What Color is Hyacinth?

Is it red or sort of orange or pink? As seen on my browser, I’m not quite sure about the color of this fox fur jacket but I do know I love it. I could buy it and strenuously deny that I fell for the fur vest directive, because it’s a jacket! Yay!

While we’re thinking about hard-to-describe color, look at this beautiful coat by Nanette Lepore. I’m calling it “fuschia.”   My-wardrobe.com is calling it “pink.”

I love these items and even though I’d never wear them, I am clinging to the distraction of fashion as the Republican Convention threatens to push me to the breaking point….

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14 Responses to What Color is Hyacinth?

  1. Skye says:

    That coat is very pretty -according to my screen it’s dark fuschia – maybe almost magenta?

    Thankfully I can tune out US political news easily since I’m on the other side of the world, but my husband won’t look away and is almost at breaking point too.

  2. Fuschia would work well for the messier aspects of moose huntin’ and would look great splashed across the white waists of Alaska at the same time. Why can’t you reconcile your fashion/repcon factions here, Ms W?

  3. tobilynne says:

    I really like them both, however, I can’t do magenta — too close to pink. And I don’t do pink. The fur coat looks red red, and very cute on my browser.

    Ah, the Republican Convention … I fear any day now this whole election may force me into jabbing my own eyes and ears out with a screwdriver. I just need to decide between the flathead and the phillips.

  4. kellie says:

    Hyacinth is a paler pink-y purple. Not anything near the color of the fur vestie thingie.

    And the coat is magenta/fuschia.
    The nearly same color as my hair!!!!

    Be glad you arent in Minneapolis. We cant even drive or park downtown.
    All the “luminaries” must be here on this side of the river.
    There are a LOT of black vehicles with totally blacked out windows.
    And special lanes of traffic for them.

  5. WendyB says:

    For that second one, I also vote for fuschia.

  6. enc says:

    Hyacinth is a purple-y, lavender-y blue.

    Hyacinths, the flowers, come in pink, white, and the purple-y blue, fyi.

    I love the orange and fuchsia on the jacket/vest thingy, and the coat is superb.

  7. Bex says:

    Loooove hat 2nd coat!!! It’s fucshia for me too!!!

  8. Sal says:

    Tell me about it, sista. I’m a half mile from St. Paul, living in a perpetual state of fear/anger. I want those asshats OUT of my cities!

    I don’t care what colors they call those two garments, I want them both. Pinky-purples make me happy. And distract me from the fear/anger.

  9. I think you should wear that cherry red fur, the bustier and birthday necklace and crash that convention.

  10. It is actually magenta – the second coat that is. Great cut but hard colour to wear but actually suits redheads a lot.

    You may be having a hard time ref the Rep convention but we all shitting ourselves in the rest of the world if you go with McCain et al

  11. hammie says:

    Hyacinth is purpley mauve, like an old ladies flowers. the plastic ones they keep in the toilet. Furry vest is watermelon and it is still wrong. Do not take fashion cues from Wombles, no matter what color they are.
    The coat; is heaven is what it is. but when it was a highlight color in a collection we sold; I think we called it Magenta. I love it. I want to puree it and pour it over ice cream. Or Obamas chest……

  12. annemarie says:

    oh please keep going with the palin-bashing! i need to laugh at her as much as possible right now because if they win i won’t be able to smile for four years. i’m scared!

  13. Sister Wolf says:

    Skye -Your husband needs you right now. Go to him.

    Nick – good thinking, I will try that

    Tobilynne and Kellie – We need a fucking drink or lobotomies to get through this.

    enc – You could probably wear that fur and look fabulous!

    WEndyB- thanks for backing me up on this

    Bex and Hammie – I love that coaat too. Why can’t it be free or even $300 might have been sort of do-able?

    Fashionherald – they would club me to death with their bibles, like a baby seal!

    Made do – I’m glad you are all shitting yourselves, I don’t want to all alone our here in planet Koo-Koo Land

    Sal and Annemarie – the fear and loathing is seeping out of my every pore. Let us pray to the god of our understanding.

  14. susie_bubble says:

    I’d rather think of Hyacinth as the character I know from Keeping up Appearances….

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