God Save the Queen

I can’t understand anti-monarchist sentiments, when the Queen of England has given us all so much pleasure. I first fell for her in 1982, when some guy broke into her bedroom at Buckingham Palace, and she calmly spoke to him for ten minutes until someone came in and rescued her. What a mensch, or whatever you call a woman who can handle shit like this without getting ruffled!

I also like how she won’t let go of her handbag. This is a woman whose handbag will never, ever be sat upon by some fat bitch at a dinner party. People always like to wonder what she keeps in her bag, but I couldn’t care less. I’d rather know what brand she likes, besides Launer.   As we all know, Lady Di loved Lana Marx bags, and who wouldn’t??

My brother-in-law received an OBE or MBE from the Queen, who pinned a medal to his coat (unless I dreamt that part…he did show me the medal in its special box, though.) So that makes me feel close to her. Her husband is a different story. Why does he look like a Nazi war criminal? Not that he isn’t a fun person in his own right; here is a list of some of his famous   gaffes, which tend to be racist in nature. One can only imagine what he said to Her Majesty after their meeting with the Obama’s.

I like to think she gave him a little smack and replied, “Oh Philip, don’t be a cunt!”

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13 Responses to God Save the Queen

  1. HelOnWheels says:

    My favorite Prince Philip gaffe was made part of a bit by Eddie Izzard:

    To a group of British students in Hong Kong (?) – “Don’t stay here too long or you’ll get all slinty-eyed.”

    I think he’s high a lot of the time.

  2. JoolzGirl says:

    Yup. Definitely off his chops.

  3. Film Upstart says:

    I love your take it is brilliant! I never realised the Queen and Prince Gaffer were so old and so wizen until Obama and his wife turned up!
    Love the fact that Queenie uses the c word – I think you’ve got it spot on.

  4. hammie says:

    he ahhhe hhha
    When I met the Imeldas in London and we did the “Diana Trail” around Hyde Park; we walked along the coach trails looking out for the Duke in his coach and 4, whipping up a frenzy and shouting out racist epithets to tourists.
    Sadly he wasn’t there that day.

  5. i was such a sucker for her special on PBS. Christmas time, and all the dogs running around!

  6. Suebob says:

    Man, those Obamas are tall!

  7. She does look like a wizened midget next to the Obamas. Prince Phillip maintained that sneer throughout the photo shoot, as if he smelled something awful.

  8. Bex says:

    Hahha love that last comment!

  9. Juri says:

    Poor Philip Mountbatten! I can only imagine how much he wishes he had been born in the nineteenth century..

  10. skye says:

    I don’t mind the actual royal family – they provide us with hours of tabloid magazine entertainment after all, but I do resent the queen being head of state of Australia quite a lot.

    I once read a description of Prince Philip’s family home growing up and it was the most bizarre dysfunction thing ever, with no one actually speaking the same language as anyone else and that sort of thing.

  11. john malpas says:

    Life for the queen must be like living in a soap opera for eternity.

  12. gracie says:

    You can be anti-monarchist and still like the queen. I am and do.

  13. Aja says:

    Yeah I’m with Gracie. . . I find the Queen charming, I find the entire monarchy idea stale and decrepit. No fan of Prince Phillip here. I don’t har-de-har har at racist remarks. I’m bored with laughing it off.

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