Just Admit it, Demi


After suggestions that her cover photo on W magazine was photoshopped, Demi Moore has come forward to deny it. She has been very adamant that this is an un-retouched photo, even though her left hip is visibly out of line with her thigh.

Apparently, she has been blabbing about it on Twitter, where she and her husband never shut up for a minute.   She’s inisting that she’s “just thin.”

Remember a few weeks ago, when Demi said in an interview that she’ s never had plastic surgery?

Why, Demi, why? Is it a Kaballah thing to deny the obvious? Are you hiding the truth from poor Rumer just to torment her? Do you think we forgot about your boobs for god sake?

Demi Moore is the Ted Bundy of surgically enhanced celebrities.   She’s going to deny everything to the bitter end, even when there’s nothing left of her but a puddle of botox and a pile of hair extensions.

What is the point of Demi Moore, after all, except to represent an aging cougar with a young husband? If only she’d stayed with Bruce Willis, we would all be so much better off. Except for Bruce, of course.

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23 Responses to Just Admit it, Demi

  1. Nothing but nothing doesn’t get photo shopped in any magazine – on the cover, inside for editorial and ads. Demi is bonkers!

  2. hammie says:

    Who signed off on that cover shot? – that is a deluded person too. xx

    (Marion Keynes wrote about meeting a young woman getting her nose done out of consideration for her future children, so they wouldn’t be born with her old nose…Yes, it was in L.A.)

  3. Kate says:

    Another instance of Balmain making everyone look like an idiot, especially idiots.

    Admittedly, I wouldn’t have ever noticed the weird hip. It seems the media savvy are more eager than ever to point out bizarre details in photoshopped images of already bizarre and pretzelized droids who have less personality than a candlestick.

    Saddest thing about Demi: lauded for not changing since she was 18. Isn’t growing up and getting wiser and more interesting desirable? Probably not, but she could at least pretend. This embalmed, chiseled thing she has become to stay relevant just calls into question what minor talent she ever had.

    And her voice! It always sounded like her vocal chords were scalded by thick Campell’s tomato and she was being lobotomized on the installment plan. In what cruel world is Ashton Kutcher considered a prize, anyway? Aww man, now I feel really bad for her. Celebrity is a pathos machine.

  4. arline says:

    Demi has never been a favorite of mine. She falls below Madonna in my book.

    Her work looks better than Madonna’s though. Perhaps Madge should see her doctor.

  5. Jill says:

    The last two sentences…Hallelujah!

  6. Susan says:

    Stands to reason that bits of Demi should be airbrushed away. The dictionary definition of demi is ‘less than full size’ or ‘half’. Guess you can’t blame the poor woman for seeming ‘bonkers’, when she’s only got half a brain…

  7. Pete says:

    Very funny stuff. I am almost ashamed to admit remembering a movie from about 1986 where she had relatively small boobs (I think it was “About Last Night” with Rob Lowe). Then suddenly she had a late period of development in the chest area a few years later…

  8. dust says:

    Kate, I’ll just sign under your comment, you got it all! Well done!
    Sister, there is no point of Demi, she sold her soul for a pair of perky tits and pimped up suburbian housewife life-style. She will be one pretty corpse, though, I give her that…

  9. There’s no such thing as an un-retouched cover photo. She’d be better off if she’d just said, “I didn’t have any control over what they did to my hips!” instead of maintaining that she has the figure of an adolescent boy (with boobs) and hasn’t had any work done.

  10. Jill says:

    I want to be photoshopped, godammit!

  11. Unflattering nicknames: Dummy Moore, Gimme Moore.

  12. Ann says:

    I’m especially glad you photoshopped her face out of the picture for this blog. I can’t take her face another minute.

  13. Aja says:

    I’m pretty bored by her. Her attempts to stay relevant seem so transparent.

  14. marmalde wombat says:

    i would have thought she would be upset. she really misjudged this one. kate winslet always kicks up a fuss whenever her images are photoshopped and i love that about her – although i suspect she actually just kicks up a fuss when it’s OBVIOUSLY been photoshopped. every single image is touched up ultimately. some less subtly than others.

  15. Susan says:

    No plastic surgery? Shee-it. Maybe none this week.

    Once upon a time I really thought she had her shit together but the more she opens her mouth, the more I find to dislike about her.

    **Hope you’re feeling better and that Max is healing nicely, too.**


  16. Mark says:

    How is she still getting magazine covers? I mean, who did she (or her management team) have to blow? She’s utterly irrelevant, except for her connection to that one daughter of hers who looks like Jay Leno–I’ll always be interested to see what that hideous creature is up to.

  17. Huh? Didn’t she talk openly about her boob job when she did that stripper movie? And all that talk about her spending $400,000 on plastic surgery before Charlie’s Angels? I guess she’s got really good genes, just like Sharon Stone.

  18. Jenny Dunville says:

    “even when there’s nothing left of her but a puddle of botox and a pile of hair extensions”
    Funniest line I’ve read today. jd

  19. jennine says:

    saying that she doesn’t get photoshopped or had any work done is like saying… i don’t know, my brain is too befuddled to think of something snazzy to say here.

    personally i cant wait until they figure out how to apply photoshop to real life.

  20. Mark says:

    Thanks, Bri.

  21. Shawna says:

    I agree with Arline-absolutely. And-even the young, skinny, pretty 14 year old models get photoshopped if someone decides the picture would look better if her legs were longer.

  22. inj says:

    photoshopped – 99.999999% because its DEMI MOORE and shes probably lying + what Arline said.. or she is awkwardly standing and they put bunches of hollywood tape on that gold thing to it constricts her thigh

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