Knock-off Shoes: Yes or No?


Seeing these Jeffrey Campbell shoes for $118 made me recall in sickening detail my quest for these shoes, below, by Acne.


I think I paid around $450 for the Acne shoes, which I found at Opening Ceremony, a store that is “curated” like a fucking museum, with a similar hushed air of High Art about it.   I saw the shoes from across one of the store’s little rooms, where a horrible, nerdy woman at least 6 feet tall was counseling a blond soccer mom on some sandals. I guessed correctly that the nerdess was a Stylist. Imagine taking advice from a giant bespectacled nerdess?

Anyway, the shoes wait patiently in my closet for their second trip outside the house. I still love them; I just don’t want to fall down.

So: Fake Acne shoes in a nice pewter color. Would you buy man-made shoes for a fraction of the cost of the original?

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20 Responses to Knock-off Shoes: Yes or No?

  1. crocodilian says:

    I was just visiting to alert you to some destroyed acid wash leggings at shopbop… only to find that you have already ridiculed them! Well played…

  2. kansas says:

    if i could find a good knockoff of those gray suede surface to air heels i’d buy them in a heartbeat. the knockoffs you posted are pretty bitchin’. opening ceremony is weird but my last trip there was well worth it. met a cool chic whose writing a fashion zine. i told here she should move to portland and she would be worshiped. she didn’t really laugh. oh well. anyhow, i say nice looking knockoffs are generally a go although one must take it on a case by case basis. it’s late. i make no sense.

  3. andrea says:

    I say no go. If you need labels to validate your existence and make you feel just a smidge better about yourself only the real thing will do. This coming from someone whose mother always bought her second best and had a child who yearned for the real thing her whole life. Only the real thing will make you feel happy (at least for a few minutes). Then it’s on to the next thing….

  4. andrea says:

    Oh, and I tried the Acne ones on last summer at the Acne boutique in NY (which is a collaboration with Opening Ceremony, btw), and I looked like I had club feet. Not a good look for me. But I have the Surface to Air ones and I love them.

  5. annemarie says:

    Fuck-off to the knock-off. They just say “i really, really want the ACNE shoe but would never pay $450 for them and so i bought these to PRETEND i did!”

    See, i just think that if you think something is way overpriced than you should nourish a complete and total distaste for it. You should never deign to buy a copy of it because that only panders to the expensive thing’s stupidly inflated superiority.

    I mean, come on. If there is one thing more pathetic than an idiot carrying an ugly Louis Vuitton, it’s an idiot carrying an ugly FAKE Louis Vuitton.

    If I want a cheap thing, it’s going to be straight up cheap. If I want an expensive thing, I’ll either think about it for a long time and maybe save up for it once i have convinced myself it’s worth it. But no knock-offs– no no never. I would only ever want to be the first idiot.

  6. Danielle says:

    Honestly? I don’t really care either way. If I were you, I’d probably be irritated seeing how you shelled out full price for the original ACNEs. But knockoffs are EVERYWHERE, and unless you’re really on top of your fashion name-game, you’ll probably buy it without even realizing. Pretty much EVERYTHING Steve Madden is designer knock-off. JC has had several knock-offs, this season especially, but at least they’re comfortable!

  7. No to the knock-offs! I can see why you bought the original Acne’s, and if you ever decide to sell them I believe we have the same shoe size…

  8. dust says:

    I am too poor to by plastic knock offs.
    They look bad, fall apart in 2 days and make me bleed, so buying a leather knock offs seems much more reasonable.
    Leather knock offs save money.

  9. Angie says:

    Pretend the label doesn’t exist – which one is cuter? That’s the one to get. Something with a logo on it though (first off is lame – why advertise for somebody else) should not be counterfeited I think.

  10. WendyB says:

    You got those Acnes? I wanted those! And you know me…I’m always in favor of high-quality originals. I’m too precious for cheap knockoffs 😉

  11. gigi says:

    Heck yea I would lol.
    I bought those annoying Nine West Heech gladiators.. thinking I could wear it with everything. Boy was I wrong.
    I spent $90+$50 at least for international shipping costs and have worn them MAYBE 5 times since.
    I’d have much rather paid $20 for the knock offs and worn them just the few times..
    I gotta add though that wearing the more expensive version somehow makes me care for them way more and really wear them with pride. Probably cause I overpaid.

  12. Deni says:

    I’m lucky I can afford Payless . . . and maybe not so much soon . . . as my job hangs by a thread . . . anyway . . . I’m glad to know about shoes I can’t afford . . . knock-offs or not . . .

  13. I like yours better and you have a story to go with yours. I am sure the Nerdazon story that was the GWP of the shoes has to add to their value.

  14. For some odd reason I can’t seem to post, it gives me an error saying I’m posting spam ): Anyway, yours are quality, gorgeous, and need to be used and loved. Screw the knock-offs wear yours and enjoy the hell out of them!

  15. Sister Wolf says:

    Crocodilian – Good scouting! Thanks!

    kansas – We don’t need to make sense here, we just need to have fun being mad.

    andrea – Oh god. Staaaaahp, Bethenny!

    annemarie -But surely the person with the REAL LV is the idiot!

    Danielle – Can I draw the line at Steve Madden?? JC, yes. Steve Madden, no.

    Iheartfashion – I actually do have shoes for you. stay tuned.

    dust – Yep, it’s the plastic that is the deal breaker.

    Angie – You’re right, but a label still affects me. I could not buy a Jessica Simpson shoe. It would make me hate myself even more.

    WendyB- WHy the fuck didn’t you get them?!?!?! Damn you, we could have posed together!

    gigi – Oh no, those Nine West shoes, ugh! My condolences to you. xo

    Deni -We can all wear flip flops when you’re on unemployment.

    La Belette Rouge – Well, mine ARE better, I am very fond of them.

    Suzanne – I have rescued you from spam before! I wonder what it dislikes about you?? I’ll enjoy my shoes as long as I don’t have to put them on.

  16. Oh no! Now I’ve got a spam complex… we tease our daughter saying if she doesn’t eat dinner she’ll get spam and beets. Perhaps that’s it? XXX S.

  17. Me says:

    I have those exact same Niara Acne Shoes from Acne last spring and its a bit frustrating to see those shoes knocked off.I’m quite annoyed. The Knockoff looks like crap anyway because there is a tacky zipper in the back. But It would annoying to sit next to someone on the train with the same shoes on but they paid a quarter of the price.

  18. Jaya says:

    I bought the Jeffery Campbell knockoffs when they first came out because I so badly wanted the Acne pair but couldn’t find them in my size of color preference (size 10/black… just in case, ya know. Anybody? No? All right.) and boy did I love them. Compliments from everybody and their mother — it was that insane.

    HOWEVER, that was until the wedge peeled off within the first month or so of wearing them. I WAS PISSED. I mean, dude, top in one hand, heel in another. Like taking candy from a baby it came off that easily.

    I would have gladly pay the 550 for the quality because at least I would know that they would last me a long time (or even just a year.)

  19. Sister Wolf says:

    ME – I don’t care when that happens, as long as I’ve got the good ones!

    Jaya – I wear a size 10! So does Iheartfashion. We need to form a shoe club…

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