Enough With the Orange

I didn’t need Pantone to tell me their choice for Color of the Year. There has been nothing but orange around for months. You can call it Tangerine Tango or whatever you want, but it’s still orange and we don’t need so much of it.

Try looking for a red t-shirt, for example. A few weeks ago, I went to every store in a big mall, trying to find one. All the sales people led me to something orange, explaining that this was “the new color.”   Each time, I insisted on red, declaring in a bossy voice that “Red is a neutral.” I vowed to boycott orange,  although  I nearly caved to an overpriced t-shirt by  James  Perse that was a deep orange I will call “persimmon.”

I also looked at some jeans called “lipstick” even though they were orange.   Today, my husband took me to a huge Nordstrom which stimulates my endorphins no matter how depressed I am. We recently saw Jermaine Jackson there in the cosmetics department, clearly high on his own endorphins.

Everything was orange! It was an assault. It’s like a military take-over by orange. Even the nice sales assistant, Amanda, agreed that there was an orange “domination” underway.   I tried on some dark blue jeans but to my horror they were not skinny jeans but “skinny legging jeans.” It’s a slippery slope to “jeggings,” I believe.

Here is a dress I bought last year, thinking it was “coral” when in fact it is a salmon pink (and not this hot pink in real life.) As you can see, I am right on trend with lace. You could even say that I started the trend, all by myself. I am thankful that it isn’t actually coral, which is a shade of orange, just like mango, paprika, papaya, or god forbid, Tangerine Tango.

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23 Responses to Enough With the Orange

  1. Sam says:

    I love the way you think. x

  2. Faux Fuchsia says:

    I luff orange!!! Almost as much as pink. I just painted some furniture I hated orange and it is deadset cheering. Luff the lace dress.

  3. annemarie says:

    You look so cute in thst dress!

    Orange only looks good on 1% of people. I didn’t know it was taking over department stores. That seems like a sales catastrophe.

    I would like a massive department store that only sold black pants, jackets and dresses, white shirts, and gray knits. That would be a successful store. It would certainly release my endorphins. It might even give me an erection.

    The are always days for salmon, coral and persimmon though.

  4. thrift store lawyer says:

    ha! we are trying to sell our house and so painted the exterior doors orange. getting tons of compliments, although one prospective buyer said it was basically too trendy. doesn’t matter much to us; our hope is to be out of there by summer. if the masses love orange this year, WE WILL GIVE THEM ORANGE. whatever sells, whatever sells.

    do you think orange disturbs you because it appears unsettling with a red/blue lipstick? (unlike that salmon dress, which looks smashing).

    happy to see you post again, even if it was only anger drawing you out of the abyss.

  5. red-handed says:

    If you can’t make it good, make it big.
    If you can’t make it big, make it red.
    Or orange.

  6. stacy says:

    Is burnt sienna orange or brown?

  7. hammiesays says:

    It’s an even slipperier slope from jeggings to just wearing tights – like panty-hose tights, as trousers with no skirt or even those ugly cut off shorts; over them.
    Young things in my local town are parading on the streets in woolen tights. I think it is some kind of challenge to us old bags who could not possibly steal this trend and get away with it, without being arrested for indecency. I find it hilarious and appalling in equal measure. Appalling that they have so little self respect that they are prepared to display the bumps of their lady parts on the main street of Bray, but hilarious that one forgot about the little red spot that the tights manufacturers put on to help you remember which way is back. I took the opportunity to point this out to one of them in McDonalds, and enjoyed her self satisfied adolescent pertness deflating as I moved up the queue.
    I won’t do orange, I always do pink or purple – for the suffragettes.

    (And Emily Pankhurst did not go to prison so that annoying teenagers could walk the streets in their under garments)


  8. jlynn says:

    Oh dear god, the terrible flashbacks to a soulcrushing 8 hours spent in a big, shiny, lumpy, sack of a homemade APRICOT bridesmaid dress (shoes dyed to match), having my picture taken countless times, my big apricot bosom and childbearing hips jammed between the bride’s petite sisters in their less shiny, slimming, midnight blue dresses, shoes, and blue stockings.

    My stockings were nude; I looked like a boiled yam. A yam in apricot satin pumps, yam-head bizarrely crowned with a profusion of apricot and blue ribbons, seething with fury.

    Make no mistake, apricot is ORANGE, and orange is the color of hate.

  9. Cricket9 says:

    I do like orange, painted one wall and a door orange, have a favourite orange/coral lipstick, a red-orange carpet, and for a while was attracted to anything orange in the stores. It slowly starts to vane, and it started well before orange became official new black.
    For a while I was attracted to anything indigo. I tend to paint things in my “colour du jour”, then I repaint them. I wonder what will be next. Can anyone explain where these urges come from?
    By the way, most Canadian home buyers are stuck on neutrals, and anything that is not beige, greige or off-white is “too bold”. Three years ago I had to repaint whole “too bold” apartment – it wasn’t selling. After it became beige, it sold in a week for the asking price.

  10. Andra says:

    I like orange.
    I don’t have a lot of it but I do have a lovely new orange top that I am very fond of.
    Need a bra with it though and I don’t think I could manage a bra just now.
    When my poor, sore broken shoulder is fixed I will happily wear my orange top and be in fashion, for once.
    Hooray for me.

  11. Debbie says:

    Sisterwolf, you are just too damn chic and I wanna be your friend so some of your style will rub off. I love orange and pink but I am too tired and fat for either and that is why I stick to black/black and black. Depressing but it is what it is. You are my fashion icon.


  12. gretchen says:

    orange is only worse than trying to wear yellow …

  13. patni says:

    I love love love your outfit. I was deeply scarred by orange when my mom painted the house tangerine and avocado at some point in the 70s. Not only was it hideous, but it was embarrassing.

    Oddly, Hammiesays was talking about Bray, where my best friend lived at the time, I dealt with my hated of our orange house by parading the streets of Bray. Not in my underwear though.

    Orange is ok in small doses, i usually hate coral esp as lipstick. Most colors of orange made people look sallow and dead-ish. I have been known to wear orange to make me look hideous.
    I really do not understand why all of a sudden every one has to like the same color because some damn paint company said so. People are fucking nuts.

  14. Ann says:

    Orange is one of those things I love on someone else and loathe on me. Kind of like little ankle socks with heels.

  15. Having been there last week I can confirm that New York is the jeggings capital of the universe. Who’d have thought it?

  16. Catalina says:

    Your little rants make me feel like I have a place in the world. I know it’s silly but they just do, so much.

    That not fuchsia color looks great on you.

  17. Dru says:

    I am part of that 1% of people orange looks good on (oh, the joys of dark skin), which would be great if I liked the colour – which I most definitely do not.

    My favourite lipstick in the world, though, claims to contain undertones of coral which is probably how I can wear it (a bright, bright red) at all – to me, coral = pink with undertones of yellow, NOT orange!

  18. Suebob says:

    I look good in red but orange makes people ask if I have liver disease.

  19. candy says:

    You are a femme fatale in this dress! wow! I never quite loved orange because it began an halloween color,I bought myself a top once and ended up NOT wearing it.
    Sister, itwould be great if we couldanalyzein a future post the meaning of colors and the vibrations. For example,red is very intense and sexual and brown has a low energy. I always think that people are meant to wear some color. For example my husband wears blue perfectly and he just happens to have communication skills and blueis thecolor of communication.

  20. Shelley says:

    You’re kinda brilliant.

  21. meep says:

    You have good taste in shoes. I believe I own the same ones, Clarks?

  22. Desiree says:

    I want your shoes x

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