Fashion Trends: No Idea

Does anyone remember when I was obsessed with leather shorts?

That was another me who is long gone. But check out Yoko Ono wearing leather shorts at the Canne Film Festival! What an early-adopter she was.

It’s a relief to stop caring about the latest trends. The more fashion-conscious one is, the more anxiety one must contend with, and that is what generates billions of dollars for the fashion industry. The anxiety can only be relieved by shopping, and even then it’s a momentary relief. Every fashion layout or editorial is a trigger, causing new anxiety.

I have no idea of the new trends! Is it wide trousers or narrow or bright colors or patterns or tailored or retro or ladylike or boho or menswear-influenced? Are we still wearing studs? Are shoes still more important than handbags? Do the blogger girls still go on about Celine?

I think that at a certain point, we all know what we like to wear. People who insist that they love to “experiment” with fashion are just excusing themselves for needing to shop. But that’s okay with me.

I’ve traded my fashion-driven anxiety for a more fundamental anxiety about my body.   It’s much cheaper.   And all the time I once spent looking at fashion is now squandered on tumblr, a paralyzing addiction that has turned me into a vegetable.   At least it doesn’t involve my credit card.

I think it’s safe to say that the fashion and beauty  industries  are based on insecurity. They must constantly appeal to and promote our  insecurity  in order to satisfy their shareholders.   But my depression has  suppressed  my insecurity.   I think this is a benefit.

I’m hoping that Michelle Bachman and Mrs. Palin will provide some joy for me in the coming months, joy that for the moment is mostly supplied by the Real Housewives and the Casey Anthony murder trial. It’s a perverse joy that springs from the sheer staggering awfulness of horrible people exhibiting their horribleness.

Max used to love watching Sean Hannity on Fox news, and it drove me nuts. Now I remember the happy smirk on his face and I understand: When the usual things in life fail to bring pleasure, the theater of human stupidity is a valuable diversion.

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17 Responses to Fashion Trends: No Idea

  1. Andra says:

    My dear sister, thank you for being there and sharing your thoughts with us, your friends and admirers.
    I have never been a slave to fashion as I never wanted to look like everybody else.
    For most of my life I have dressed for comfort and for me, fuck everybody else. If it was fashionable, great, if not, big deal.
    I never took to denim because everybody else was wearing it and I figured I’d wait till the craze died and then I’d wear it.
    As I think we all know, denim is still insanely popular, so I still don’t wear it. There’s a hell of a lot more comfortable stuff to wear than denim.
    And there’s my little take on fashion.
    Fuck fashion!

  2. True that. I know someone who is a complete fashion victim, old enough to know better, and has to be the most insecure person I know.

  3. David Duff says:

    Losing interest in fashion! Do I detect – how can I put this delicately? – intimations of advancing years, perhaps? There is an answer, never throw anything away because as you get older it all comes around again. It will not be long before my kipper ties and flares from the back of the wardrobe make their triumphal return.

    As to MDS (My Darling Sarah), I have a confession to whisper – you won’t tell anyone, will you? – I rather fancy that Michelle Bachman, too. Of course, she never answers my letters but it can only be a matter of time, and I expect she is very busy running for president.

    And I trust you have enjoyed the sight and sound of the MSM making complete prats of themselves by becoming aroused, almost Weiner-like, at getting their hands on MDS’s e-mails, and then deflating like popped balloons when all they showed was a very hard-working woman coping with an enormous workload rather successfully. But then, with liberals, when it comes to a woman progressing, or a politician waving his willy at young girls, their re-action all depends on whether the subject is Democrat or Republican.

  4. Iron Chic says:

    I relate to the watching Hannity thing. I could watch HOURS of the 700 Club or Joyce Meyer much to the dismay of my man. It’s one of my most perverse pleasures.

  5. liz says:

    My coworker is obsessed with the Casey Anthony trial too, the whole thing is so horrible, but I understand the obsession, it’s quite interesting to watch how horrible and stupid and completely human-less people can become.

    Fashion is a machine, a very successful machine that turns a lot of people into buying robots. I used to care, try to buy everything, and I think I have more bags than I’ll need for quite a while and a lot less money than I could use right now. For now, I’m content blogging about places and people and things and the occasional fashion related thing because I still love it, just from afar

  6. Ann says:

    Thank you for providing me with my new favorite quote: “When the usual things in life fail to bring pleasure, the theater of human stupidity is a valuable diversion.”

    I love you XO

  7. dust says:

    Depression has some benefits. I think some depressed people are just immune to commercials, trends included. That is more than benefit, that is advantage.
    Stupidity is charming if it is not personal. Mrs. Palin’s stupidity has to be taken personal, nobody is that funny.
    Nicely put, that last sentence.

  8. dust says:

    *taken personally
    I think we should all accept the simple fact: Dust tends to swallow letters. I can reread the comment before submitting it 5 times, but I won’t register the mistakes until later, so in order to avoid correcting myself every time, I’ll just ask you to live with my stupidity and promise to check my comments 6 times before…

  9. kellie says:

    It would seem like there is no other news to be had other than the CA trial. I get so irritated thinking that the smarmy bitch will get off, that I cant watch anymore.
    Fashion is one big clock-the hand just moves around the same face, taking turns pointing at the next big thing.

  10. Regularstarfish says:

    This is why I read your blog. I, too, came to this realization recently and just told my shrink about it this morning. It has lots to do with waiting to find out whether my house loan is approved (first time buyer). Only then did I recollect others’ warnings of “think of what you could afford if you give up worrying about fashion.” If I had listened sooner…Love your blog.

  11. annemarie says:

    i think i came too late to the Casey Anthony trial to understand. i would love an exegesis.

    fashion is extremely anxiety provoking. i don’t know how i ended up on so many email subscriber lists. i can actually feel a little hit of adrenalin go off in my body when an email arrives in my inbox with the word SALE in the subject header.

    i find it easy to resist, usually. but if i get one of those emails on a day in which i find myself operating with less than optimal self-awareness (PMS or a hangover, for example), then it’s bye-bye $200.

  12. Srenna says:

    Hi Sister Wolf. I can’t do the trend thing. I’m basically a jeans and t-shirt girl who only gets adventurous with shoes, handbags, and Chanel lip products.

    Anyway, I know what you mean about Tumblr! Just spent the past half hour at this one and thought you may find it amusing as it made me giggle more than once.

  13. I think there is a sea change ref fashion – we are the van guard of not caring.
    I’ve tried to get into Tumblr but have failed xx

  14. Bevitron says:

    Oh, how I relate, Sister Wolf. Not so much about the fashion, because I’ve never been interested in appearing fashionable, but I used to like to know, sometimes, a little bit. Dealing with my own hideous depression, I realize I don’t know anything any more, not that I ever knew much, and what I do know I feel weirdly detached from. The Weiner thing was getting stale when I discovered it and scrambled to see the dick pix and all, and then it had NO effect. I had no opinion. I guess that’s depression for you. There is one thing, though – perhaps it’s slightly similar to your tumblr addiction. I’m crazed about these gin-blossom spidery-vein things on the sides of my nose (and I don’t drink, which isn’t fair) and am now obsessed with concealer. I have every kind of concealer made in this world, I have a drawer packed with concealer, I’m concealed up the ass. I should be the most invisible person in the world. But I’m still depressed.

    Bless you Sister Wolf, take care, please keep writing.

  15. WendyB says:

    Ooh….I love Yoko in her leather shorts. My fave pix of those are here:

    Can’t blame John for groping her — hot pic, right?

  16. Hammie says:

    You are Fabulous! Stop obsessing and start dressing as a woman of an uncertain age with just one hermes scarf (get it in a second hand shop) eat cake, drink coffee, smoke if you want to and let your small dog shit everywhere. Xx

  17. I kind of feel the same, Sister. Don’t misunderstand: I enjoy style and creative, well-executed design but I’ve long-since lost interest in trends. When I tend to stick with the same aesthetic, my interest in trends wanes. This brings about a great feeling of personal style freedom- for me, anyway.
    I think fashion and trendiness is one big adrenaline rush. Nowadays, I get my adrenaline rush from exercise and other healthy pursuits.

    As Hammie commented above, you are fabulous. Really. I never considered that depression had benefits but I suppose it can. Anyway, here’s hoping that yours doesn’t hang out with you too long.

    I’m glad you can find solace and diversion in the “theatre of human stupidity”. I cannot, for my limited patience with idiots prohibits any enjoyment thereof.

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