German Craziness, Achtung

I LOVE Sven Marquardt, even though I don’t know what he’s talking about. He was a member of the underground fashion scene in East Germany, where he took photos like this one during the 80’s.


Note the morbid aspect. Hipsterism always embraces morbidity © .

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8 Responses to German Craziness, Achtung

  1. honeypants says:

    Dammit! I must be a hipster then, as I have always been fascinated by morbidity. And this picture is amazing. It makes me want to start painting.

  2. Ash says:

    That guy reminds me a lot of my brother! I am going to send this to him and call him a hipster!

  3. Jill says:

    I am soooo not hip! Unfortunately, I’m not hipless either.

  4. Shit I thought Goths were obsessed with morbidity, now its Hipsters? I’m so lame.

  5. Deni says:

    I love it! That’s the type of photography I want to do, and industrial, urban, machinery (love cogs and wheels and engines, pipes), odd juxtapositions: faces and facades, la la la . . . . quasi scissorhands or pincher hands la la la
    Thank you SW!

  6. tanja says:

    here is my bad translation:

    he talks about his job as a bouncer – yes, seeing all those faces influenced his work, sometimes it’s like a casting.
    His exhibition is called ’13 moons’. why? because of a tragic Fassbinders film which kept him thinking for a long time. So he choose 13 scenes of 13 Fassbinder films and re-staged them.
    What does Fassbinder mean to him? Probably they would not have gotten along (character-wise), but his films were impressive. and depressing. but sometimes homorous too. In his photographs there is hope as well – not just pain.
    Why was ‘Berlin Mitte’ (the towns figurehead) forbidden territory for him in the mid-80ties? Because he didn’t fit into the norm of socialist appearances/youth culture. On the one hand he was approved as an artist, with a mentor. On the other hand it was a bit difficult for him to reach the society for the arts, which was located in Berlin Mitte. but he managed.
    What happended after 1989? First he thought: great, now he can make all the things, that were restricted earlier, but there was such an excessive supply of photographers. it scared him a bit. he had to redifine himself.
    Which illusion did he harbour? To be internationally recognised at last. But that didn’t happen. So he bacame a bouncer.
    Are you really that hard of a guy as everybody is writing? No. There was a dark phase (a personl one), but in the last years he became mellow.
    What do the thorns in his face represent? wounds and time and a path
    Why do we meet on a cementary? a place to be undisturbed – for him beeing on cementaries meant escaping in a world associated only with dead, but which in reality is just a part oft life.

    … he seems like a nice guy (not crazy at all) and he likes Fassbinder, which is always a plus.

  7. Sister Wolf says:

    Honeypants – Yes, same here, I am morbid and I love that photo.

    Ash – Wow, I have a tattooed pierced bother too! Let’s hook them up!

    Jill – You are too hip to be a hipster.

    Suzanne – I’m lame too, don’t feel bad about it.

    Lauren – Yes!

    Deni -Scissorhands meets Eraserhead, perhaps?

    tanja – THANK YOU! He does sound very nice. xoxo

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