Another Winner From Shopbop


This is the Pepper Skirt by Leyendecker, $297.   It managed to stump the Shopbop copywriter, who can usually rise to the occasion. She may be having some sort of mental breakdown, and who can blame her with shit like this “skirt”?

I’m going to have a go at it:   Rock this tragic skirt with a Hawaiian lei and leave your skinnies at home!

Oh fuck it, I can’t do it either.

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10 Responses to Another Winner From Shopbop

  1. Ash says:

    $297 -or- go down to your local midwestern community theatre and have someone’s mom make it for you!

  2. If only the copywriter had added ‘thank goodness’ after ‘lined’.

  3. hammie says:

    Two words:

    Josephine Baker.

    You want it now don’t you?

    (I am the goddess of online marketing_

  4. WendyB says:

    It would go great with a coconut bra!

  5. Bex says:

    Or you can diy it with a random skirt and a pair of scissors!

  6. Sister Wolf says:

    Ash – Hahahaha!

    Deni – Wow, very tempting.

    Made Do – HAHAHA, you should do the writing over there!

    Hammie – Not bad. If I were an elegant Black woman, you might have got to me.

    WendyB- YES, where is that bra? They’re idiots over there.

    Bex – If you were nuts, you could.

  7. Aja says:

    No way Hammie, once Beyonce called herself imitating Josephine Baker
    on her last tour, I felt she defaced the image for ever and no one should EVER EVER try it again.

  8. Isn’t that pink skirt fashioned from the spongy strips that are fastened to the spinning wheels that one sees through the big picture window at the ‘Touchless Car Wash’ ? (You know, the ones that supposedly do the ‘scrubbing and rough-drying’ part of the car wash, after the powerful water-jets have done their best to dislodge road sludge).

    Call me a cynic if you must (and I hope you do!).

    Your humble servant ever, Madame, I remain,


  9. Niko says:

    Poor Susie, of susie bubble thought she made a sartorial statement when she did her own version of this. Although kudos to her for saving her pounds and DIY-ing her own version of this travesty.

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