How Stupid Are We?

Remember when it was summer, and we’d cut off an old pair of jeans to make shorts? I still do that, nearly every year. Why do trendy brands like Vince think we want to pay $195 for a pair of cut-offs? Why do they think we’re that stupid? Are we?

The brand “What Goes Around Comes Aroundreally thinks we’re stupid.   They want us to pay $195 for putting some studs in a pair of Converse lowtops.   The studded hightops are $350. As if!

WGACA is a multiple offender. See this “Chanel” necklace? They want you to pay $795 for it, because you think it’s vintage. Chanel is the most counterfeited brand in the entire world, and some of it is very convincing if you don’t know better. This WGACA shit is being sold all over the place for tons of money. It’s just crap.

It annoys me to have my common sense challenged like this. Everybody’s all up in arms over a pricey T-shirt by Balmain, but the assumption that the style-conscious consumer is a stupid idiot is rampant across the board.

I hope those cutoffs don’t sell. I need to think that no one’s that stupid.

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27 Responses to How Stupid Are We?

  1. skye says:

    I don’t really know anything about chanel or fakes or any of that, so I would never know if those things are fake – what is the giveaway clue that the WGACA stuff is dodgy?

  2. Dru says:

    What Goes Around Comes Around is a pretty well-known (and pricey) vintage store- the Chanel necklace could be real vintage, for all we know. Personally, I hate the bloody logo- I may not mind it in (relatively) discreet form on a Chanel 2.55m, but around my neck? No thank you.

  3. Dru says:

    Also, it’s gold plated. I can just see my grandmother having a fit over people being able to charge that much for a logo and not even putting a precious metal in it.

  4. Dru says:

    Also, re: shorts, if Vince is selling the model’s legs along with the cutoffs I might not mind forking out. But- 300+ USD for denim shorts? Who comes up with this stuff?

  5. Joy D. says:

    People are that stupid, sometimes. And it has more to do with laziness than stupidity. It is easier to buy a deconstructed piece than make it yourself.

  6. Aja says:

    My favourite are a pair of sneakers by Golden Goose that came sullied and dirty. I think they were something ridiculous like $350. Yup, these are stupid times, we’re living in.

  7. Iron Chic says:

    I sell cut-off shorts in my store for $25.
    But I dig through PILES to find like one or two that fit right.
    And they are perfect GWG and Levis 70’s and 80’s jean shorts.
    If you pay $195 for cut-offs, you are scientifically proven to be an idiot.

  8. Ann says:

    If Goony Bird was modeling those cutoffs, they’d sell like hotcakes.

  9. Bessie the cow says:

    Those of us that don’t have any moooo-lah can’t really spend it on overpriced, over-the-top stupid stuff that makes us look lame for buying it. We just go to Goodwill, look for old, abused jeans, take them home, take a scissors to them, and voila; fashion on a pension, when you have a penchant for fashion.
    As for the shoes, go to fashion alley (or whatever it’s called) downtown, buy some under-priced low tops, a stud gun, studs, have some fun, and again, voila, some personally designed runners for cheep, cheep, cheep (that’s input from the chicks next door).
    DIY shit can be fun, creative, and therapeutic not to mention a big money saver.
    Love ya Sista Wolfie!

  10. Jenny Dunville says:

    Oh Sister, don’t get me started on the brainpower of the American Consumer. It’s nearly been the un-doing of this country economically. I long for the day of buying less, higher quality, more authentic merchandise but I don’t think it’s coming back.

  11. dust says:

    Good to have this recession, to take care of the scum. Not all stupid people are rich, luckily.

  12. annemarie says:


    No, I’d never buy cut-off shorts or those recockulous studded whatevers, but I am thinking (only thinking!! forgive me!!) about saving up to buy a poor of overpriced Golden Goose boots, the ones that look like a horse shat on them and cost $1300 (the Charlye model).

    Please tell me I’m stupid! Call me names! Save me!

  13. annemarie says:

    but…but….but….they are so well made and I would wear them for like ever and I would never need to buy another pair of boots again and they would go with everything and at least if i just pull the trigger and buy the fuckers my mind will be my own again but i don’t have that kind of cash but I could save and one godd pair means i could give away the three pairs that are going moldy in the closet cos i don’t actually like them and so it would kind of be like doing a good deed (giving three pairs away) even though i’m spending 3 times what i gave to Haiti oh god i am such a cunt i should have given more to Haiti…..

    Look at this madness!!! HELP MEEEEEEE!

  14. arline says:

    Annmarie, cane you at least wait until they go on sale?

  15. annemarie says:

    Oh arline, if only, but would you believe, these fuckers actually sell out!! At that price and everything! I’ve never seen my size on sale!

    The only thing stopping me, apart from the fact that i don’t have enough money in my account, is that i’d lose all self-respect if i bought them.

    But then again, if you knew how willingly I have sacrificed my self-respect before, you would know that that’s not really a significant deterrent.

  16. dust says:

    Annemarie, look deep into my eyes……..if you don’t stop right now, you’ll be punished by having to catalog all SOS’s shoes! You are going to loose all hope after 5 minutes and never ever wish to buy ANY shoes ever, they will ruin it for you. Better come to your consumer senses now, before it’s too late, or else…

    (finger snap!) you’re under!

  17. Cricket9 says:

    People ARE that stupid! And they buy this stupid overpriced stuff, I see it all the time. Annemarie, stop thinking about the shoes, you are better than that – no shoes should cost $1300, unless they have “diamonds in the soles”, and the soles are made of gold, and people at Hermes spent bazillion hours making them, etc, etc.
    I know you want to be “the girl with the shoes that look like a horse shat on them” , but no, you shouldn’t be buying them!

  18. kate says:

    A few years ago a well-known blogger did and April Fool’s post about wanting to buy cutoffs on ebay for a few dollars.

    I told her that her joke sucked, as cutoffs were pretty great with black tights and heels like Yoko Ono wore them (back then this wasn’t really a popular style yet and Kate Moss only started it up a few months later).

    So yeah, better to buy them on ebay than to shell out for these! A year later the same blogger was buying pre-cut jeans from H&M. Just sayin’.

  19. theresa says:

    hahaha annemarie, i was about to say IM THAT STUPID. I could go to coachella or I could buy a pink dress and not eat for two weeks. these were some options presented yesterday.

    I seriously contemplated the not eating and the pink dress. (plus the not eating would probably complement the dress, RIGHT?!)

    FORTUNATELY, my best friend who doesn’t wear shoes bought my ticket without asking me- and of course i’ll pay her back and worship at her bare feet for knowing ahead of time that I’m an idiot.

    I already have a pink dress. and im going to wear it to coachella, damnit!

    as for the cutoffs, im not tempted in the slightest. but if they were fairy princess shorts, I’d probably take a second look.

  20. Hayley says:

    This is the first time i’ve heard of WGACA.
    I looked at their website.
    $750 for an old The Who t shirt?
    $500 for old band shirts. Fuck.
    This must be a joke.

  21. Dru says:

    Annemarie, no! We can’t lose you to the dark side, you are better than a pair of horseshit shoes (and I say this as a girl who loves horses, and loves shoes too).

  22. hammie says:

    every year I cut them – then whine at the end of the summer when they won’t grow back. So I buy more in the thrift store. xx

  23. andrea says:

    What Goes Around Comes Around is a vintage store in New York on West Broadway in Soho that “curates” really good vintage clothing. The downside for us is that what they do carry is astronomically expensive. It is not unusual to find a pair of old Levis there for well over $1000.00! And unfortunately a lot of celebrities, stylist, and tourists do pay those prices. I think that they feel they can do this is because, for certain people, just their name carries some cred (refer to “Brand Whore” post a few days back). So they came out with their own line and, of course, it is astronomically expensive. As long as there are people who will pay their prices, they will continue to charge them. They must be laughing at all the buyers that ordered these for their shops behind their backs (all the way to the bank).

  24. I can’t get over the infestation of crazy expensive cut-offs. . . let alone jeans! Luckily i don’t look that good in shorts so i’d never be tempted. . .but still. it’s outrageous. And yes, many shoppers out there are stupid. That’s why these companies get away with it!

  25. Sister Wolf says:

    Skye – There are tons of the exact same pieces….like they found a pirate ship full of vintage Chanel costume jewelry. All those chain pendants are fake, crudely made, but people think if there’s a stamp “Chanel” on the back, it must be authentic. FUCkers!

    Dru – AND I saw a photo of the guy who owns it: Total douche!

    JOy D – Yeah, lazy and stupid.

    Aja – GG is the stupidest, jesus.

    Iron Chic – I figured there would be scientific proof, thank you.


    Bessie – I miss you.

    Jenny Dunville – But what about the recession?!

    dust – Yes, but look at poor annemarie.

    annemarie – I know you’ll get over this. I know it.

    cricket9 – Thank you!

    Kate – Name her!

    theresa – What are fairy princess shorts?? Do they wear shorts??

    Hayley – IF ONLY it was a joke.

    Hammie, Same here, thrift shop for $6 jeans, then cut them.

    andrea – I couldn’t hate them more if I tried!

    Rackk and Ruin – Anyone who pays for something cut up or distressed =pathetic. What could be more bourgeois?

  26. sketch42 says:

    You can buy jean shorts that look exactly like that for 20 bucks at the mall.

    AND chanel is quickly moving to the top of the list of brands that I hate.

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