Eyebrow Magic

Here I am, modeling the fussy white shirt after a hard day limping around Nordstorm at The Grove. As you can see, it doesn’t really work. But I have to say that posing on my commode was a stroke of genius on my part. The lighting in my hallway is very flattering, and the commode will horrify that Crazy Muffin Woman if she dares to come poking around. I think it was the commode experience that somehow provoked her into dissing me. Take that, Crazy!

In other news, I managed to get two sales assistants at the M.A.C. counter into a mini-argument. I praised a beautiful young man on his spectacular eyebrows, and he referred me to a M.A.C. eyebrow pencil in “Stud.”   But another M.A.C person objected, and insisted that “Strut” would be a better choice for me.   It was a tense situation. The Strut woman made up my eyebrows, one in each color.   People stopped and stared at me. I stared back at them and said pleasantly “Which eyebrow makes me look less like an old witch?” They were all struck dumb by this question.

I ended up buying Strut, but of course It was a mistake, like the white shirt. I should have gone with Stud.

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14 Responses to Eyebrow Magic

  1. Yeah I’m not thinking the white shirt does anything for the got commode in hall look. You need something vibrant to contrast the sharp minimilist lines of the commode.
    At least you can poke crazy women in the eye with Strut but yes always go with the Stud they want to please.

  2. Skye says:

    Just so long as you don’t start using the commode as an ice bucket for champagne, as suggested by many misguided contestants on “Bargain Hunt”.

  3. WendyB says:

    LOL @ Skye’s comment.

  4. Juri says:

    While not an expert on crazy muffins or latest developments in the fascinating field of eyebrow pencils, I do have a keen eye for female beauty and must say you look very good in that picture. I don’t think it is as much a matter of lightning as you’re trying to suggest.

    This, of course, won’t stop the Muffin Woman and her likes from giving a flattering lightning a go. A new attack on you will come when the lamps refuse to flatter.

  5. David Duff says:

    “[I] said pleasantly “Which eyebrow makes me look less like an old witch?” They were all struck dumb by this question.”

    Oh dear!

  6. hammie says:

    You rock that white shirt with the black skinnies. Tell me, is there a magic painting in your attic of a really old looking witchy woman? And if so, can I get the name of the artist?
    I would strut over stud.

  7. but I like you in the fussy shirt!
    I always do that too, buy the wrong thing.

  8. Suebob says:

    I like the fussy shirt. If I ever lose 100 lbs and have my ribs removed, I may have to borrow it from you.

  9. Eemmus says:

    for some reason every time i have gone to a M.A.C counter it has always been the guy behind the counter that has given me the most satisfying purchase. Whereas i find the girls always seem to think that they know what makeup suits you when in fact they have been doing their own makeup for so many years they wouldnt have a f**king clue about what looks good on anyone else.

  10. Sister Wolf says:

    Make do- HAHAHA, good advice

    Skye and Wendyb – Okay, how about a planter though??

    Juri – Thank you! I think.

    David- Oh dear is right; you can’t ask an honest question these days without people backing away…

    hammie – You appear to be bang on trend.

    fashionherald – It’s comforting to know I’m not alone in this.

    Suebob -I wish I’d bought it in your size, but you would NOT wear it, I can’t even imagine that!

    Eemmus – If only you could see the M.A.C. boy….he was a vision of Goth Androgyny, whereas the woman was just an impatient nothing.

  11. annemarie says:

    hey, don’t give up on that shirt– what about my idea of the fru-fru skirt and the big boot combo? tinkerbell on acid? no? no good? but it would look FANTASTIC with sexy witch make up.
    as for that hate list. christy turlington? what? why? explain.
    spencer fucking pratt and heidi cuntface montag should head the very top of the dick list. as in the moist, glistening knob-end.

  12. K-Line says:

    I think the shirt looks great. Honestly, when I saw it on the hanger, it didn’t do anything for me. On you, I like it LOTS. So don’t give it away. Oh, and wearing it with the black jeans is a great “hi/lo” idea. It’s like you’re so fancy you don’t give a shit about wearing a fancy shirt with street clothes. Good lipstick too.

  13. Sister Wolf says:

    annemarie – I simply can’t stand her face. And the list isn’t in order.

    K-line – I like your optimism. I will try it one more time before giving it up.

  14. enc says:

    Is it too late to go back and get a “Stud?”

    That commode is fantastic. It’s your new throne, and you are the Queen!

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