Mom Is Mad At Me

Several readers told me to go check out Mom of Shoes‘ new boots, so naturally I was curious enough to take a look. I left a nice comment but guess what? She deleted it! And not only that, she deleted another comment by someone else, who merely said she wasn’t crazy about the boots. Very, very sad.

Why have comments if you only print the supportive ones?!? What’s the point?

I wish I could remember my exact words! They were something like, “Don’t you worry that thigh high stiletto boots worn with fur will bring to mind hookers?” Then I added that every day, I myself have to fight off the temptation to dress like a prostitute or schoolgirl.

It’s not like I know a better way to wear thigh high boots. When I posted this photo back in October of 2008, a reader told me I looked like a drag queen.

I know Mom will be reading this, so let me just say:   Dear Mom, I was trying to be playful! You can dress like a hooker if you want! It’s better than looking like a drag queen, right? I hope you’re not mad about that awful bell-sleeved coat, because you’ll still make a bundle of money on it.   Love, SW

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54 Responses to Mom Is Mad At Me

  1. Lady Smaggle says:

    Well hello lover! Where the hell have you been hiding? I was having a wee little gander through out the interwebs (Note – googling certain phrases against certain people’s names) and low and behold I unearthed a gem.

    Have added you to my reader darling. Loving it.


  2. Nancy Drew says:

    “acquire” and “obtain” are “code” for THEY WERE GIVEN TO ME IN EXCHANGE FOR BLOGGING.

  3. RedHeadFashionista says:

    You’re right about those boots of Mom’s; they are fuck-ugly. And you are also right that money can’t buy style. It can just buy you a bunch of ugly expensive crap.

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