Dear World, So Sorry!

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11 Responses to Dear World, So Sorry!

  1. David Duff says:

    Don’t blame yourself, ‘Big Sis’, just blame that stupid, lazy, arrogant, corrupt woman who was so far ‘up her own arse’ and filled with entitlement that she thought she could call half the American voting public ‘Deplorables’ and get no blow back!

  2. Madam Restora says:

    You people. You’ve got no idea what you’ve done.

  3. Mary Liz says:

    I feel sick. I’m in the UK right now and have been apologizing for the election for the past two weeks. Now I have to apologize for the result.

  4. Trumpenführer 2016 says:

    May the Trumpenführer, God-Emperor of Planet Earth, ascend to His throne fashioned from the skulls of Muslims and Mexicans and upholstered with the gargantuan hide of Feminists as He bestows His Divine favor upon those who will fashion a mighty wall festooned with the corpses of His many enemies! May St. Milo the Fabulous utter the God-Emperor’s edicts unto the unworthy ears of the media whores as they weep after the vanquishing of the Hiltlery the She-Beast to the Seventh Level of Prison-Hell. Let His Divine wrath fall upon all who would dare question His rightful place as Supreme Warlord and Conqueror of the Politically Correct Hordes. May death come swiftly to His enemies!

  5. betty says:

    I live in Canada but feel like this has happened to me, to all women, to all human beings. People want change? Got it. Tired of the status quo? Got it. She’s got baggage. Got it. She’s not a fiery demagogue with strong differentiating message? Got it. Democratic strategists ran the wrong candidate in retrospect? Got it. But fuck – voting for Trump? But alas, here in Toronto, the electorate twice voted in Rob Ford, an idiot on-the-job crack addict and C*$t. Yes, you get what you vote for but I fear people have no idea what this is going to result in. God, I hope I live long enough to see if there is a silver lining in time — cause he’s going to roll back every advance that matters, made. Help us all. (I’d say god if I was a believer).

  6. Dj says:

    Vulgarians at the gate.

  7. UM says:

    Trump is a disgusting, frightening, racist fuck (with a lot of power), but so are many of the governments of Europe at the moment. I’m from Finland and am really fed up with the smugness and hypocrisy with which people now point to the US. : ”see? they fucked up even more than us! We’re fine!” and ignore that we already are deeeep in fascist shit, racism and inhuman immigration policies over here– which we, the people, have let happen.
    Ps. You are wonderful, Sister Wolf

  8. Suspended says:

    I’m trying to stay positive…you’ve survived Bush, maybe this will be only marginally worse.

    Melania as first lady and President Trump, now that’s a lot of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter fodder. This is really all people give a shit about now. Cheap entertainment. Easy stories for the media.

  9. Mary Liz says:

    We’re not hearing back from you, wonderful Sister Wolf, hope you’re not on the brink. Just heard today about a Hispanic woman, US citizen, who’d leapt from a building in despair. More will follow.

  10. Dana says:

    The only silver lining here is more of you as the first lady

  11. Sally says:

    I’m with Dana, bring on the show…it’s the only good thing that can come from this.

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