Mrs. Palin is Smart Enough, You Splineless Elitists

So much to love here! “How come nobody asked whether Joe Biden has the experience?” Hahahahahahaha!

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16 Responses to Mrs. Palin is Smart Enough, You Splineless Elitists

  1. annemarie says:

    Wow! Bill O’Reilly!! Christ, I think I actually like him after watching this !!

  2. arline says:

    That was priceless.

  3. alittlelux says:

    i swear, that woman does not have the ability to answer any question that is directed towards her. she can’t speak english. i swear, i saw the remaining contents of her brain fall out her nose during that clip.

    i hate her. make her go awaaaaaaaay….

  4. Juri says:

    Bingo, she nailed it!

    I wonder if the author of Palin’s next memoirs will write she could have given a coherent answer but didn’t want to because O’reilly was being condescending, biased and badgering like Katie Couric.

    I believe Palin has common sense and I believe she can connect with ordinary, hard working Americans who have spines to protect them from college education and other threats to their freedom. I believe she knows the importance of saying “I believe” as many times as possible and of filling her “answers” with as many magic words like “hard work”, “private sector”, “free market enterprise” as she can remember, whether they have anything to do with the question or not. Coherence doesn’t matter, as long as the catch words are there to help people with spines remember that Obama is a spineless communist elitist.

    She forgot to mention “the troops”, though.

  5. David Duff says:

    Well, she gets my vote – alright, alright, I know, I don’t have a vote but if I did . . .

    And she’s bang on with her criticism of Ivy league types, I mean, how well is Obama doing? How well did Bush do? Do you really believe that only someone with a degree can run a country? And calling her out for lack of experience when you all voted for Obama who is rapidly proving to be the Jerry Lewis of international politics as he stumble-bums his way round the world looking and sounding more and more ridiclulous. No wonder the Chinese premier could barely keep the sneer off his face in Copenhagen.

    Politics is about ideology. You can be highly educated but if the ideology you pursue is wrong then education gets you nowhere. Palin’s ideology is absolutely right in that she instinctlively knows that governments are bad for you so it is a good idea to keep them small, everything else flows from that.

  6. She’s certainly not getting any more coherent the more time she spends in the spotlight, but it doesn’t seem to bother her fans. I just wish she’d get the reality show she’s destined for and stop talking about politics.

  7. David Duff says:

    Do you suppose that Obama is any more coherent without his twin autocues?

  8. Jules says:

    She is gross. I’d have more faith in letting my dog be President. He’s no pitbull, but he can pull off a mean shade of red lipstick.

  9. Aja says:

    I agree with Iheartfashion. The look on Bill O’Reilly’s face was actually pretty hilarious. I never thought in my life, I would link the name “Bill O’Reilly” to “hilarious”. But even though this bit made me smile, I still think O’Reilly’s a bit of a bully. He loooooooves having people on his show that he knows he can easily overtake in debate. This one was no sweat off his nose.

  10. tin lizzie says:

    I can’t even bring myself to watch the video she makes me so sick.

  11. Bless her – she really struggles to understand the question. I thought the intellectual point was a bit low but then she doesn’t laugh at him and tackle such snobbery. She just gets defensive and spiteful about people going to university.

  12. JK says:

    Hold on there Duff.

    The “lady” does have a degree. (How she got it – since it’s in “Communications” is the real mystery). But, I suppose you may be correct in that she’s no elitest, an elitest would probably put a degree to some good use.

  13. OMGGMAB says:

    I would much prefer an educated person in the Whitehouse than a down home type whose values I do not hold. Politics is dirty business no matter how big or small the government. Better to have someone ruling with their brains than with their, what, UGH, heart. Of course, maybe if Sarah were in the White House, she and Raul would be best buddies by now and Cuba would be the 51st state. Also that too.

  14. Jenny Dunville says:

    What the hell has that woman ever done in private enterprise?????? Zippity do dah. An Alaskan prom queen with NO FILTER does not a good president make. Esp in times like these.

  15. IglooCanute says:

    David Duff,

    Keep it simple, mate.

    We get it. Your as smart and as funny as they come. We’ve already got a Dennis Miller and one of him is bloody well enough, thank you very much.

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