Here’s a Tough One

Who is worse, Katy Perry or Taylor Swift?*

*Show your work!

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39 Responses to Here’s a Tough One

  1. nataliev says:

    Sister Wolf, you used to be intelligent in your snark but I feel that after developing a following you’ve just become a snob and a bully.

  2. annemarie says:


    1) for being older than Taylor Swift and also old enough to know better.
    2) for marrying Russell Brand. the thought of those two porking one another and possibly procreating makes me vomit.
    3) for thinking she’s clever, funny and relevant
    4) for the bloody fucking sad old pin-up girl shtick.
    5) for describing herself as a “skinnier version” of Lily Allen (disclaimer: i just looked her up on wikipedia because i knew there had to be more reasons for hating her)
    6) for being “profoundly influenced” by that other cunt, Alanis Morissette (wikipedia)
    7) for being a christian and saying things like this: “I am sensitive to Russell taking the Lord’s name in vain and to Lady Gaga putting a rosary in her mouth” (wikipedia, fountain of knowledge)
    8) for blatantly trying to capture the gay market because it’s a market.
    9) for being a cunt
    10) for being a cunt. and i like round numbers like 10.

  3. annemarie says:

    JESUS CHRIST, when did the number 8 become a smiley face??

  4. alicia says:

    Celebrities don’t deserve to be coddled. When you make a living by making a spectacle of yourself and depend upon funding from the public from said antics, you deserve critique.

    That said, isn’t it obvious that the clear winner is Katy Perry? With her outlandish fashion choices plus her ridiculous teenage lyrics, she deserves to be placed on a remote island in the middle of the ocean and left there for 40 years. She can come back to civilization when she’s old and wrinkled and no longer a threat to my ear drums.

  5. I’ve been ready for Katy Perry to disappear since her first foray into the spotlight. I’d like her to just shoo.

  6. Anikasophia says:

    Nyet nataliev! Come back when you can discuss without name calling. Sister does not need it and we readers don’t need it.

  7. Cristine says:

    I’m confused, isn’t the intention of this discussion to encourage name calling? I too am disappointed. I was hoping for something more along the lines of Stella Tenant’s 13 inch waist on the cover of Italian Vogue (supposidly in honor of the style icon Ethel Granger).

    I’m not a fan of either Katy Perry or Taylor Swift. But these women have worked hard & accomplished what few people have. It saddens & tires me watching women cut each other down.

  8. Nacia says:

    Perry creeps me out.. Something about her eyes. On a non-physical note, maybe she has worked hard, but artists who write their own songs and create their personas work a lot harder.

  9. Anna says:

    It’s ok to cut in the name of entertaining ourselves. That’s the whole exercise here. Who doesn’t work hard, really? Most who do don’t get their just reward either. A world without sarcasm and snark? Dark.

  10. annemarie says:

    hey now, since when did snark become a noun?

  11. alicia says:

    I’m not cutting Katy Perry down because she is a woman. I dislike Justin Timberlake, the Jonas Brothers, Chris Brown, and Pitbull for all those reasons plus some more especially in the case of the last two. Just for shits and giggles, you can throw Drake on that remote island, too, for being in the strangely addicting Canadian hybrid of “7th Heaven”/”90210” and then for turning around and acting like a legit rapper with the lines of “Probation is a bitch but going back is not an option.” What?! You were on “Degrassi” and lived in a rich neighborhood in Toronto. What’d you go to jail for? Pulling up flowers in the neighbor’s yard? Checking out too many library books and forgetting to pay the fine?

  12. undeadsinatra says:

    Katy Perry edges out Tayor Swift only because 1) she’s older and should know better and 2) She doesn’t write her own stuff.

  13. Anikasophia says:


    I’m talking about people dissing Sister Wolf for bringing up a discussion, not the starlets!

  14. tartandtreacly says:

    Taylor Swift is blancmange. Katy Perry is a novelty donut.


  15. Kellie says:

    At first I liked Katy Perry. She had latex outfits with happy images on them. Then I realized it was the same boring tank dress over and over, with different images on it.

    I got one of those no-clamp curling iron things. When I did my hair with it, I looked like Taylor Swift. Not in a good way.

    The correct answer may now be that I dislike them equally. And the fact that they make so much money doing not a lot and get all the free designer clothes brings it up a level to HATE equally.

  16. Ann says:

    Katy Perry, and if I showed my work, you’d accuse me of copying annemarie, as my answers mirror hers. The “music” of both Perry and Swift sucks equally, however.

  17. MizLottie says:

    Feh, both of them can disappear. Saw John Doe last night, I appreciate real musicians/songwriters.

  18. Aneets says:

    I vote Katy Perry due to the horrible things she has done to her hair recently. Her hair is hurting my eyes at the moment.

  19. Sister Wolf says:

    nataliev – What planet are you from?? I was much more of a snob and a bully a few years ago.

    Annemarie – A+

    Alicia – I like your thinking and I like your blog. Nice to meet you.

    Cristine – I know, I’m disappointing. I don’t care about Stella’s waist, it’s a stupid picture though. I’m just trying to have fun for god sake. I’m not here to demand that women stick together.

    Kellie – Thank you for sending a little dislike to Taylor. She’s getting off too easy here.

    Ann – Yes, the music. So horrible.

    MizLottie – Yep, John Doe was always cool.

  20. Sister Wolf says:

    Layersandswathes – Hahahahaha!

  21. ali says:

    Katy Perry whose elephant safari honeymoon pictures made me want to vomit hot blood.

    Katy Perry the idiot who sparked a frenzy of butt hurt when SURPRISE OF SURPRISES her cleavage-y princess gown and baywatch blowjob face sesame street appearance garnered controversy!

    katy perry who got famous with the song “i kissed a girl” (shock and awe factor)
    and then during her cooling off period between career crazes, got jealous of lady gaga and publicly criticized her for a music video crotch shot. and then, in order to assert a bid for biggest attention whore pop-star… developed her media persona into a schtick, a schtick best described as CARTOON BIMBO

    Katy Perry the uglier version of chloe deschanel…who is the annoying and inferior version of emily deschanel.

    Taylor swift. perky nose. perky hair. eyelids weighted down by the whitegirl’s burden (fake eyelashes.)

    on a positive note, I thought her SNL skit was kind of funny.

    and we share a passion for sparkles.

    Katy Perry takes the douche cake

  22. Dru says:

    I can’t say it better than annemarie. I won’t even try.

    Also, “skinnier version of Lily Allen”? Bitch, please. At least Lily Allen wrote some decent music.

  23. Dru says:

    Cristine – But these women have worked hard & accomplished what few people have. It saddens & tires me watching women cut each other down.

    Why should we have to be nice about idiots just because they’re female and we are too? You can keep on being saddened and tired if you like, the XX chromosome is not a get-out-of-jail-free card for these people and I don’t see why it excuses them from my irritation.

  24. Cricket9 says:

    Don’t care about either of them. Would someone please relocate ALL the Kardashians, their “hubbys”, boyfriends and entourage to the dark side of the moon already?

  25. DCD says:

    Totally on board with Dru’s second comment. What are you talking about Christine? I shouldn’t make fun of Katy Perry or Taylor Swift, because we’re the same sex? Why? So what if they’ve “worked hard”? The results of their “hard work” sucks and they my eyes and eardrums. I’ll hate any celebrity I please, male or female, if they’re annoying and stupid, and I don’t see anything wrong with it.

    As to Sister Wolf’s question, it’s too difficult, I can’t decide. I hate Katy Perry and her neon clothes and teenage lyrics and plastic bubble gum vacuous persona, all that is wrong with American pop culture. I hate Taylor swift and her dumb crimped hair and how tall and awkward she is in heels and especially her boring pointless goody-two shoes music. It has to be a tie.

  26. DCD says:

    *they HURT my eyes and eardrums

  27. Helen says:

    Cristine – I am genuinely curious – what does it mean to “work hard”? And what have these two accomplished? Money? That is all I can think of. Money and a certain kind of creepy, americanized, tabloid-selling fame. Or do you mean that these two largely record company-produced entertainers making money is an accomplishment worth applauding?
    I won’t deny that these two people, and other celebrities, might “work hard” – pressed schedules, lack of privacy, constant pressure, constant weightloss, etc. But I do think calling these people “hard working” is a strange thing to say. What do you compare them with? 99,9% of the world is not privileged and rich. Most of the people in this world work harder than these people ever will. Most of the people in this world sturggle every day for survival. And not only the poverty-stricken ones work hard – I think the average working class single parent works quite a lot harder than celebrities. I’m quite disturbed by your comment.

    I do, to some extent, agree that women cut down each other. But let’s not always use that as an excuse. Analyzing today’s disturbed celebrity- and luxury-culture has little to do with that.

  28. Luda says:

    How is this even a competition? Katy Perry represents all that is wrong and evil in this world.

    I decided she was the worst human being on the planet after she got all pissy that her husband published a picture of her on Twitter without wearing any makeup. THE HORROR.

  29. Luda says:

    I also like the comment above mine. Where in the WOMYN HANDBOOK does it say I have to support other women because we both have vaginas?

  30. Bevitron says:

    I don’t know squat about KP, other than the Russell Brand coupling, which is weird, so I can’t pick one. All I know is, I can’t ever forgive TS for royally fucking up the old battleship Stevie Nicks’ “Rhiannon” at last year’s Grammys with her inability to sing the fuck in tune. Jesus fucking God that was horrible. Stevie should have slapped her red. Maybe she did, afterwards. I hope so.

  31. Sandra B says:

    I think Katy Perry is sort of fun. She’s kind of awkward looking and looks like she’s probably not that attractive without makeup, and the same statement applies to me so really, good for us funny-lookin girls.

    I don’t know anything about Taylor Swift, which to me indicates that she is well-bred enough to not make waves. Which makes her boring.

  32. Elaine says:

    The general consensus seems to be Katy Perry but I’m leaning towards Taylor Swift because her audience is younger and all her songs seem to be spouting about the importance of getting a guy. On the otherhand, she seems very capable of wearing underwear.

    Katy Perry, I try to block her out.

  33. Daniel in Mexico says:

    I hate Taylor Swift…

    1) I’m so over the “good ol’ southern girl” shticK.
    2) I’m tired of people feeling sorry for her because the big scary black man took her microphone away.
    3) I’m fed up of her kiss and tell song writing. At least try and disguise who it is you are singing about….it’s not cool that you act like a school yard tattle tale.
    4) Singing barefoot and strumming a guitar doesn’t make you in touch with ANYTHING…it just means you’re more likely to get athletes foot!

    She’s a stupid little girl with a good manager and PR team.

  34. regularstarfish says:

    Katy Perry, absolutely. I hate that bubble gum pink “thing” that she cultivates. I think Taylor is pretty, even though her music sucks.

  35. kate says:

    i didn’t care about katy perry until i got really confused about the “i kissed a girl” song she was so famous for. i could have sworn that song was popular when i was in middle school, but everyone confirmed she wasn’t famous back then. turns out, she covered (capitalized on) the song. oh. really. great. she’s so talented. and by talented i mean has a great pr team. taylor swift also seems to annoy people who listen to her sing. i don’t know any more about it.

  36. Who are these girls? (Rhetorically speaking, of course. I could not care less.)

  37. EJ says:

    I dislike Taylor Swift because I went to see Valentine’s Day (yeah, I know), and she was particularly awful in it. She also seemed quite dim. Katy Perry has so far escaped my dislike, but I don’t know how. Perhaps my strange fondness for her husband has protected her.

  38. Sister Wolf says:

    Daniel in Mexico – THANK YOU! I don’t understand why more people are annoyed by this awful girl. It’s comforting to know that you hate her in just the right way! xo

  39. Srenna says:

    Taylor Swift should be working at the Claire’s Boutique at her local mall.

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