“I Say Grow That Shit Like a Jungle!”

Stop what you’re doing and listen to Amanda Palmer‘s brand new song “Map of Tasmania“…an ode to pubic hair.   You’ll be humming it all day.   God bless her.


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39 Responses to “I Say Grow That Shit Like a Jungle!”

  1. kellie says:

    off off off
    shave it all off!!!

  2. tressie says:

    oh yes. Amanda. lickably good.

  3. the real andrea says:

    I love her! She is so unique.

  4. HelOnWheels says:

    This and “Ampersand” are my two favorite songs from her solo releases. She F**KING rocks!

  5. Kate says:

    Wayyyyyy too annoying for me — but her heart is in the right place, I suppose.

  6. tartandtreacly says:

    Ugh. No thank you.

  7. I love her even though I don’t always love all of her music – she’s a free spirt and seems to do it all with joy. And, damn girl, she got wild hair black leather beekeeping super-storyteller geek-god Neil Gaiman as her man? Dayum.

  8. patni says:

    I don’t particularly like Amanda Palmer, but that is pissy and personal. I love that she is a success doing her own thing, in her own way. And I applaud any one who can do that, seeing as I am having a hard time at it!

    On the other hand, any one who has a natural pussy is my friend. I am so tired of the younger generation who seem to feel they need to be weedwhacked facial-ed, and vejazzled to be sexy…. I don’t get it at all. It is anti woman, anti sex, and wrong. I am sexy the way i grew.

    so thank god for amanda palmer.

  9. Emily Bleak says:

    Oh god, I lived mere blocks from her in Somerville, she is renowned for being the world’s largest attention whore. Seeing her stamp her feet and scream like a three-year-old at a bus that passed her stop did it for me. Her little tantrum about making fun of disabilities and child porn didn’t do her any favors, either. What a little fucking brat.

    Do whatever you want to your pubes, but don’t judge others for how they keep theirs. Heaven forfend that one might find a patch of coarse hair on their sensitive spots uncomfortable!

  10. patni says:

    Dear Emily… we must have lived mere blocks from each other.

  11. TexasArt says:

    Not my cuppa tea this one. Question I ponder … Why did @neilhimself take her as his wifey or whatever … Dude in crisis? Hmmm … Still I ponder …

  12. Elizabeth says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing Amanda AND Neil perform at MOFO in Hobart next month! I rather think she’s written the map of Tassie song for us..


  13. Desiree says:

    You made my morning Sister, this is awesome and yes, I’m already humming it.

  14. Iron Chic says:

    So tired of all the “shaving your pubes is anti-woman” talk blah blah.
    It’s a personal preference- get over it! Is it anti-woman to shave your legs and pits?! Can’t believe this argument goes on still…
    I can appreciate a pussy both ways because I am a mature 2010 adult.

  15. Iron Chic says:

    And that song is totally wack.

  16. Green Of Eye says:

    Alas i’m on the fence re AFP.

    I supported (i.e bought) all of the D.D’s records and when ‘Who Killed..’ was released i bought that too. Ditto the book. Ditto concert tickets. And the LOFNOTC tshirt.

    However my previously high opinion of her has waned. I will say, Kudos to her-she works hard but it feels like every tweet, every blog post, every interaction is usually related to getting fans to purchase or support something she’s involved with. Too much,too often- it’s like the bratty attention seeking student in a class…”me,me,me,me,me,me,me” ad nauseum.

  17. hspades says:

    Finally! A song that describes my loathing for the increasing trend of pubic hair-phobia! Guys of the newer age, you can shut up because in just about everybody older than you and enlightened, comfortable women like me, a woman who shaves her pubic hair is in denial and dudes who like it are boderline pedeophiles. Plus, this song is on a ukelele! That`s so Tiny Tim!

  18. Sister Wolf says:

    Green of Eye – I agree she is a huge exhibitionist. And attention whore. BUT! She has, on three different occasions, posed with my teenager, hugged me as I stood in line for her show, and talked about music with Max at the beach one day. She wants contact with her fans and she gives back. She really truly empowers her fans, and that’s why they worship her. Her music has given me pure joy. But I’m sick of her husband/boyfriend Neil.

  19. Sister Wolf says:

    Iron Chic – BUT!!!! The idea that a woman needs to remove hair from her crotch and underarms to be considered “groomed”….what is it about?? MEn have never had to shave or was their crotches to look groomed, sexy or appealing.

    I’m not suggesting a mandate to grow out your armpits or crotch, but society shouldn’t be repelled by female pubic or armpit hair. The revulsion means something and it isn’t pro-woman.

  20. hspades says:

    P.S (if that isn’t a taboo): I am personally not against personal choices. I’m also not an alpha-female feminist. But, in MY opinion, I don’t think hairless vaginas are representative of mature, pubescent women. I just don’t get this trend. If it’s for sanitary reasons, fine. If you’re a swimmer/gymnast/whatever and find unsightly hair embarassing, that’s cool, I dig it. But just shaving your hair because you feel that guys prefer a hairless, baby- (emphasis on BABY, here!)soft crotches, then you are horribly misinformed by the media, music industry, etc. I have never met a guy who opposed or absolutely condemned my pubic hair (I trim, btw, so it doesn’t get cah-razy Down Under), and some of them actually preferred the hair, as it was a sign of how womanly I am, and how comfortable I was with my body. I’m neither condemning or sympathyzing with people who shave/wax their Special Place, but really. What are you trying to prove?

  21. Iron Chic says:

    Sister, it’s not about a revulsion to hair, it’s more of a sensation thing for most people. I don’t feel pressured by “society” to shave hahah. Who would be that easily influenced? I would do it even if I didn’t have a full-time live in man friend.
    I like grooming, I’m neat. I never have hangnails and I shave my legs consistently. I’m also extremely organized and punctual. I’m an entire anal retentive package!
    Don’t knock it ’til you try it!
    I’ve said too much,
    Good night

  22. anna says:

    please write more often you are the only thing that makes my life remotely interesting

  23. anna says:

    i know it sounds lame

  24. Ash says:

    Oh my god. You don’t like Neil, either. Will you marry me? I mean, I am already married. To a man. But you know, civil unions and shit. I hate Neil Gaiman and I hate Tom Waits. I bet we can connect on 500 more, Lipstick kisses to you, Sister!

  25. Sister Wolf says:

    anna – Don’t worry! The comments here are the only thing that makes my life interesting.

    Ash -I have goosebumps! I WILL marry you.

  26. Saying that the desire to remove one’s pubic hair (and possibly “vajazzle” the skin underneath) is anti-woman and anti-sex is just as bad as those who have a problem with pubic hair in the first place.

    Real pro-women, pro-sex, individuals would also be pro-CHOICE. Each vagina to her own, however she chooses to landscape.

  27. elle says:

    I just like the way it looks! There’s no anti-feminist statement, no infantalisation, no sense of it being ~cleaner~ or whatever. I just like to be able to see for myself, as well as show off to others, all my exciting bits. It’s like vagina exhibitionism.

  28. Sister Wolf says:

    Alicia – Aha, but how do know when you’re making a choice or when your behavior is culturally determined? Our present Western culture celebrates the waxed crotch. Just as it celebrates the full-lipped and the thin body. When one buys some huge platform wedges from Jeffrey Campbell, is one exercising some aesthetic choice or is one responding to a billion images of models wearing huge clunky shoes?

    Our present culture sneers at women with abundant pubic hair. I think this is well-established. Therefore there is societal pressure to wax or shave. And I’m not talking about me, by the way. I’m not some unduly hirsute or anything. It’s what I see, hear, and believe to be true.

  29. elle says:

    … or maybe I’m just not very subtle. Hey! I’m naked! REALLY naked. Even my vagina is naked! Look, you can see everything – I’m definitely not here for an hour of artistic nude modelling. There’s absolutely no way you can fuck this up, buddy. I’ve even created a little landing strip arrow of hair that politely points you in the right direction and everything.

  30. elle says:

    Okay, no. Serious answer time: I do it because of porn. I’ll admit it! I’ll be the first to come clean that it’s got nothing to do with neatness or hating the sensation of hair or being anal retentive.

    I never used to, but from watching porn (for my own benefit, I’ll admit that too!) I found that I gravitated towards watching videos with shaven ladies. I like that you can see everything and, because its PORN and there’s no actual physicality or emotional connection, just empty visual stimulation – seeing more is what pulls you in, turns you on, etc. It IS amazingly unsubtle, it is kind of over the top and gratuitous, and it’s possibly not necessary in real life – it’s a video technique, almost, like wearing stage makeup that you’d never wear in real life, or how actresses have to be twenty lbs thinner than real life because you need to play up things for the camera. So, probably, it’s over the top in real life. It’s unnecessary. But I do it anyway.

    Is this different because I do it because I personally find it visually appealing, rather than trying to appeal to what I think men want, or what Cosmo tells me to do? Would I even have thought of it, or thought it looked good before porn? Who knows.

  31. Sister W – I really want to respond to this with some kind of considered and quasi-thoughtful response but I’m short of time and having trouble gathering my thoughts coherently.

    Thoughtfulness aside my basic contention is:
    Many people blindly follow societal pressure, just like some people blindly rebel against society, and none of these people are very educated if they act blindly toward anything.

    I like to give people the benefit of the doubt and assume education until proven ignorant, maybe I’m just naive but what hope does society have either way if we don’t give people a little credit?

    In which case, on the assumption that most intelligent people make an educated decision about a topic irrespective of it’s popularity in the eyes of society – who cares what someone else thinks or does to their own body if it doesn’t hurt anybody else?

    In my mind, calling the removal of pubic hair “anti-woman” is just as uneducated as a woman removing their pubic because they think it’s “anti-clean”.

    I am neither for nor against pubic hair, but I am “anti-ignorance”.

  32. Sister Wolf says:

    elle – Big huge props to you for an honest and thoughtful explanation!!!! Anyone able to explore their motivations like you have, is perfectly capable of acting authentically and not in bad faith, as that cunt Sartre would say.

    I don’t watch porn so I can’t even say anything about it. And if a landing strip allows you to avoid the clueless lovers who refuse to learn the score, then amen to that.

  33. Sister Wolf says:

    ALicia – Sorry, didn’t mean to address you like you are ignorant! I was thinking about this, http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0674212770/metasoul, and the idea that “no judgement of taste is innocent.”

  34. Joy D. says:

    I remember the Dresden Dolls but I’m not a big fan of any of her solo stuff. This song reminds me of 90s club music. However I don’t see anything wrong with her and her fanbase is huge!

  35. Cricket9 says:

    Didn’t we go through the shaven/unshaven debate a little while go? Do whatever you want! No way I’m going to mow my lady garden (heh,heh) ever, after a trauma of being attacked “down there” by a nurse wielding an extremely dull blade at a hospital, before being admitted to the gynecology ward for miscarriage. It was a standard procedure then in Poland, for “hygienic” reasons. The same blade was probably used to shave 15 women before me; very hygienic indeed. BTW, hair as such is not disgusting – why would it be?
    I rather vaguely like Amanda, definitely like Neil Gaiman’s books – although I have some doubts regarding their Scientology connection – what’s up with that?

  36. Iron Chic says:

    Elle is right, porn will guide you to your pubic destiny!!!
    Everybody do what you want: full bush/landing strips/triangles/arrows/scotty dogs!

  37. hspades says:

    Yes, do what you want ladies! But no vajazzlin’ because it looks silly!

  38. tartandtreacly says:

    … or maybe I’m just not very subtle. Hey! I’m naked! REALLY naked. Even my vagina is naked! Look, you can see everything — I’m definitely not here for an hour of artistic nude modelling. There’s absolutely no way you can fuck this up, buddy. I’ve even created a little landing strip arrow of hair that politely points you in the right direction and everything.


    Seriously, I don’t like the look of a full bush. Unless we’re talking about this:

    Courbet’s L’Origine du Monde

    Let’s not forget that nowadays men are encouraged to depilate, too. Is that anti-man? Is there also a (haha with apologies to Faludi) BUCKLASH against masculinity going on? Do we all secretly want hairless cockerel boys?

    Or maybe this trend is more indicative of America’s general obsession with cleanliness – which also has something to do with that sacred American cow, Progress. (Tangent: Tanizaki’s “In Praise of Shadows” and how it can explain Japanese men and women not shaving nearly as much as Americans do – DISCUSS.) Or maybe shaving is not meant to infantilize the secondary sex characteristics because “society hates women!” but to showcase them – I mean, like elle said, hello porn!

    I don’ think anyone has to justify their shaving habits. I mean, not unless you justify your fatphobia (among other bete noires) first.

  39. sparklywizardsleeve says:

    I actually need a pube transplant, so sad but I seem to be going bald down there and not so in love with the look, time for a merkin.

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