Enough With the Boyfriend Jeans

Has everyone had it with the fucking “boyfriend jeans” yet?

The whole thing bothers me. The jeans themselves, the sudden ubiquity of them, the Katie Holmes connection, and the name for them. What if you don’t have a boyfriend? What if you’re a lesbian?

The Younger Wolf has produced this beautiful pair of “Teenage Son Jeans,” that I hereby offer for sale at the special Tanking Economy price of only $200. But if you act now, you can get them for $100, plus shipping and handling. (He is officially through with them, in case you’re thinking that I’d sell his shit online without asking.)

Now to complicate things further, we have the “boyfriend jeans” for your boyfriend, thanks to Current-Elliot, who seem to have started this unfortunate scourge trend.

Shouldn’t they be called the “girlfriend jeans” when guys wear them?

Whatever. I just want them to hurry up and go away.

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24 Responses to Enough With the Boyfriend Jeans

  1. Double the price of the younger Wolf jeans and make out the Olsens have tried to buy them! They’ll sell…

  2. PS I did the bf jeans experiment for one day last August and I was over it then.

  3. Ann says:

    My boyfriend weighs 240 lbs. I weigh 130 lbs. This does not equate to a good fit. Does this only work if your boyfriend is built like Iggy Pop or Scott Weiland?

  4. insomnia says:

    ok. I get this. Boyfriend jeans. For years I have churned out a never ending supply of clothes that other people steal because they will somehow look better on them–leather jackets, Dead Kennedy’s t shirts, worn out Chuck Taylor high-tops, etc. But someone has to help me here. As an unrepentant black-t-shirt-wearing-tattoo-covered-fashion-impaired-biker-hooligan who wouldn’t suppose to understand the concept of style if you clobbered him with it (wrapped in baby seal fur)–a lamentable condition that requires my frequent visits to the kind and all-knowing Sister Wolf to prevent potentially fatal sartorial error….um…what in (the) god’s name are “mommy jeans”?

    This gaping maw in my understanding has created an unrelenting vortex of doubt and fear in my small (hey, I’m a guy) insecure brain. I mean, what if I unwittingly stagger out into the world one morning actually wearing something like this! Did I misunderstand? Did they mean “mommy GENES” I have THOSE and there is not a damned thing I can do about it, right?! Once again I lay my ignorance at your feet and beg your forgiveness and understanding.

  5. jools says:

    The sad thing for me is that i’ve always worn baggy jeans. i HATE tight anything. At first i thought it great that my jeans were “stylish”. people started complimenting me on my cute “boyfriend” jeans. (Which felt weird since I’ve been married 30 years!) I see the writing on the wall. I am officially outre. Guess I’ll have to start wearing baggy trou. Just a thought tho, my daughters (28 and 18) wouldn’t be caught dead in “boyfriend jeans”.

    I actually broke down and bought a pair of current elliot. Took them straight to the tailor and had the holes sewn shut. lol

    P.S.S. I LOVED Michele’s white dress!

  6. HelOnWheels says:

    To Insomnia — “Mommy jeans” an insult to all things denim: “jeans” that have a high waist (usually with elastic), full thigh, a tapered leg, and, in most cases, a pleated front. They’re hideous and I hope you are forever spared from seeing them. But if you must have an image…


    Aren’t boyfriends all over the world who are missing a pair of jeans? I remember way back when this trend came around the last time, maybe the 90’s, there weren’t as many holes in the “boyfriend jean”.

  7. K-Line says:

    I loathed the trend when it first came out and I really don’t dig it now. I say, who the hell does this look flatter? Why not just wear tapered, ankle-length high waisted khakis if you want to look wretched? And don’t put holes in your jeans and call it fashion. When they get holes you’re supposed to throw them out!

  8. Bex says:

    K-Line: Agreed…and the holes are supposed to occur naturally, eg. get ripped by accident or normal wear and tear as opposed to ripping them yourselves!

  9. WendyB says:

    I like my loose jeans…except that I keep feeling really skinny and eating too much when I wear them. I have to force myself to alternate with the tighter jeans or I’ll be Aretha-sized in no time.

  10. Deni says:

    Can I please just have the boyfriend and the jeans as two separate and unequal items . . . actually since I have neither it would be nice . . . to have a least one. (See, I’m trying to lighten up Sister Wolf even though I have wires sticking all out of me; kinda makes me look like an old run down version of a T3. Maybe it’ll be a new fashion trend; have yourself hooked up directly into your doc’s office so he can read your vitals and send your meds via e-mail to your on-line-pharmacy-same-day-delivery so you don’t even have to go in for a visit to doctor or pharmacy. I have sensors and wires and receivers and senders and recorders and batteries, and info downloading into my phone line and uploading somewhere in Pennsylvania. Makes for interesting fashion statement). Now what about those girls who want boys in jeans, or was it boys out of jeans or just boys or jeans?

  11. Sister Wolf says:

    Make Do – Imagine the size of Olsen Twin jeans….negative 0000 maybe?

    Ann – It’s a problem, isn’t it? At least he won’t be borrowing YOUR jeans.

    Insomnia – You have come to the right place. All your questions will be answered! First of all, an unrepentant biker/hooligan look is ALWAYS in style. It is classic. It cannot be improved upon. Re the Mommy jeans: It’s meant to be an insult, as in, Who wants to look like a Mommy?” Fuck that! I will wear any jeans I god damn feel like wearing (except of course for the boyfriend jeans.)

    jools – I love the way you have raised those two daughters! And I loved
    Michelle’s dress, too. What about the olive green gloves with the yellow…genius,

    HelOnWheels – Oh god, elastic waistbands…that is the essence of awful.

    K-Line – Hahahahhaha!

    Bex – Right. Shouldn’t pre-ripped jeans be called Poseur Jeans?

    Wendy B -Just don’t wear that Aretha hat that everybody’s making fun of. I didn’t even mind the hat!! Aretha can wear whatever she wants!

    Deni – is this lightening up?!?!? Listen, we will get you a boyfriend. Then you’ll be sorry! xo

  12. Skye says:

    I tried this out months and months ago, just for fun and because I had an old pair of oversized jeans lying around from when I was pregnant. It looked pretty bad, but was comfortable at least. I kind of hate jeans anyway (I know that’s sacrilege, but don’t care).

    The ‘boyfriend” jeans tag is gross though. And since I’m 5’2 I’m trying to imagine the boyfriend I might ever have had whose jeans I could reasonably wear:

    Colin Farrell (possibly he is a leprauchan)
    Michael J Fox

  13. marmalade wombat says:

    i agree sister wolf. My theory about why they are so popular is that lot of people seem to have pairs of these jeans lying around the house and so it becomes oh so lovely that they become “in” and get some more wear time in the context of being cool… even though they still look as horrible and daggy as before.
    i personally find it disconcerting to be wearing jeans with a strangely low crotch. i feel like i should perhaps put some stuffing down there… i will leave all penis envy freudian theories out of this.

  14. lisadom says:

    I was wondering what lesbians did too Sis! (we think alike) Not long now until Boo fits into my ridiculous collection of thrift store levis so I am creating a inverse trend of boy/mom jeans.
    Personally I would pay good money to see Mr Hammie wearing my pink candida jeans, cuffed.


  15. arline says:

    I hate the boyfriend jeans, and I hate the cut offs with tights, among a few other trends that I am seeing.

    I hate trends though. Ptttttttttttttth

  16. arline says:

    Any takers on your sons jeans?

  17. Sister Wolf says:

    Miss Wombat -I don’t want that droopy crotch, either.

    Skye -Stop hurting me with the Colin Farrell=midget thing!

    lisadom – I’ll throw in $20 to see him in those!

    arline -Shorts over tights, no, just kill me instead. (no takers, thank you for asking)

  18. Mark says:

    I was rudely talking on my cell phone the other while I was shopping and I bought what I thought were just faded 501’s with selvedge. Sadly, when I got home, I realized they were BOYFRIEND JEANS! Fuck me! Holes on the knees and all! That’s what I get for talking on my cell phone while shopping and not even bothering to unfold the jeans I’m buying. I suck. I’m taking them to the tailor to have the holes patched.

  19. Yeah, if you don’t have a boyfriend or if his pants aren’t going to work there is a great way to wear this trend for less. Figure out men’s sizing for women, which I’ve done on my blog.

    I think it’s a cute trend and certainly is more forgiving on my body than skinnys.

  20. Miz Val says:

    Well I just bought my 1st pair. To be honest I have always worn baggy pants and was pointed at and made fun of because if it . At 54 years old with a job that requires me to sit all day I need comfort first. Ok Now to put ether a great outfit together . Less is best I suppose and i do like the idea i can recycle a vest from a few seasons ago and a great wide distressed belt maybe some high top sneakers or sandals and lots of silver jewerly

  21. I wear clothes says:

    I don’t understand. Are boyfriend jeans called that because they are baggy, or are men’s and women’s jeans actually shaped differently. I have only ever seen one section with shelves of jeans in the store – I thought they were unisex. So is it just that women are expected to wear tighter jeans than men?
    Anyways, it is hard for fat guys to keep their pants up, because they have no waists. Any suggestions? Suspenders look funny, and hurt one’s shoulders. I can’t find overalls here in Denmark, just fishing pants, and they are too hot to wear to work. I did find that Carhartt jeans and Duluth Trading Company jeans, made for farmers and contractors respectively, are a much better fit than other brands.

  22. Robin Taylor says:

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