I’ve finally caught up with Homeland, after skipping the first season in a private protest against Claire Danes as a CIA agent. Now I’m cool with Claire, but Brody’s wife is a major irritant.

Whenever the wife is onscreen, I find it hard to stop critiquing her face. Her acting is awful, too, don’t get me wrong. She’s incapable of portraying any emotion with conviction.  Her character is badly underwritten but a decent actress could still bring something to suggest a life form.  Instead, she just strikes a pose and raises or lowers her voice.

Her head is too small for her body, making her look life a dinosaur of maybe a giraffe. But in profile, she looks like a duckling, thanks to that augmented top lip. Stop it with the lips, actresses! Remember Meg Ryan! In fact, I’m going to name Meg Ryan ‘The Alamo’ just to help keep the memory alive.

While looking at pictures of this actress (Morena Baccarin, who I see is considered a super-hot hottie) I learned from an observant stranger that she has the same nosejob as Ashley Greene. I don’t know who Ashley Greene is but let’s compare noses.


Ashley above, Morena below. I wouldn’t want this nose, although you could probably use it as a can opener.

Obviously, I’m feeling cranky and shallow but facts are facts. I love Homeland for its suspense and the tension of the thwarted love story, but that fucking wife is a pain in the ass.

Opinions or objections?

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22 Responses to Homeland

  1. David Duff says:

    I gave up ‘Homeland’ after about five episodes – my dear, simply too, too preposterous! However, let the authorities know ‘over there’ that I am prepared to ‘off’ Brody any time they like just so long as his gorgeous ‘wife’ will promise to bear my babies.

  2. Dexter Vandango says:

    ..didn’t America suffer enough with one raving basket case – Dick Cheney? ..God help us if we have to depend on Carries as well..

    For those who haven’t seen SNL’s tribute:

  3. Cricket9 says:

    I rather liked Morena Baccarin in “Firefly”, but I was probably biased. Looking at these noses I realized that I really like my own, untouched by a scalpel nose. A lot.

  4. kate says:

    it took me a while to realize this, because i like firefly so much, but no one on that show can act. especially morena baccarin.
    the women at the bottom look exactly the same.

  5. Liz!! says:

    A big LOL to Kate’s post. I’m surrounded by Whedon fans and for the most part (excepting Buffy), I find anything he touches to be a big miss to an almost. Firefly is an almost to me (I can’t tell anyone this), and I think a lot of it is because of the acting.

    My ex and current significant other find Morena Baccarin extremely beautiful, and I do, too. But the more I watch Homeland (I’m glad you’re on board, Sister! It took me a lot to get over my Claire Danes hate and watch the show), the more she starts to look…odd to me?

    She has some extremely beautiful features, but they look weird all on the same person at one time.

    Does that make any sense?

    I kind of like that nose. So sue me.

    But I am 100% on-board with the acting.

    Back to her acting. I agree. Not good.

  6. Abu Nazir!!! I find myself saying that a lot. Love Homeland but the Israeli tv series it is based on called Prisoners of War in English is far more gripping. You are so right about Brodie’s wife xx

  7. Anny says:

    I don’t watch Homeland, but looking at that pic U posted, that actor reminds me of the Main Alien in an awful show called “V” a few years back … isn’t she the same person? & if she is, the “Alien” couldn’t act either ….

  8. Sister Wolf says:

    Make Do – Abu Nazir to you too!!! xoxo

    Liz!! – I’m going to pass on suing you. And maybe I’d think Morena was pretty if she wouldn’t move or speak.

    David – If only I could give you that horrible actress and slip her by the memsahib, but I think she’d notice the nose and protest!

  9. kt says:

    Oh god, yes. My bf and I have just started watching, and I blurted out at one point that Brody’s wife is horribly obnoxious. I also pointed out the really piss poor acting. He doesn’t seem to have a problem with it. And that annoys me even more.

  10. KK Downey says:

    I had dinner with her once in LA, my ex is friends with her boyfriend (indie director guy). She’s very stunning in person and has gorgeous skin and a long neck, big eyes. One of the few chicks I’ve seen who can really rock the Halle Berry hair. But yes, bad and very obvious nose job. WTF girl.

    She’s a little cocky but overall down-to-earth for a mid-level actress. Not fake at all, which I respect. The opposite actually, if she had a problem with you I have no doubt she’d let you know. lol Really nice to everyone who approached our table to talk about her show where she was an alien or something.

  11. Taylor says:

    I had a nosejob to make my nose NOT look like that, but my head is too big for my body :/

    Those sentiments are how I feel about Kristen Stewart, in Twilight and in general.

  12. alittlelux says:


    better theme song, in which your favorite lady gets a shout out.

  13. susan says:

    I was born with a nose that looks just like hers. My son has the same nose as me.
    We are Jewish to top it off.
    I’m not sure her nose is fake, but the top lip is huge!

  14. deirdra says:

    On the latest episode Morena Baccarin’s upper lip protrudes even farther than in this picture; in profile it looks like a beak and is stiff like one too.

  15. eekahil says:

    I stumbled upon this and , by gum, yes. Her ridiculous nose job distracts me from the show and I just do not understand. You described her perfectly .

    Another one: Vera Farmigia.
    I do not understand.

  16. Sabine B. Berner says:

    THANK YOU so much for naming it – the first season showed her ugly lips, I always stared on her upper lip. In the esecond season she showsed a new nose – she cannot move any muscle in her artificial and dead looking face.
    Why do the producers in the United states hire those dead faces?
    I stopped watching CSI:New York after the dead mask of the new lady appeared – Sela Ward.
    Best wishes!

  17. Wolf says:

    You asked if anyone has any “opinions or objections”. Well, I do…

    In my “opinion”, you are an idiot and I “object” to you wasting my planets’ oxygen.

  18. Sister Wolf says:

    Good to know, Wolf.

  19. Morena High School says:

    Hate to break it to you people, but I went to High School with Morena and she had this exact same nose. It’s her real nose.

  20. Tracy Tobiasz says:

    Why is everyone being so mean? I think she’s beautiful and she sure has a lot more going for her than the people who are slamming her! People who act like this usually are unhappy and have low self-esteem…and must be jealous! Usually, people who make fun of and try to bring others down are doing it because it makes them feel better about THEMSELVES!!! Nothing but bullies! Have any of you looked, and I mean really looked, in the mirror lately? I don’t care what kind of website the is, it’s very un-Christian like. So after you all look in the mirror, come back on this website and tell us what you see… Good Luck and may God bless you all. (#128023#)

  21. Skarp Hulduson says:

    Your picture of Morena’s supposed nose job is from *before* it was allegedly done.

  22. sallie cwik says:

    I enjoy the show. What led me to your blog was searching ” actress on homeland with ugly upper lip”. Drives me nuts. Agree about the acting too!

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