Fall Fashion: Stuff I Want

I realized the other day that nearly all my thoughts fall into two categories: ‘I hate’ and ‘I want.’

With that in mind, I’m going to focus more on stuff I want, in order to balance all the hatred. (As if I could!)

I want this  outfit by Yohji Yamamoto. I want the ruffled dress, the leather jacket, the tulle gloves and the funny hat. Click on these photos and you’ll see why.


I also want these peep-toe boots by Givenchy. I love them. I wouldn’t be able to walk in them, but who cares.


I really want these red shoes by Lanvin. Everyone should have a pair of these shoes, which will never go out of style.


If you like to look at beautiful fashion you can’t afford, you can’t do better than Louisa Via Roma, a  fantastic website.

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One Response to Fall Fashion: Stuff I Want

  1. Sonja says:

    the red shoes for sure! Every gal must always have a pair of red shoes in her closet. They give us instantaneous pluck. And these ones are truly fabulous! They might even work well with the Yamamoto. You’ve got a theme going. I like it!

    My first pair of red shoes… I was 6, we ordered them from a catalogue. I went with my mother to the post office when we got the notice that they had arrived. I tried them on in the post office. They were too small, but I knew if I said so they would be sent back and it would be weeks before I had red shoes. So I curled up my toes, told my mother they fit perfectly, and hobbled out of there feeling absolutely plucky.

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