Men Love Skirts & Rachel Bilson’s Chanel


When this skirt suit by Thom Browne sold out at Gilt Group (reduced to $1,288) fashion blogs got all excited.

What’s the surprise all about? The men I know LOVE Thom Browne.

Let’s see, men famous for wearing skirts:   David Bowie, Mick Jagger, David Beckham.   Okay, then! I’d like to see more guys wearing skirts.   They are welcome to my skirts too, since I’m not going to wear them any time soon.

A man wearing a skirt says to me: “I’m confident, I’m rebellious, come and get it!”

There are far worse things for men to wear,   starting with baseball hats or Metallica T-shirts. What other fashion advice do you have for men, anyone out there?


In other news, Rachel Bilson (whoever she is) was robbed, and They took all her Chanel! Boo hoo!   This is a travesty, you just don’t do it, you don’t take someone’s Chanel.   Rachel, my heart goes out to you!   How about buying some Chanel crap from me?



$120 each piece, plus US   shipping, Rachel, and guaranteed authentic.   Hurry up, before They come for my Chanel, too.

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43 Responses to Men Love Skirts & Rachel Bilson’s Chanel

  1. WendyB says:

    No dude wears a skirt like Zang Toi.

  2. Insomnia says:

    Oh. I would SO wear a skirt, especially one as nice as the one pictured, EXCEPT that I’d never get my leg over the seat of my motorcycle, AND I’d be fired instantly from my job, AND then there is the probability (no, wait, make that a certanty) that I would beaten and killed by a gang of local tractor jockeys. No. As nice as it is, I think I’ll pass. I guess maybe my wife, Mrs. Insomnia, says it best: skirts just aren’t practical.

  3. Mark says:

    I bought a few items from that very same Thom Browne sale–sadly, I didn’t buy the skirt. I should have. I suck. I could have worn it to my brother’s wedding. Or just to my therapist in the city. Or to Trader Joe’s.

    The thing about Thom Browne: he himself is yummy. He runs every day in Central Park and has killer legs. I love 95% of the clothes he designs. He comes from a family of seven children. Catholic. Gay. Yummy. If it weren’t for the Good Ed, I’d be stalking Thom Browne.

  4. hammie says:

    Not in a million years do I want to see Mr Hammie in a neat flannel skirt. He would look like his sister – except she looks like him in a micro mini with orange tan and an extra 90 kilos spread evenly across her upper arms and abdomen. You get the picture.

    Whereas Liam Neeson+ Kilt = Good.


  5. Sister Wolf says:

    WendyB- Not even Yohji?

    Insomnia – Now I won’t be able to rest until I’ve seen you in a skirt, dammit.

    Mark – That does sound yummy. I’ll go google him.

    hammie – That is a disturbing picture. I think Mr. Hammie is hunky enough for a kilt, though perhaps not a pencil skirt.

  6. David Duff says:

    Wear long Johns – the sign of truly liberated Manhood!

    (Er, modesty forbids that I provide this link but for the morbidly curious: )

  7. My husband would probably look better in a skirt than I do, but I’m not sure I want to see it.

  8. HelOnWheels says:

    Men in kilts/skirts/sarongs = HOT!!! (but they must be hunky to begin with)

  9. Jill says:

    My husband wears a sarong over his trunks during the Summer and i think it’s HOT! He’s like some silver fox version of a Polynesian God. My Mother must think it’s hot too, because she’s the one who keeps buying them for him.

  10. Ann says:

    I LOVE a man in a skirt. Mr. Ann says he will wear one but godammit are they expensive – we have looked! Marc Jacobs looks smashing in them and I certainly agree with Hammie’s Liam Neeson shout-out.

    Rachel Bilson should buy your Chanel. Someone needs to let the bitch know it’s available!

  11. Sister Wolf says:

    David – We will never forget your dashing figure, but yes, long johns are flattering on some men.

    iheartfashion – I once saw my ex in a leather mini skirt (Halloween party) and it was pretty disturbing.

    HelOnWheels – Agreed!

    Jill – Your Man is a babe, don’t get me started on him!

    Ann – I would LOVE to see Mr. Ann in a skirt. How about ebay??

  12. Finally, someone stands up for men in skirts, thank you. I first fell in love w/men in skirts in Indonesia. those sarongs are freakin hot.

  13. Aja says:

    Why doesn’t my bum look like this in a skirt? (Sighs).

  14. Nina says:

    Men in my country wear it all the time. It’s called ‘kain pelikat’.

    (unfortunately, I don’t know who he is)

  15. dust says:

    late comment..,
    man in skirts go well with manbags.

  16. sam says:

    If the skirt fits, wear the fucker!

  17. thriller says:

    i would wear a skirt i am a yong man off 22 and would even wear what the girls do as tight as you like and as short and i do have killer legs

    no i am not gay just like the thrill of it

  18. neith says:

    I love men in skirts. brothers in wraps. boys in kilts. my hippie friends in their loose cotton gypsy skirts, the hot punk guys in their patched utility kilts, genderqueer boyz in ANYTHING. men are so hot from the waist down–show it off, brothers!

  19. La jupe says:

    One day, not to fare from now,i am sure there will be more men in skirt or kilt.People are speaking about that.The 11 of july 2009, i read an article. That article was saying, if people see normal men in kilt or skirt. in somme téléroman on tv, will make it more acceptable if it going to be see on tv. But it will depend of the people who wrote those tvroman. The article was small in the news paper(le journal the montreal). But it may light in somme people, and in the future we may see guy in kilt or skirt, the only thing is it going to be good or bad. Only the future will say if it happen.

  20. mara says:

    As I heard, nobody can get fired when wearing a skirt except one rule: When you get your working contract and you signed that you have to wear a uniform/company business attire or it is for your security then you have to follow. Otherwise it is discrimination and a company can get sued for it.

    I see daily a men in a skirt going to work, he’s teaching, and he looks fabulous in his skirts and kilts. I think when this man would wear pants he wouldn’t look so handsome. I think men can wear skirts without problems. Just one thing: They must show that they are men – in other words they have to do it, not just to write about it.

  21. gav says:

    truly awesome, about time, skirts are smart,casual give more freedom to breath around those important areas,i could go on but for me i simply love sirts

  22. John says:

    From experience I can state that when driving long distances, a skirt is much more comfortable than trousers.

  23. strikemaster says:

    La Jupe, there are many videos from American, Canadian, Dutch and Spain TV channels, including CNN with guys in utility kilts, google them. So, acording to Your statement, it’s time for men in skirts!
    I guess You’re from France. You’re doing a good work with HEJ there, but I can’t see similar activity in other countries except Utilikilts in USA. There must be strong advertising and support on the forums for skirts for men, otherwise catching that trend on will take a long time, too long!

    Gav, John, I agree, skirts are more comfortable, looks better, but there’s another argument for skirts for men. Skirts are healthier too, decrease a risk of prostate and testicular diseases, some reaserch confirmes that.

    Insomnia, skirts aren’t good for a motorcycle or bicycle riding, however for doing a daily routine, except work safety regulations are much more comfortable than trousers. Don’t ask Your wife, she differs anatomically. Propably trusers for women aren’t so discomfortable as for us are.

  24. John says:

    @skirtedman: Indeed there are indications that a skirt would be healthier, but do note that in many countries where men wear skirt(like garment)s the diet is also such that there is also a correlation between spices used and less frequent diagnosis of prostrate cancer and such. Also medical care in such countries is not always up to par with our standards. Hence one would have to have the numbers of persons originating from the orient living in the western world and using the same diet, only difference the clothing used.

  25. Robert says:

    I totally agree the time has come for men to RESUME wearing skirts. I like some of the Utilikilts and some of Mark Jacobs styles. I also like skorts. Just recently, in a Jan. 2010 article on men’s skirts, I saw that H & M Fashions have negoitiated a marketing deal with several sporting goods companies (they were not diclosed) to offer and sell some of the Utilikilts and skirts for men. It also stated that other designers, along with the manufacturers, are in the process of negoitiating similar marketing concepts. Does this mean we will be seing mens skirts in Walmarts or at your local Target Store, I don’t know. It would be nice to be able to shop at Walmart or whatever, without having to go to the womens department to buy a comfortable skirt or kilt.

  26. martinus says:

    Sister Wolf, if you want to see guys in skirts go in Metro Detroit area, there are some. Even teachers and physicians.
    Hopefully more men coming up with same ideas and go skirted.

  27. Terry Skirt says:

    I am male and enjoy wearing skirts and kilts. I prefer long, broomstick skirts or any type of ankle-length skirt but the skirt suit is kind of interesting. Wearing a three-tiered skirt to a Contra Dance is lots of fun with all the spinning and twirling and there is usually a couple of guys at each dance. I get complements on my skirts from the Ladies at the dances very often. Right now, I mostly wear them to concerts, festivals and parties besides relaxing around the house. They are so comfortable and stylish! Check out my blog which is all about guys in skirts!

  28. marble says:

    Skirts are for men and women! No doubt, no question. Men just hae to show up as manly men, that’s the point. Terry Skirt – what’s the name of your blog. Want to learn more.

  29. Terry Skirt says:

    @ Marble – My blog is all about guys rocking skirts. The name is Skirting Into the Future: Guys in Skirts but you can click on my name above and it will link you to the blog. Please leave a comment if you can and let me know what you think!

  30. Herby says:

    Terry I like your blog. Skirting into future, that is a very good promotion.
    Wearing skirts daily is the point, staying healthy and looking just good in it.

    More and more I have to ask myself why men came so late up with skirted garments. I think when I was young I did not look over the boundary. Noe I know that there are no boundaries except our own brain, but thinking critically we have to say that there are no better garments than skirted fo men’s body shape.

  31. Mara says:

    Herby, most men are still late in case of fashion. Most even did not notice that the whole picture of men has changed since 30 years. Living the old style and don’t care what’s going on.
    Yes, men looking awesome good in skirted garments! More men should try it, but be careful…. Once you tried it you’ll hooked up. Nothing is more comfortable.

  32. Just went and poured myself a scotch, Madmen style…

  33. Dude, you should check on your codeing, is it just me, or does the site not display right in Firefox?

  34. john n says:

    it does display under IE7

  35. David says:

    People who think that skirts are for women are not smart, because they don’t have the genetic ability to realize that they can also be for men. Those such as myself, who always realized that clothing is not gendered, have certain genes that give us the ability to use logic and reasoning.

  36. John N says:

    David, I do think that your remark is of a similar discrimenatory nature as those who deny men the right to wear skirts.

  37. Breanne says:

    Men should not discussing the history of skirts which are defined often as women’s clothes. We know it’s wrong because wore it first. What men should do is nothing else than wear what they want! That makes a man and not find any kind of excuses for such minor things like wearing a skirt or dress.

  38. Martinus says:

    Breanna, wearing am skirt isn’t a minor thing for most men because they still think that – as David already said – skirts are a female garment. We all know it isn’t true, a skirt originally is a men’s garment.
    I love mu skirts, nothing is more comfortable tan a skirt for a guy, the head just have to see that, and it is the truth. And all people around me liking it, too.

  39. Mara says:

    An endless discussion about the history of skirts. Skirts were used around the world by all cultures for men and women. The sexes just had different styles. And a dictionary will tell you that a skirt is a garment hanging down from the waist mainly used by girls and women. So, very clear that skirts are “gender-
    less”. That includes that men and women can use it which makes sense, too.

  40. Phyllis says:

    I am not mad! I like to see men in skirts because I believe that is a garment their bodies will enjoy. And for me it is a sign of more equality. Why should men not have the right to wear they want?

  41. Andy says:

    Most men don’t understand your last sentence, I believe. They are just afraid to hear negative comments when wearing something different than boring pants.
    I like my skirts, and I love that so many people give nice comments about to me. Never that was happen when wearing pants. How come?

  42. Michael77 says:

    Refreshing idea to put men (back) in skirts. One of the first reasonable ideas I have seen recently. Men supposed to be skirt wearer since thousands of years, and women admired men because pants weren’t available. Later only soldiers on horses wore pants, after then men in the lowest social class wore pants only.
    We can be happy that we (western societies) could continue this pant tradition until today and forget the comfort and health for men with their anatomy and necessities. pants brought some diseases to men’s genitals, fashion , narrow minds and/or dress-code made it possible.
    Missing common sense……. Where are skirted men’s? Still in tradition and old cultures, more than 50% of all men today on earth wearing skirted garments.
    Really it is time to think.

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