The Sopranos: My Two Cents


Imagine thousands and thousands of people, sitting in front of their TVs last night, screaming “WHAT?!?” as their screen went black at the end of The Sopranos. It really did look like something went wrong with the network transmission or something.I think it was a great way to end the series. During the last few minutes, my heart pounding, I realized how much I wanted to see the whole Soprano family get blown away. It was a strange feeling that I was unprepared for. Maybe it was just the desperate desire for catharsis, after an hour of increasing tension. Ambiguity is kind of satisfying in its own way though, so I’m happy with how it ended.

Even though I would have liked to see that idiot Paulie get what he deserved, there were two wonderful elements to savor last night. AJ’s transformation from impassioned social critic to Hollywood Asshole was fantastic, wasn’t it? God bless that kid. He was a fucking baby from start to finish, and he didn’t change, because people don’t change. Not essentially, anyway.

I also liked the way Doctor Melfi wasn’t redeemed. What an awful shrink!!! My own shrink couldn’t stand her. If she could talk any slower, I’m glad I never had to witness it.

Ah well, I’ll miss them all. It amazes me that I loved the show, despite hating nearly ever single character in it. I especially hated Carmella. And of course, Christopher. Phil Leotardo’s low hairline offended me as much as anything in the whole series. Uncle Junior, Janis, Patsy, Artie, I hated them all. And now they’re gone.

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