More Fun With Kooky Sarah Palin!

I didn’t plan on writing about her again, but wouldn’t you know that the kooky Miss Congeniality has some family secrets that are more fun than a dead moose?

Sarah Palin is rumored to have faked her recent pregnancy with son Trig, whose real mommy may be Palin’s teenage daughter Bristol! I love families who do this. I had a friend whose mom pretended to be the mother when one of her daughters got pregnant. It seemed so soap operatic, so confusing, so demented.

Since Sarah doesn’t like the rumors, she has refuted them by announcing that Bristol is five months pregnant RIGHT NOW! So there! Bristol couldn’t be Trig’s mother!

But wait. Trig was born in April. Bristol could be four months pregnant, so why not say five, just to round up for convenience’ sake!

I fucking love it. Here is a photo of Sarah Palin at seven months pregnant. Do you love it, too?

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32 Responses to More Fun With Kooky Sarah Palin!

  1. Jools says:

    The plot thickens but not her waist? And where are the pregnancy boobs? Is this photo really from when she was (supposedly) 7 month’s pregnant? This woman is insane. No matter who really is poor Algebra’s mom. Please do not let McCain win. Please. He’s bad enough but this moose murderer?

  2. and all our labor day wishes come true!!

  3. K-Line says:

    I’m still having difficulty understanding how a woman with 4 kids of varying ages could go back to work 3 days after having a fifth kid – much less one with a health challenge. I realize that judging other mothers is an evil slippery slope (I really do) but I can’t stop myself from feeling that you’d need to be incredibly disengaged (and insanely physically together) to leave your newborn to go back to the Office. Politics isn’t exactly part-time, as we all know. So if this rumour happens to be true (and it’s such a messy story any way you slice it) at least it would make a warped sort of sense.

    This woman was nuts to take this on. Did she not realize they were going to trash her???

  4. WendyB says:

    Insane. I’ve known seriously anorexic pregnant women who looked more pregnant than that.

  5. Skye says:

    Curiouser and curiouser!

    My first thought when reading this new item this morning was “Yeah, totally.” My second thought was, “I hope Sister Wolf is onto this right now.” Seriously, that’s what went through my tiny mind.

  6. Suebob says:

    My boss is 7 months pregnant, and she looks, oh, about 7000 times more pregnant than that. But the woman is religious – miracles do happen.

  7. Juri says:

    Whoever designs her maternity clothes must be a billionaire by now. After a big dinner, I usually look more pregnant than she.

    For someone who believes that abstinence is the best contraceptive method that woman and/or her daughter(s) seem to be in the “blessed state” quite often. I suppose their definition of abstinence is a bit different than mine.

    I wonder if the younger daughter’s pregnancy will be announced during the conventions or if we must wait until next week. What a wonderful way these pregnancies are to distract people from issues.

  8. Sister Wolf says:

    Jools and K-Line – Yes, I believe she IS nuts.

    WendyB – No way is that woman 7 months pregnant, period.

    Skye – wow, I am honored!

    Suebob – The miracle will be when she removes herself from the nomination.

    Juri -She herself is a distraction. Mission accomplished.

  9. hammie says:

    I watched the breakfast news with interest Sis’ and prepared to guess-tu-late on what or why S.P. would have no appearance of a Bun, until it arrived. Then Obama came on and said “people’s families are off limits”
    And he looked so cute and made me feel all maternal and nurturing of him -I think I’m in love! even more so because he seems to love his wife.

    Like K-line I don’t want to fall into judging another woman. Not everybody feels like they were trying to reverse park an SUV out of their bum after 30 hours of labour. So more power to women who can walk upright within 3 days.

    My judgement is reserved for those bitches who wear their pre-pregnancy jeans home from hospital. Now that is a deal breaker for me.


    ps. jokes aside. Check out Downsdad and Cathal’s Mum’s blogs on being a Downie parent. They have so many health worries in the first 6 – 12 months. I cannot imagine being able to focus on running a country at the same time. I would be saying:”Iraq ishmark, my kid has a temperature, Get the fuh out of my way!”

  10. Crazy – the whole thing is crazy and unbelievable and bonkers.

  11. Lady K says:

    Driving into work this morning I heard them announce on the radio that Bristol was pregnant, but SP said her daughter would be keeping the baby and marrying the father. First thought……………….can’t wait to see what Sister Wolf makes of this. I come online and I love the fact you are onto it already!

  12. kellie says:

    This daughter, if pregnant, has had 2 kids before 17!!!
    She is really an early starter. Family values, people.
    Thats what they are all about.
    Not the slutty, birth control forgetting girl she appears to be.
    This is going to get interesting!!!!
    I hope the National Enquirer is on it!!!!

  13. enc says:

    I do.

    I can’t wait for all the skeletons to come dancing out of the closet. The only thing better than reading about all this would be doing the investigative reporting on it!

  14. alias clio says:

    There are many public-domain, dated pictures of Sarah Palin looking pregnant earlier this year.

    Here’s a link to one:

    And here’s a link to another:

    And here’s another one that is date-stamped; some say that Palin does not look pregnant here – but I disagree. The high-waisted, A-line jacket she’s wearing looks like a maternity jacket:

    My apologies for having to lead readers to what are obviously, you know, foul right-wing websites, but for some reason the photos have not been posted by any Democrat-run blogs.

    But really, if you think this news is going to change the minds of people who like the idea of Sarah Palin, I believe you’re gravely mistaken. In fact, I suspect that the more Democrats try to seek advantage from this story, the more they will provoke the hostility of “ordinary Americans”. In this, your Senator Obama is much wiser than his admirers; in fact, I believe it was this kind of culture gap that he was trying to heal, or to sidestep, in the first place. Trying to inflame it will cost the party votes.

  15. Sal says:

    I will admit to studiously ignoring much of the campaign hoo-ha until now, but it certainly seems that the introduction of Ms. Palin has elevated the hoo-ha to circus level. Am I wrong? The more I learn about her, the more I fear her … and yet, some of it just seems preposterous.

  16. PatrickH says:

    Dems keep this kind of thing up much longer they might as well hand the election to McPalin. Even if Palin faked being Trig’s mom (very unlikely: the McCain people knew about the daughter’s pregnancy and said never mind; they would almost certainly have nixed Palin if they’d found out she was doing a fakeroo preggers act) that news would play out rather differently than some Dems think in the heartland. They would love her there all the more.

    Obama’s instincts are right: drop it now, Dems. He’s not going to get elected at the expense of a teenage mom. Or her mom.

  17. CyndiF says:

    What I find interesting is how much this shows that while many people fear evangelicals, they don’t really understand them at all. I am not religious (anymore) and was never evangelical, but these people are my family and friends and I keep having to explain to all the people here in Boulder, CO that this is not a minus for Sarah Palin among the believers.

  18. Eemmus says:

    ahahahaha i bet she wishes she wasnt against abortion now.

  19. Sister Wolf says:

    Hammie -Genius comment!

    Make do -SO BONKERS!

    Lady K – thank you, yay!

    enc – It’s better and better!

    Clio- Bookmakers are expecting her to drop out, god bless her. I reported the rumors, that’s all, and they are increasing by the hour. She’s a monster in favor of no sex-ed, no protection for wildlife, no gun control, but plenty of drilling for oil and earmarks for her city. She can have ten more babies with or without her teenage daughter but that won’t change the facts about who she is. ie, everything I hate.

    Patrick – Obama will be elected because the alternative is too horrifying for most voters.

    CyndiF – I see you are right on the money!

    Eemmus – Ugh, who knows. Maybe she will thik twice about sex ed.

  20. PatrickH says:

    Sister O Sister my worshipee,

    She won’t drop out. This is going to be another case of Pauline Kael being stunned when Nixon was elected in a landslide because “none of her friends voted for him”. Coastal people (including the most talented and alluring coastal people like you, devoted mother, loveliest of lupines, my adored, my sweetest) simply aren’t catching how she’s playing in the sticks…she’s galvanized the flyover people, and as for the neutrals, they’re going to jump rightward if left-wing bullying goes on.

    Anyone betting on her dropping out is going to take a bath. I would love to give you that bath, carina mia, you know I would, with tongue or loofah or anything else that would tickle your, ah, fancy. But a bath you would take, and I doubt you would be willing to accept even a flake of soap from me if you finally do have to take it.

    Don’t hate me for being right about this, my darkling moonlit vision, ravisher of my soul. I am too much your slave in heart and mind and body to be able to bear being cast by you into the outer right-wing darkness.

    Forgive me, and tell me you won’t make me go away. Even though I’m right. And you are wrong.


  21. Sister Wolf says:

    Patrick – Even though you think you are right with such conviction, you are quite delightfully wrong. We must not let one extremist moose-killer come between us.

    A stalker and stalkee have a bond stronger than politics, surely!

  22. alias clio says:

    Sister Wolf, you missed the more important part of my comment. I have no idea whether she will drop out or not; she might, if the pressure gets too intense.

    Here is what I was trying to point out: if there is the slightest suspicion in the “heartland” that she was forced out by nasty comments or mudslinging on the part of Democrats – even if Obama stays well out of the fray – Obama will probably lose an election he would have won. I am arguing against my own interest here, but I am telling the truth.

    Democratic supporters must learn that they cannot win elections by making fun of the way a large part of the electorat lives and thinks. Making fun of Mrs Palin’s hair, her beauty queen past, her “hick” lifestyle, or her prolife politics, will not win your party the support of conservative voters. I know many Democrats believe that such people are a lost cause anyway, but it’s not true. Many Christian evangelicals, many Catholic conservatives, are worried about the environment; many “fiscal conservatives” are worried about the cost of the war. Most of them are not like Ann Coulter or Rush Limbaugh. I read these people; but I suspect you don’t. Some of them might, just might, vote Democrat – but not if Democrat hard-liners ridicule all their most basic beliefs, or slang them as hypocrites.

  23. Sister Wolf says:

    Clio – Agreed. If the Dems ridicule Sarah Palin for her gun-totin’ creationist, beehive-wearin’ lifestyle, the Dems will look like “elitists” (meaning Smarty Pants people who listen to NPR)

    I can make fun of Mrs. Palin, because I’m not running for office.

    Even though you are Canadian, Clio, would you want Sarah Palin to be in a position where she could be president of the US?

  24. alias clio says:

    There you go, Sister, doing it again! You may not be running for office, but do you want your party to lose the election? That’s what I’m trying to warn you against. The “blogosphere” is a part of the mainstream media by now, even if it still believes otherwise. What gets said here imprints itself on popular consciousness, and not always in a good way.

    Democrats have lost two presidential elections they expected to win, and could have won, because the contempt of many non-political Dems towards “flyover country” was only too apparent. Senator Obama is wise enough to know this; that’s one reason why he’s trying to stay out of it, and that’s probably why the Daily Kos people have, so I hear, taken down some of their nastier slurs aginst Mrs Palin.

    I know you and others think that the Republicans stole those elections, but any election so close that it’s won or lost on the basis of a few hundred or even a few thousand votes (an election in which many millions of votes are cast) is statistically a tie. A few thousand votes are within the margin of error.

    As for your question, my answer is a qualified yes – if Mrs Palin shows herself, in the heat of the fray that is to come, to be intelligent and well-informed.

    p.s. Full disclosure: my family has roots in western Canada, and many of them hunt, carry guns, ride snowmobiles, hold union cards, and vote Conservative, and yet speak several languages, listen to classical music, and read books.

  25. Sister Wolf says:

    Clio – Are you warning me to shut up about Miss Congeniality or risk a backlash from Middle America?!

    I think she’s a ludicrous choice for Vice President, given her resume. John McCain picked her to appeal to the evangelical vote, not because he believed in her excellence as a leader.

    I’m here to rant, not to keep quiet!

  26. alias clio says:

    Clio – Are you warning me to shut up about Miss Congeniality or risk a backlash from Middle America?!

    Exactly! Now you’re catching on!

    Well, not *you*, Sister W., in particular. Well-meaning Democrats in general. If they want to win.

  27. PatrickH says:

    I’m one of them Canuckles, and I like a woman who knows how to ride a Ski-Doo without falling off getting her knees all scraped and then suing the hell out of somebody like some kind of damn Yankee. And she loves eating moose. How could any self-respecting Canucklehead not WANT her to be President?

    Moose is damn good if you’d put down your damn Yankee hanger steaks, STFU, and take a damn bite for once in your damn Yankee lives. Lean, tasty. Not gamey either. Not if it’s cooked right, the way Sarah Palin does it.

  28. Mark says:

    The father of Sarah Palin’s daughter’s fetus is Sarah Palin’s trailer-trash husband, not that rental kid from Abercrombie.

  29. Mark says:

    Or is the father John McCain himself? And Sarah Palin threatened to out him as the father if he didn’t put her on the ticket?

  30. Imelda Matt says:

    No way ol’ Palin The Moose Slayer is 7 months…I’ve just discovered that my cousin is 17 weeks and she looks like she’s about to give birth to a village of staving Somalians! Of course as a card carrying fudge packer, I have a lot of experience in matters of pregnant women and their bodies…true!

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