Weekend Festival of Hate

Today, Queen Marie discussed her hatred of Keira Knightley and I was excited to find that we share this bias. Shared biases are as pleasurable as shared enthusiasms….sometimes more.

To be fair to Queen Marie, I don’t think she used the word “hate.” Most people save this word for special occasions but not Sister Wolf. Ma haine dure, remember?

So because I’m a little tired and braindead, I thought I would offer up a little explosion of hate for the weekend. Let’s call it a Festival of Hate. Okay, here we go.

1. Keira Knightly

2. Kate Hudson

3. Jessica Simpson

4. John McCain

5. Chloe Sevigny

6. Lou Dobbs

7. Sarah Silverman

8. Blake Incarcerated

9. Dr. Phil

10. Mischa Barton

11. Maroon 5

12. Christy Turlington

13. Eric Clapton

14. Eva Longoria

15. Jude Law

This is just a fraction of the people I hate, and I didn’t include my favorites like Selma Blair or Robin Williams.   I also hate girls who wear hats like that awful girl is wearing in the photo.

Nominations for a new list?

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28 Responses to Weekend Festival of Hate

  1. Skye says:

    I hate Keira Knightley too – it’s her underbite, it makes her look extra stupid. I hate Robin Williams so much that I actually feel queasy (actually physically ill) when I see him.Eva Longoria and Maroon 5 also make my list, the rest of them I don’t care enough about to generate sufficient hatred. My nominees:

    Katherine Heigl
    Scarlet Johansson (she has taken the place that Winona Ryder used to hold my personal pantheon of loathing)
    David Caruso (HATE)
    Lots of Australians you’ve never heard of (Kick Gurry, Lisa McCune, I’m looking at you).

  2. hammie says:

    Dakota Fanning. Not – a – child. Therefore, not a child actor.

  3. Ellen says:

    ‘I hate Keira Knightley too – it’s her underbite, it makes her look extra stupid.’ I hope that you are joking.

  4. kellie says:

    carrot top, he actually frightens me
    sarah mc gloughlin or however her name is spelled. the commercial with her and the animals makes mw want to kill someone.

  5. Juri says:

    Robin Williams should definitely be on the list. “Patch Adams” alone is big enough a reason. I think “Good Will Hunting” was the only movie he didn’t manage to ruin for me, although he definitely gave it a good shot. And Eric Clapton should be ranked higher. The year that god-awful Tears in Heaven came out, and was played everywhere, nonstop, was a year of constant nausea for me. I never thought any song could be more horrible than “Layla” or “Cocaine” but I obviously, as it turned out in 1994 (?), I was wrong.

    Some of my nominees are Bret Michaels and his wig, David Letterman and Dalai Lama. These were the first three that came to my mind.

    Amazingly enough, I don’t really hate McCain but I do feel very awkward every time I see/hear him on TV. Then again, I don’t believe he will win, which is why I’m more or less indifferent about him for now. He’ll probably be dead by Christmas anyway.

  6. tobilynne says:

    All those awful pop singers — Britney, Jessica, Miley, N’Sync, etc. Paris Hilton (although that “I’m running for president” ad she did was hilarious). Danny Bonadouchey. Kiss. Justin Timberlake. I’m having a hard time narrowing this down. I’m a little hungover & feeling hateful.

    Yikes, I rarely leave the house sans fedora. ::blushing::

  7. WendyB says:

    Today I’m busy hating someone I don’t even know. Don’t ask!

  8. Ann says:

    I feel vindicated by your list, as I sometimes wondered if I was alone in my wrath of Sarah Silverman. Seeing Eric Clapton at # 13 made me realize your list was in no particular order. I know very well your disdain for him. I humbly request the additions of the following (also in no particular order, as I am an equal-opportunity hater):

    David Caruso
    Glenn Beck
    Jim Rome
    Chuck Pahlunik (couldn’t pick the man out of a lineup but his writing style alone makes me want to kill him)
    Ann Coulther
    Renee Zellweger (I believe it was you who accurately described her permanent facial expression as “simultaneously eating a lemon, getting stung by a bee and having the flu)

  9. enc says:

    I could certainly do without some of the people on that list.

  10. DR Corner says:

    I like Keira, in all her glory. My list of your list:

    1. Keira Knightly – hell to the no!

    2. Kate Hudson – Yes!

    3. Jessica Simpson – Oh freak’n YES! YES! (did I forget to say yes?!?!)

    4. John McCain – Bush v2 (enough said)

    5. Chloe Sevigny (nobody cares enough about her anymore – so ehh)

    6. Lou Dobbs (see Chloe)

    7. Sarah Silverman (No, she’s actually pretty cool, and reminds me of you)

    8. Blake Incarcerated (don’t know…don’t care)

    9. Dr. Phil (see Jessica Simpson)

    10. Mischa Barton (ehh)

    11. Maroon 5 (Hell no! These guys rock)

    12. Christy Turlington (she’s actually not the stuck model type, so why hate her?)

    13. Eric Clapton (puke)

    14. Eva Longoria (she’s hot, but on her off days…ehh)

    15. Jude Law (being a guy, I don’t care)

    This is just a fraction of the people I hate, and I didn’t include my favorites like Selma Blair or Robin Williams. I also hate girls who wear hats like that awful girl is wearing in the photo. (lol, I guess you must have loved Blossom growing up).

  11. Honeypants says:

    I don’t know how you can hate Jude. I realize he’s done some assy things, and he may be full of himself, but I saw him in person (wasted, and making out with Sienna), and well, I fall for it. I just do.

    Now, the number one HATED person on my list is Matthew McConaughey. I seriously can’t stand him so much it’s beyond nausea. It’s like, full-blown Ebola!!!

  12. K-Line says:

    There’s something about Keira that does make me want to flick her. But really, can she help it?? 🙂

  13. Eemmus says:

    I hate the Veronicas. All they do is whine into a microphone. And the fact that they are twins just f**ks me off even more. Someone give them a bullet. That my nomination.

  14. Skye says:

    Not saying underbites make people look stupid per se – just on Keira for some reason in tandem with the dead, dead eyes.

  15. Bex says:

    OMG FUCKING PETE WENTZ!!!! (I cannot fucking stand him!! He’s a douchebag!!!)

    And all those poser pseudo “punk” bands who actually sing bubblegum pop. Grrrr kill them all!!!

  16. Sister Wolf says:

    Skye -Katharine H, Scarlett, Winona, David= I hate them too.

    Hammie -Dakota Fanning, ditto.

    Kellie – THANK YOU, I actually scream when that commerical comes on.

    Juri -As always, we are in agreement. But I’ve learned to like David Letterman after many years of wanting him dead.

    Honeypants – UGH, hate that shirtless fucker!

    K-line – Yes, in fact she can.

    Eemmus – I don’t know them but I feel your pain.

    Bex – I was going to include Pete Wentz, hating him is a given.

    Tobilynne – Yep, yep, everyone yep except for Paris H, who I can’t hate.

    WendbyB – Please accept my vote of hatred for him/her

    Ann – I hate (HATE!) that Chuck P. and the horse he rode in on!

    Enc – Oh, you and your internet civility

    DR Corner – I think our mutual hatred of Eric Clapton is enough to cement a fledgeling cyber friendship.

  17. How hateful it’s fab! god I have waited ages for someone to let me vent my spleen with such hatred although sadly I sort of quite like Dr Phil but he needs to get with the hate programme to get off the list.

    I’m so relieved my hatred is outed the list lacks some other smug bastards but it’ll come to me, I want Sienna on there too for starters….

  18. Echidnagirl says:

    The Wentz’s Petey & Ashley – please take all that eyeliner and make them go awwwwwway

    The Spenser and Heidi media creation – is that his real head or a frankenstein construction?

    Tom Cruise – makes my skin crawl. Imagine being stuck in a broken elevator with him.

  19. ^^Oprah, ha ha! That’s like sacrilege to half my midwest family. they even buy her book club books.
    Ditto on Heigl. So smug, ugh hate her. And I have a weird hatred for Terri Gross on Fresh Air, her interview questions drive me crazy and make me yell at my radio.

  20. Sister Wolf says:

    Make do – Sienna IS a deserving nominee.

    Echinadagirl – YES, why do we have to even try to figure out who those Spenser-Heidi-Audrina-Brody people are?!?!?!

    SD – I don’t hate Oprah, she helped me Pick The Right Bra

    fashionherald – I like Terri Gross, she sounds like she’s actually listenint to the interviewee. But I respect your burning hatred.

  21. SD says:

    I have (female) friends who actually get angry with me if I mention that I don’t like the Oprah. And that only makes me hate her more. What kind of cultish hold does she have on your minds, people? Break free!

  22. Mark says:

    Wait just a minute! Owen and Luke Wilson! HATE HATE HATE.

  23. Aja says:

    Ooooh my goodness . . . I don’t know where to begin. Hate:

    Justin Timberlake
    (I’ll probably get heat for this but. . . )
    Lance Armstrong, seems so unbearably smug and prideful,
    Tom Cruise. . . good lord, it’s true. . .

    . . . and I’m sure there’s a ton more, I’m just drawing a blank.

    On my radar of people I’m quickly drawing sick of, Michael Phelps.

  24. Laura & Anne says:

    @Eemmus are you stupid?? The Veronicas are the best!! Jess & Lisa make the BEST MUSIC 4EVER!! The Girls are so SWEET, CUTE AND BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

  25. Isabella says:

    How sad you poor people. Why do you you guys hate these people so much? I’d understand if you knew them personally but honestly how many of you know these celebrities? I respect that you guys might not like them but to say you hate them with all your might and that you wish them dead is ridiculous and so rude. Do you know what they have to go through being in the limelight? Its not easy and I’d like to see you all try living their lives. Plus what if someone said the stuff you guys are saying about them to you like that they hate you with a passion without knowing you? Idk in the end its your guys lives and I need to respect that but I just needed to let you all know that.

  26. Hate the fans! says:

    I love the songs of The Veronicas, but I really hate their annoying / bitchy fans so I don’t post on their official Facebook page so the fans will not fight me back. I wished the fans don’t behave like that and post unnecessary comments on their FB page or Twitter! It’s one reason why I don’t join fanclubs or groups on any social media or the internet especially that I am an introverted person who hates people, except nice ones like my aunt or sister! I am not interested on their personal lives at all, I just listen to their musics because I can mostly relate to their songs. I didn’t like their 3rd album last year 2014 (I only like If You Love Someone, Born Bob Dylan and Mad Love. The rest of the songs are now explicit or have bad words and I didn’t like their new sound of their other songs)! Their 2nd album Hook Me Up is so great! Their 1st album is also great too, esp. the songs Everything I’m Not and Nobody Wins!

  27. Hate the fans! says:

    In addition to my previous comment, I’ve just finished listening to the new song of The Veronicas entitled, “Sanctified” since I have no idea what it sounds like because I’ve downloaded first their other songs from the album like Born Bob Dylan and If You Love Someone (since those two songs are the best songs from the album and should be the title track, not Sanctified)! I hated their song Sanctified! Oh my gosh! The reason why I hate the song it’s because it sounded demonic or Satanic and that song is just very evil! I feel Satanc whenever I listen to that song and I am a Roman Catholic! I don’t want to be evil! I’m starting to dislike the Veronicas because of that! I wished they didn’t made that song because I’m guessing why that composed that song is because a Sanatic fan of The Veronicas posted on their Facebook page, “Oh my Satan!” and “Please make a song about Satan!” WTF was that? In my opinion, when they make a song like that it means their evil deep inside despite being sweet to their fans! I am not of The Veronicas anymore because of that! That fam should not posted about Satan so that The Veronicas didn’t make or released that song Sanctified! I really hated their song Sanctified. I wished I wasn’t existed… This is one reason why I hate bitches! Sorry for the rant, but I am a nice person in real life. I just don’t like those kind of songs (thematic, evil, Satanic, or vooodoo songs).
    [from: a former fan of The Veronicas] #ihatesanctified #ihatetheveronicas #ihatesancfifiedbytheveronicas #ihatebitches

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