DJ AM: Another One Bites the Dust

syringe necklace

I am still only barely aware of who DJ AM was, but I’m very sorry to hear about his death.   I can’t understand why a man with 11 years of sobriety could throw it all away. Listen to him talking about his commitment to helping other addicts in their recovery.

He seems like a lovely guy. He was in a band that tortured me with one of the worst songs ever written but that was all in the past. It seems like he knew everything he needed to know about where drugs would lead him. And yet apparently he forgot all of it, the endless pointless misery of it, in one bleak evening alone.

No one should die with a crack pipe in their lap or a needle in their arm! In the last week or so, two people I care about came close. Fuckers.

See the necklace up there? I’ll bet some people who stumble across this picture will be going, “Um that is so rad, where can I buy that?” instead of thinking, “Why the fuck would anyone think a syringe would look cool as jewelry?”   I wish the designer had made a little dead guy with a syringe sticking out of an abscessed foot.

A whole year ago I wrote about addiction and intervention. I still urge everyone to fight hard against romanticising drug use, and to hold on to your loved ones who are struggling to stay sober. Beg them to stick around. Threaten to kill them if they use again.   If you hear someone glorifying dope addicts, punch them in the face.

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17 Responses to DJ AM: Another One Bites the Dust

  1. Alicia says:

    Oh yeah, will def be doing that. Drugs are no punk and have torn many a family apart. Plus, I just like to hit people.

  2. arline says:


    Addiction is insidious, and it can sneak up, consume and destroy anyone. It is a sad and complicated affair.

    It’s especially sad, when someone falls back into it, after finding a place of recovery. For what ever reason, sometimes can become so painful to a person, that using seems to be the only way out of misery.

    “could have anyone have helped him”? I don’t believe “anyone” could have saved him. Addicts have a tendency to isolate, and are often very clever, and can hide, at least until there are obvious physical sighs.

    He may have been silently suffering long before he made the decision to use, and probably had a tremendous amount of shame, making it seem impossible in his weakened mind, to reach out.

    This really makes me sad. I don’t know him, but my heart goes out to his family, and his friends.

    romanticising drugs is just as sick as any form of addiction, and I loathe it.

  3. Well said – I helped someone who’d probably been made mentally ill by even just messing with drugs once this weekend. It is a pointless indulgence.

  4. Suebob says:

    I was watching Michael Jackson on YouTube – doing a live performance of “Black or White” from back in the 90s in London and I was suddenly filled with overwhelming rage at his death. How is it that he and his staff (I hesitate to say “doctor,” out of respect for physicians) took drugs – not street drugs but prescribed drugs – so cavalierly?

    Dude had insomnia. He should have been given some breathing exercises and meditations and instructions on how to relax, not a different pharmaceutical every hour til his heart stopped. Gah, what a waste of a talented man. So many lost. It just sucks.

  5. Bex says:

    I have to confess years ago (when I was young) I went to Hot Topic and bought a shirt that had a syringe encased in a plastic sheeting sewed to the front (soooo goth, or something)..I cut out that part and sewed it to my bag..and got so many weird looks from people…what they didn’t see were the words “Drugs Kill Rockstars” on it. I have never tolerated recreational drug use of any kind and never will…those things break people’s hearts.

  6. Bex says:

    What is the designer trying to say though…use drugs and you’re dicing with death? or something…I just made that up 🙂

  7. Mark says:

    The Twitters (tweets?) from Ashton Kutcher (‘much love to my boy am’) and John Meyer (‘We’re supposed to lose our friends to time, at an age when we’re ready to agree to the terms of having lived a long life. Not now’) are sickening, no?

    That said, I didn’t know of DJ AM or his work, but the news of the death of anyone from an OD hits me in the gut.

  8. Alana says:

    go here and you will see a cigarette necklace for “girls of all ages”.

  9. Juri says:

    Before this happened I didn’t know anything about DJ AM, except that he survived a plane crash with that stupid looking drummer of some band who had his own reality show with his baby.

    These deaths are always tragic, and even more so when they “happen” to someone who has been sober for as long as he had been.

    But the idea of an “intervention-style reality show” makes me want to throw up. I should hope the show won’t air in October as planned, but of course it will, and I’ll end up hating DJ AM and feeling guilty about hating a dead person.

  10. Sister Wolf says:

    And to top it off, I just came across a blog by a girl who complains that there were “no crazy junkies” in NYC as she had imagined. She has a photo of a dead guy in a bathtub. Fucking idiots, fucking hell.

  11. arline says:

    Are you kidding? What a FUCKING IDIOT LUNATIC!

  12. Another sad, sad, waste.

  13. maggie says:

    or better yet…. coke spoon necklace for girls of all ages?? :

    sweet baby jesus.

  14. Aja says:

    There are plenty of crazy junkies in New York. That girl just needs to be chased down the street by one then she’ll stick a cork in it. This is all pretty sad. I never understood the celebrity DJ world, but he did seem like a pretty cool guy.

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