Explain the Open Toe

Suede boots with shearling trim and a contrasting rib-knit shaft.

Ugh, fine, fur and knit for warmth…..but why the open toe?!

Anyone who buys these boots ($1,300 Guiseppe Zanotti for Thakoon) is out of her fucking mind.

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41 Responses to Explain the Open Toe

  1. Aja says:

    So that your toes can try and escape?

  2. Sister Wolf says:


  3. David Duff says:

    They’re Jewish boots and that’s your 10% discount for cash!

  4. Dru says:

    More than the open toe, I’m bothered by that…segment of boot (is that what it really is, and not an exceptionally rigid pair of thick stockings?) rising out of the fur on top.

    I’ll add a few words to your last line sister- whoever buys them is either out of her mind or has been had and doesn’t know it.

  5. BethUK says:

    And I hadn’t even had my coffee yet……… They make my brain hurt.

  6. I can’t explain any element of this boot. Is it really a boot or is it art or just fashion foolery?

  7. Dusk says:

    The shoe equivalent of an igloo. The Ugloo.

    Jane Aldridge will love it.

  8. I know, open-toed boots really annoy me. You either have to wear socks or tights and not be on-trend, or lose your toes to frostbite but be on-trend. Stupid world.

  9. Oh God, I’ve only just seen the stretchy legwarmer bit at the top! Horrendous!

  10. E says:

    I think its for folks who have centrally heated everything everwhere but want to be down with the folks on the pavement. So … tra-la-la look at my lovely pedicure – of course I don’t go outdoors with the peasants – but look at my interpretation of winter footwear. Its a bit like the platform wedge hiking boots that were so vogueish 5 minutes ago – what was that about? As to the inbuilt sock/legwarmer – I don’t know – I’m imagining them with fence paint orange legs stuck in there. Looking like someone being inhaled by an elephant trunk.

  11. E says:

    Also, $1300?

  12. Cat says:

    BEING INHALED BY AN ELEPHANT TRUNK! ahaahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahaha
    yes! right after it was done inhaling a particularly hairy possum. Jesus.

  13. Ann says:

    Ghastly and uncalled for.

  14. Jazmin says:

    I personally despise open-toe anything. Feet scare me.

  15. honeypants says:

    For those who want to wear the latest winter fashions, but live in warm climates? Miami, Rio, etc.

  16. Joy D. says:

    open toe boots are annoying in concept and to wear.

  17. Alicia says:

    These are for people who have commitment issues when it comes to socks…the “I like the warmth, but I don’t want to be constricted” crowd.

  18. TheShoeGirl says:

    Meh. I like some open toe boots. No real explanation, I just do.
    Don’t like these though.

  19. I can’t explain. This pair is simply a case of bad design; all the fads/trends used in one shoe/boot/sock thingy.
    I like some open toe boots but only if they’re short and have other openings such as shoe lacing or cut-outs. They’re best worn in warmer weather.

  20. dust says:

    oh, another item with lobotomy included! gotta love those!

  21. linlinlin says:

    Just think about all that wintry, dirty slush getting your socks or stockings soaked.

  22. Jill says:

    Exact question I had today while looking for a simple, leather, black pump…without needing a damn pedicure!

  23. Lorena says:

    Hahaha shoes with built in leg warmers are the worst, I can’t even explain how much they revolt me. Paired with an open toe it’s so much worse and makes NO sense! The look of wearing thick socks with the ends cut off so everyone can see your manicure, it’s so silly…what kind of weather would even be appropriate?

    Sometimes I like open toe shoes, even if they are confusing (Jayne from ‘Stop It Right Now’ has a silver pair that looks great on her). Personally I wouldn’t buy them, I don’t like showing my toes and I’m prone to injury. These are definitely the worst I’ve seen, I really don’t understand how anyone could justify spending that much on a useless shoe.

  24. Jacqui says:

    The only thing I can possibly deduce is that these are what cold city people wear after getting a pedicure in lieu of the styrafoam flip flops we get in Miami.

  25. Desiree says:

    They’re clearly an IQ test peeps. If you wear these you have no brain.

  26. Marky says:

    Wasn’t there some bullshit about ‘toe-cleavage’ in fashion magazines a few years ago?

  27. damaia says:

    I HATE open-toed boots. Hate hate hate. I live in the fucking Midwest. It _snows_ here. A lot. And it’s cold. But even if it wasn’t, who the hell wants to wear open-toed boots in any season? Either you freeze or your boots start smelling funny real fast because you can’t wear socks. It’s a lose/lose design.

  28. Cricket9 says:

    I think 2010 will be remembered as “a year of hideous shoes”.

  29. Emily Bleak says:

    These simply don’t exist here in New England. I’ve never seen open-toe boots like this in person. They must be for people who are privileged enough to never have to set foot in snow/slush/puddles/mud…you need an entourage to carry you over the drifts, like how Anna Wintour has people carry her up stairs.

    I’ll just be over here Scotchgarding my motorcycle boots for the first snow… 😛

  30. Another old biddy says:

    Oh, please! Those aren’t real boots. My bull polished vintage Corcoran men’s 10″ black leather field boots spit on those.

    To answer your question, the open toe is for displaying your bunions, hammer toes, onychomycosis and ingrown toenails.

  31. Brie says:

    While I like open-toe shoes/boots. these don’t make a lot of sense because they are for winter.

    My guess would be the open-toe was to show off your socks….as in wearing brightly coloured socks that tie in with your outfit. Just a guess on my part.

  32. Mary says:

    I like some open toe booties, mos def not the ones depicted above but am quite over the look. I always think how much nicer they would be with the toe and more useful

  33. Cat – LOL at the hairy possum comment.
    And yes, sometimes ‘lol’ is the right term.

  34. Srenna says:

    Mr. Tumnus would love these.

  35. For anyone after more hideous and weird shoes….
    You’re welcome.

  36. kate says:

    an open toed boot is no longer a boot.

  37. inj says:

    lol yeah fashion is not about sense…it can be alarming but i know i wouldn’t buy this….and nor would your average rag picker even if it was free. maybe the hole is to show that “”im wealthy and these are ‘FASHIONABLE’ shoes and not just socks inside my peeptoe boots, hence you see my toes.””

  38. twistedlamb says:

    open toe boots are for loosers, its like having a titty showing sweater…although that might not be so bad.

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  40. mark says:

    It would be nice if the wearers of all those open-toed shoes trip over on dog shit and feel how wonderful is this trendy open toe.

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