Joey Bishop: Thank You For Ending It


I’ve been waiting for Joey Bishop to die, not that I dislike him personally, but to mark the official end of the Rat Pack. Maybe now I can live, as Isabella Linton said to Heathcliff. Hy hatred of the Rat Pack has been well-documented, but I don’t get much sympathy for the torment it has caused me. Be gone, Rat Pack! The hep party is finally over.

When a young friend looked over my shoulder at this picture of the Rat Pack,  he asked what Peter Lawford did. All I could think of was that he bothered Marilyn Monroe. Did he do anything else?

In other memory lapses, I was trying to recall the name of Benazir Bhutto’s father and came up empty. My mother-in-law suggested Nehru, which made sense, because I remember him wearing a Nehru Jacket! Later, I asked my ex-husband, who answered Zia-ul-Haq. I was really impressed by this and gave him a high five. Now I know that the real answer is of course Zulfikar Ali Bhutto.

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3 Responses to Joey Bishop: Thank You For Ending It

  1. Angela Newton says:

    This is some dumb shit. You are a stupid bitch for being glad a man is dead. I liked the Rat Pack and I wish they were still alive they were alot of fun, and they seemed like they were having alot of fun together.

  2. Willy Koorbus says:

    Amen Angela! And from what I can read there no verifiable reason for that DS to feel that way. Not liking and era in time is valid but to be waiting for a man you didn’t even know to die? Absurd! If I was looking of your friends shoulder and saw you I’d ask
    what’s the point of of all the hate?

  3. Dino says:

    Ive read these posts byt his woman… Talk about a poor excuse for a human. What hate from this girl? From reading,,, I’ll bet she is overly left winged, ingornant to actual facts, parents were possably the same. Just a wast of space….. so get a job as a media writer or even better an actress because you have the brains for it :/
    go occupy wallstreet loser.

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