I Love Marion Jones


I’ve always thought that Marion Jones  was a goddess, and I don’t care that she took steroids. I can’t believe the outrage heaped upon her. What a morally backward society we are!

Why don’t all athletes just take steroids, like bodybuilders and football players? Marion Jones wanted to break the world record set by Flo Jo, another user of steroids. Venus and Serena look like they’re on steroids, and god bless ’em, as far as I’m concerned.

Most women could be pumped with steroids and HGH and never have a fraction of Marion Jones’ ability.

Oprah was really mad at poor Marion, who has to leave a seven month old child to appease the need of some judge to make a cautionary tale out of her. Oprah’s steely gaze failed to prove that she’s a better woman than Marion, who she reprimanded for calling her “ma’am.”


I love you, Marion. You could have asked Oprah about Gail, but you were too classy for that shit. God bless you for your courage and dignity.

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4 Responses to I Love Marion Jones

  1. Suebob says:

    Why is wrecking your liver a crime? This is the most ridiculous use of jail time I have ever heard.

    And Oprah, well you can’t argue with her. She is the Queen of Everything, right?

  2. SallyQ says:

    Hey, they should also let doctors take meth. Keep those bastards awake and alert while they’re playing with your internal organs.

  3. Mark says:


  4. Maria Saez says:

    Marion was an inspiration despite her “fall” and if most Americans repudiated her it is because she was caught more than for her “sin”. As for the comment above, directed at Marion, “too classy for that shit”, well, I leave it unedited, as it says a lot about the mentality and level of the average USer or American.

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