Dressing Like a Clown

I just came across these new fashion items and I’m wondering why both Moschino and Karen Walker want us to look like clowns.

No one really likes clowns. Most of the people I know are either afraid of them or repelled by them.

I will never forget the time I was shopping in a supermarket, and a little kid sitting in his father’s grocery cart shouted out as they passed by me: “Daddy, did you see the clown?” The dad was embarrassed but I had to laugh.   I had blood red streaks in my hair and a pair of big gold 50s sunglasses.

It’s never good to be mistaken for a clown. Sometimes you need a little kid to critique your style.

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10 Responses to Dressing Like a Clown

  1. enc says:

    Everybody hates a clown.

    I think this diamond pattern may be an attempt to “reinterpret” Argyle. Like we needed that.

    The bow? Those clowns can cram it!

  2. Melissa says:

    I kinda like the second one — it makes me think of Pierrots from Italian theater. Geekily yours, Melissa

  3. Lady K says:

    I like the first one, is that wrong? I have a thing about oversized bows, always have done ever since Altered Images (twee jangly 80’s Scottish band) lead singer wore them in her hair. The bigger the better!!

  4. Tobi Lynne says:

    I like the second one, too. With a pair of skinny jeans, my chucks, and some ginormous sunglasses. But I’m really pretty freaked out by the first one.

    The first one looks like a bad fast food uniform.

  5. Jools says:

    Whoa! Those are funny! And how great is your story. The best stuff happens at the grocery store. My kid was terrified of mimes. She absolutely froze in her tracks and refused to budge if she saw one. Do you know how many mimes are out there just to freak out kids and ruin vacations and outings? countless…..

  6. honeypants says:

    I think young Audrey could pull the first one off. The second one, I like. But it makes me think “Jockey” more than clown.

    p.s. Lady K, I totally forgot about Claire Grogan’s huge hairbows! Thanks for the memories!

  7. Sister Wolf says:

    You are all much more imaginative than I am. A really beautiful girl could wear either of these things. Tobi Lynne could definitely pull off that horrible KW shirt.

    But to my eyes, ugh, no. I am hereby adopting the motto of Gustave Flaubert: severe mais juste. I might even tattoo it on my bicep.

  8. enc says:

    I sound really mean compared to everyone else!

  9. WendyB says:

    OMG, that kid story is TOO funny! Probably not at the time, or maybe never to you, but I laughed out loud. If it makes you feel any better, some brat once told me I was wearing too much lipstick.

  10. MaRK says:

    People always say Comme des Garcons is clownish, but I love 91% of it. If they ever say it’s mime-ish, I might not like it ever again.

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