Leonor Scherrer: The It-Girl of Death

Why do we have to have people like Leonor Scherrer? The daughter of French designer Jean-Louis Scherrer, she is the ultimate spoiled, entitled ultra-hipster who favors a dykey Goth look and has started a company called Leonor Funeral Couture to provide “fashion for the bereaved.”

“Her line even comes complete with its own fragrance, Maximilia, named after Maximilian Kolbe, the Polish friar who took the place of a condemned man at Auschwitz.”

But wait! She’s also recording an album that includes a cover of Schubert’s “Death and The Maiden.”

Get it? She loves death! Death is so cool!

Riccardo Tisci adores her and so does Diane Pernet. In an interview with Diane, Leonor says, “I had no idea death was such a taboo.”   Maybe on her planet, they   have different taboos. How can one expect such a person to know what we proles are like?

But aside from her breathtaking level of pretentiousness, she also offers the discerning enthusiast the kind of self-aggrandizing clulessness that results in a confession like this one:

I lost a close friend recently and the grieving process takes a long time. I think of him every time I see someone on the street looking like him. In fact, I’ve still got his number on my phone and haven’t been able to delete it yet.

Her friend died recently but she hasn’t deleted his phone number yet?!? The woman is a fucking saint.

Actually, no. In fact, the first thing I thought upon reading about her was, Wow. What a fucking cunt ! Why doesn’t she have anything better to do than market an ironic appreciation of death?

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46 Responses to Leonor Scherrer: The It-Girl of Death

  1. Anqui says:

    How obnoxious! And why does she have Rihanna’s haircut? I thought r’n’b or whatever Rihanna’s singing doesn’t match well with thanatophile Leonor.
    My favourite quote belongs to Tisci though: she represents France in all senses:” the elegance, the aristocracy” – and, évidemment – “the darkness.” Damn, all those years getting a degree in history were a lie! All my professors were wrong when telling us France represented revolution, ambition, human rights (liberte, egalite, fraternite anyone?) and maybe guillotining the aristocracy. Can we also nominate Ricardo Tisci for the cunt title? He might like it, it does have an aristocratic resonance!

  2. Mourning attire among the Victorians (who arguably took the art-form and its associated customs to their all-time zenith) was designed to negate and socially nullify the person wearing the such attire. One socially secluded oneself according to a very detailed schedule of self-sequestration. There wasn’t a ‘social life’ for the survivors for 6 months to a year at least, depending upon gender, social class, etc. The trouble with having a member of the contemporary ‘idle rich’ designing newer attire of this kind (ostensibly for ‘actual morning’, not just a Gothic retro-fashion with a sombre palette for an evening) is that they’ve turned the whole idea of mourning on it’s head. It’s NOT about the dead person, Oh no no ! It’s all about YOU, YOUR LOSS, YOUR FASHION SHOWCASE OF BEREAVEMENT ! It’s not respect for the parted loved one, but self-indulgent, self-referential ego masturbation.
    Why can’t she start a charity or ladle out soup at a soup-kitchen once a year, like other lazy, rich cunt wives do when they’re bored, and their husbands are out schtupping their executive secretaries ?

    General summary of Victorian Mourning:

    Victorian Mourning attire composition from Collier’s Cyclopedia, 1901:

  3. Sister Wolf says:

    Anqui – Leonor and Ricardo, both cunts.

    Sardonique – She cant ladle soup, she needs to record an album and make death perfume, there are only so many hours in a day for fucksake!

  4. Dearest and most-exalted Madame,

    Last I checked, Death makes its own ‘perfumes’:



    Maybe she should get a snoot-full of each (perhaps one per nostril), so that she can return to her senses straight away.

    P.S. Isn’t Nature wonderful (and thorough) for always providing ?

  5. Cricket9 says:

    I wonder what Father Kolbe, who indeed voluntarily took place of another person, condemned to death at Auschwitz, would say about the “funeral fragrance” named after him. Is it just me, or somehow dying in a gas chamber in a concentration camp and “funeral fragrance” does not sound quite right together?
    What a fucking cunt.

  6. Cricket9 says:

    Oh, for fuck sake! I just checked the article. Her picture gets the prize as THE most pretentiously styled shot shot of the year. The pose! The hair! The fucking gold thorns necklace! All is lacking is a bloody big gold nail driven through her neck.

  7. Sister Wolf says:

    Cricket9 – Sing it, sister! A pretentious cunt on wheels, and yet all the press has been appreciative of her and her antics. MAKE IT STOP!

  8. deja pseu says:

    Geez, what a poseur.

  9. andrea says:

    As my husband says about all these spoiled, pretentious idiots “they have too much money and too much time”. She has absolutely no idea what real life is about. I love fashion, but this is ridiculous. And I have lost all respect for Ricardo Tischi. These people have no idea what really matters in life. And a death fragrance? I guess this asshole has never been around people who are dying or have died. That is not the scent of something you might want to apply to your pulse points. But I can’t help thinking that because she is French, she can get away with this. I don’t think it would fly in the US, or even, in New York, which is sometimes its own country.

    On the other hand, this line of hers may be very useful if you have a funeral to attend- takes all the guesswork out of what to wear : )

  10. Leslie H. says:

    I would have tolerated everything but the Schubert. That bitch.

  11. Mrs. Shreck says:


  12. Bessie the Buddha cow says:

    Blaaaaahhhhh (Throwing up cud & lotus petals.)

  13. OMGGMAB says:

    Ah, really what she is missing is a crown of thorns, a sword through her side, and a cross. Now that is a death worth emulating. Wonder if she has a crucifixion outfit she’d like to share.

  14. arline says:

    I don’t really have much of an opinion of her really, as she is kind of boring.

    What makes me scratch my head though, is why some people are adored and get high praise, for doing NOTHING interesting.

    She is boring.

  15. Dru says:

    I read about this and had a major moment of head-scratching- funeral couture? Really? I recommend The American Way of Death by Jessica Mitford to all who can get hold of it- yes, it’s about the US, and the woman above is French, but it does say something about making money off death like no other book I’ve ever read. Though I’ve heard people say that funerals are never for the deceased anyway, they’re for those who get left behind, and maybe Ms Scherrer thinks that this is an appropriate way to acknowledge it.

    I can understand the bit about not wanting to delete her friend’s phone number though. It might make me a cunt too, but it’s just hard to do.

  16. Sister Wolf says:

    Dru – Of course it would be hard to do! She’s making it sound like it it’s a measure of how sentimental she is.

  17. Sister Wolf says:

    deja pseu – Exactly,

    andrea – Can’t we just wear black? It’s not rocket surgery!

    Leslie H – Hahahahahaha!

    Mrs. Shreck – I’m sorry, xo

    Bessie – You are a sensitive cow.

    OMGGMAB -Lut’s see if she follows through on any of this shit.

    arline – I wish I could just be bored by people like this, instead of disgusted!

  18. Dru says:

    Sister- I followed the link you put up here, and the story is dated April 1st. I really do think we’ve been had.

  19. Dru – methinks not. The website exists the Schubert is resplendent and it looks like the pretentious shit is a goer.

    Please can Scherrer & Tiscali have joint cunts of the week for being pretentious, displaying mindless and pointless fashion arrogant and being complete twats.

    I love your post, brilliant piece of writing!

  20. Ann says:

    Ugh, could she look more fraudulently pained? Jesus, stop trying so hard! And that whole quote about her deceased friend….really? Too much.

  21. Aja says:

    Rich kids! What’s not to love?

  22. Jill says:

    People like this make me yawn…in a goth way.

  23. annemarie says:

    There are just so many things wrong here, I don’t know where to begin. It’s childish, try-hard, shallow and unoriginal. If I was to pick just one problem, I would say that it’s the STUPIDITY that’s so astounding. The cunt thinks she’s come up with an original aesthetic of melancholia? Does she know nothing? Hasn’t she been to the Louvre? Where do such stupid fuckers get their confidence from?

  24. Artful MJ says:

    Yeah, death is SO edgy and artistic and cool. Until it happens to someone close to you, then you see that the emo/goth shit is how the emotionally immature try to deal with something they can’t handle.

    Imma cut the beatch who messes up Schubert. Back off!

    That said, I do appreciate the momento mori in art and Victorian craft, because frankly remembering that we’re all temporary puts a lot of ego, career, success and “importance” crap into perspective. The Buddha got that one right.

  25. Faux Fuchsia says:

    Girlfriend need a multivitamin. Looks pale and worn out.

  26. that’s one thing i can’t understand. EVER. It girl. What is that? what does it take to be one? It?

    What’s more baffling is the ex it girl brand. hahaha.

  27. Sister Wolf says:

    Dru – If only it was a joke. Her interview with Diana Pernet was posted on March 17.

  28. I’ve got to get my hands on some of those bereavement clothes! I’ve been wondering what to wear.

  29. Juri says:

    Too bad she is a girl. I want to punch her in the mouth. Is it wrong or just a normal reaction? I’ve never pretended to be a gentleman anyway.

    I think she should lose a dozen or so close friends more. I would pay big money for a chance to be the one to ask how her cell feels then.

    I’m sorry but I really want to kick her in the head!!

  30. sketch42 says:

    Wow. Seriously fucked in the head.

  31. annemarie – Louvre remark is priceless!

  32. I can get down with dykey goth but this woman sounds LAME.

  33. dust says:

    A true goth goes fishin’ with fellow goths, tells best jokes and drinks loads of beer in the name of deceased. Shes playing a goth theater while waiting for her goth nail polish to dry.
    Funeral couture existed since the higher classes invented in back than when we still lived in caves, she must have learned this from dad’s library, book must have had lots of pictures too.

  34. Cricket9 says:

    Juri, you and me both – I actually would very much like to punch her in the nose. I rarely feel urge to get physically violent, but there is something about her (maybe that mournful expression?) that my hand is just itching; also, a nose bleed would go nicely with the black clothing – as would a black eye. Oh, I better go and make myself a cup of tea and think about a Caribbean beach or whiskers on kittens or some such…

  35. james says:

    she’s trying to come off as transgressive and edgy, but she just looks pathetic. i went on the ‘leonor funeral couture’ site and it’s really scary and fucked up. there are all of these creepily ambient sounds and then a blank black screen with a yellow cross logo on it.

  36. Trashforce Reaper says:

    I’ve found that when someone I am friends with has died, my mind wanders to operas and accessories. And I certainly don’t delete their number. I think it’s pretty goth to have a dead person’s number, dontchafink?

  37. kate says:

    i hope SHE dies and is made into a pair of aqua leather trousers.

    her dad’s designs were terrible judy aldridge ebay fodder.

  38. damaia says:

    @Denise- Becoming an It-girl is a very simple process. It goes like this:

    1) Become incredibly wealthy, preferably by inheritance.
    2) Become the face of some irredeemably terrible trend.
    3) Get noticed, drunk or high, at a party by someone who features regularly as a “socialite” in the finer (or “edgier”) fashion magazines.
    4) Said socialite will run or stagger up to you, place an emaciated finger in the middle of your chest, and slur, “Tag, you’re It!”

  39. Sarah says:

    Do you think it was maybe an April fool joke? just noticed the artiicle was published on april 1st.

  40. susie_bubble says:

    I have to admit… I love Scherrer (well not Leonor specifically but her father!)…. but when I heard of her ‘fashion venture’, I couldn’t help but guff… it’s just so… stupidly wanky….

  41. Aja says:

    Haha, I love Susie.

  42. Suebob says:

    You really shouldn’t fuck with death. Because at some point, death will most certainly fuck with you and fuck with you harder than you can ever imagine fucking with it.

  43. andrea says:

    SW-I was being sarcastic : )

  44. erika says:

    When someone I love dies, the first thing I think about is what dress I will wear. This solves the problem. I am so grateful.

  45. Duarte says:

    That Bitch was living in berlin, without one cent, exploiting everyone, leaving because she was full of debts, she would sell the father for 3 grames of cocaíne. Tisci was seduced by her, a classic, the fag loves “aristocracy”… But the “model” and daughter is already doing the same in Paris…
    It will not last longer…
    Burn in hell bitch!

  46. Mercer says:

    Ce n’ai pas une femme pour toi!

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