Ha Ha, Good One!


I think Prada is having a laugh with this awful new handbag, the Napa Fringe Hobo. You can get it at Neiman Marcus for $2,195, but you’d better hurry. It’s sure to be the new “It bag” of the season.

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3 Responses to Ha Ha, Good One!

  1. Suebob says:

    Hm…a trip to Paris, or a handbag that looks like an ungroomed shih tzu. I can’t decide…

  2. Mark Poirier says:

    I think Prada had fun with us a few years ago, too. They produced ankle-high boots that were covered with pubic hair. My friend Matt and I called them “pubic boots” and asked a pouty clerk at the Prada shop in Soho if anyone had actually shelled out the $900 and bought them. His response was an impassive “Lots.” Ours, “Bullshit.”

    A few weeks later, Matt e-mailed me a photo of Jessica Simpson wearing the boots.

  3. Hi, my sister recommended this blog. I like what I see so far, but I will have to check back a few more times before I put it in my daily bloglist.

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