! Check that thing out. I guess years of wasting public funds on monuments to the Dear Leader while their countrymen starve was good training for them…

  11. elli says:

    the statue and sea’s fanny pack are obviously both just so badass…

  12. Stuti says:

    Dru – We are both talking about the same woman, Mayawati. And she got two of those huge, seal-like money garlands.

  13. Cricket9 says:

    This statue brings me right back to our wonderful communist past in Poland – we had them in aboundance, almost at the North Korea level. There is a huge warehouse, not accessible to the general public, in one of the provincial museums. It’s choke-full of statues of Lenin that were removed from the public places. I witnessed the removal of a giant statue of Feliks Dzierzynski, a stalinist thug and head of Czeka, later transformed into KGB, from a plaza in Warsaw. Under Communist government the statue’s hands were frequently painted red, despite police surveillance.
    It’s just a question of time when this monument to greed, corruption and paranoid ego will be taken down.

  14. Aja says:

    I am absolutely grossed out.

  15. Aja says:

    “Keepin’ it classy Abdoulaye Wade”.

  16. dust says:

    Being familiar with such phenomena, I’m sure that half of the country came to opening to praise and that they hated it all, but were to afraid to express it. Again, if there wouldn’t be power, there wouldn’t be power hungry, so the big dictator took all the power to save his people, generous cunt.

  17. Bessie the cow says:

    How much food, healthcare and medicine, and housing, not to mention sanitation could that 27 million buy? Now we know how the word dick got into dictator. I think “cunt” is too nice of a word for him. How about Excrement-of-the-Week? Still too nice?
    And why are the statues Asian in countenance and not African? Why do I ask stupid questions? Like I can make sense of this MoFu and his actions?

  18. Max says:

    Yes, he’s a totally despicable and wasteful fucking cunt. He deserves the COTW honorific.

    But am I the only person (besides Jessie Jackson) who thinks the statue at least looks kind of cool?

  19. JimmyP says:

    and it’s bigger than that Statue of Liberty – what a cunt!

  20. Mark says:


  21. OMGGMAB says:

    Bessie, you ask the rhetorical question. Why oh why do those in power over hungry people waste money on idolatry to themselves? Because they can and they are truly Excrement of the World! Rise up and flush them down a black toilet hole!

  22. peaceBwithU says:

    Cunts will come and cunts will go but Sister cunts like this are the worst scum of all. They and their religious counterparts that not only….. want their followers to bow down and kiss the feet of these statues or better yet kiss Their ring……. they fuck them in the ass while they are doing it. They belong on a bus to NO WHERE!!!!!

  23. editor says:

    Can the runner up be NYDailyNews for covering a stupid shredded t-shirt instead of Abdoulaye Wade’s criminal neglect??
    And as for how stupid companies think consumers are…they are proven right time and time again. Loved that you posted about it. Loved that you posted about it AND about Abdoulaye Wade. You’re a bit of wonderful.

  24. aimee-WTF says:

    I think that that monument might have been a comic book cover in the 70’s.

  25. CanSpeccy says:

    How do we go about congratulating President Abdoulaye Wade on his COTW award? Anyone have his email?”

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