Mrs. Palin Reaches Out To Annoy The Disabled

Once upon a time, Mrs. Palin was just a poor innocent little girl whose only friends were a pair of huge prawns. As she grew up with only a voracious appetite for power to substitute for intellect, she turned her back on those faithful prawns. She found herself a baby with Down Syndrome and decided to use it as both sword and shield.

She found out that a TV show called Family Guy made a joke about her. She went and made her daughter Bristol write a crybaby communique on Facebook, complaining that the Family Guy writers were heartless jerks. Waaah!

But Mrs. Palin and Bristol were too retarded dumb to figure out that the Down Syndrome character in the family Guy episode was portrayed as a normal young woman out on a date! A woman who assertively instructs her date to pay more attention to her needs.

The actress who gave voice to that character has spoken out. Yay! She doesn’t know why Mrs. Palin has no sense of humor. And she doesn’t know why Mrs. P is so mad.   She explains: “I’m like, I’m not Trig.”

YES! She is not Trig. Can we have a fucking moratorium on Trig? No? Then, how about an organized opposition among the disabled community against being used to further the agenda of a delusional megalomaniac? Our “special needs” kids are regular people, not Perfect Little Gifts From God to stop everyone from having the option of abortion.


I am working on a word salad to represent all that is repellent about Mrs. P.   I’m not finished yet, but so far it goes like this:

Our great country full of real people, real people who have to put fresh moose protein on the table, not to be lectured by a Harvard lawyer, but also too the terrorists who seek to hide behind our great constitution, where Putin and others like him may wish to use Death Panels to kill my precious baby, unlike the real America, real hard workin’ Americans, if you just let the private sector do its work, use some of those good decent common sense values, like those out on the north Slope, those written by our Founding Fathers, I can tell you as a mother of five who chose Life along with some good natural Alaskan moose with which this great country is so rich in natural old and gas, we can make America great again. God bless you!

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16 Responses to Mrs. Palin Reaches Out To Annoy The Disabled

  1. bravo! i thought we were ALL perfect little gifts from god.

  2. skye says:

    She’s despicable, but I think it’s the stupidity which aggravates me most.

    Stupid, awful woman GO AWAY!

  3. kate says:

    Shoulda stuck to big shrimping, spending dacapoda-gs up in Sandpoint, I-D.
    Just a wig of bad P rolling b-a-b-ies.

    I hope trig grows up to discover a learning and communication system for people with mental disabilities and cures himself, his mom, and half the USA.

    Super word salad. Could use some venison or wolf blood topping, though.

  4. annemarie says:

    another part of that actress’s email reads:

    “In my family we think laughing is good. My parents raised me to have a sense of humor and to live a normal life. My mother did not carry me around under her arm like a loaf of French bread the way former Governor Palin carries her son Trig around looking for sympathy and votes.”

  5. Mark says:

    Can’t we get that actor who played Corky in the ’90s to speak out against the misuse and abuse of Down Syndromers?

    And, of course, I can’t let this moment pass without mentioning that Sarah Palin is a rancid cunt.

  6. Mark says:

    P.S. I love Andrea Fay Friedman.

  7. There was a great mother who went on radio and got her son on to discuss the fact he couldn’t get a date, he went out with his mates to bars, clubs and had a really good social life but he wanted a girlfriend. The main barrier was that he is downs syndrome. His mother wanted to advance the normality of his lifestyle, promote the fact he wanted love and sex like anyone else and she spoke so eloquently about how many people with disabilities are discourage or dismissed when it comes to young adult sexual experiences.

    I’m allergic to prawns and I might ask medi alert to add Palin to my computer information – she is enough to send anyone into an anaphylatic shock with her toxic stupidity and egomania.

  8. OMGGMAB says:

    Why won’t Levi reveal the identity of Trig’s real mommy and daddy? Then maybe they would rescue him from the talons of vulture mommy. Such a bold move would cause such a media circus, that vulture might lose her ability to fly all over the US airspace pooping her nonsense messages on the heads of people too stupid to realize that she’s left her crap in their hair.

    Step it up, young man! Meanwhile, I’ll be working on the 1st edition of the Word Salad Dictionary! Now how to define “also too” . . .

  9. PeaceBwithU says:

    She is so fucking stupid I can’t even comment. But thanks SW for keeping us all current on her constant idiotic antics. She makes me want to vomit.

  10. Jesus says:

    “‘She’ should have been a pair of ragged claws
    Scuttling across the floors of silent seas.”

    Palin reminds me of a dumbed down version of the Angela Landsbury character in the ORIGINAL Manchurian Candidate film. Verrrrrrrry scarrrrrrrrry!!!

  11. Ann says:

    The fact that Sarah Palin has no sense of humor is certainly the least of her problems. She also has no sense of decency or intellect.

  12. Juri says:

    My contempt for her has not so much (if anythingl) to do with her (lack of) intellect or education as it has with her being so fucking phony and getting away with it only because there are so many people who would vote a wooden horse – as long as it could repeat such magic words as “tax cuts”, “free market”, “freedom” and “God” in its speeches and interviews.

    Combine that phoniness with her egomania mentioned by Make Do Style, and her being a rancid cunt, which Mark pointed out, and you’ll have a pretty good bouquet of reasons for not liking that manipulative cunt.

    I actually hope she will run and win in 2012 so we all can experience first hand the brilliance of Sarah Palin in action. She won’t, of course, finish the term but quit “so that the team can win” instead. It will nevertheless be fun to see her fuck up big time without being able to blame that on the Washington elite or the main stream communist media. It will be an interesting experiment and good family entertainment.

    Too bad Trigg can already walk and talk by 2012, so dragging him around on the rallies will be a bit more challenging than it is now. She might even need a new shield and a new “cause” to ride on.

  13. Hammie says:

    Bill thinks Trig is a puppet. xx

  14. Aja says:

    As someone who has members of my family with down syndrome on both my mother and my father’s side, every time I see that woman toting her child around like he’s some sort of accessory, I roll my eyes. I secretly think one day Trig is going to get pissed about it too.

  15. gretchen says:

    you need to check this out:

    the actor/girl that played the down syndrome girl, has down syndrome. this is her reply to palin …

  16. lefiligree says:

    now i am sad that i missed the family guy episode! admittedly, every alaskan should have seen it, but we’re too excited about our 7 olympians. why cant the rest of you just forget we produced palin already? Think about kikkan and callan!

    just ignore her desperate attempts to garner a bullet-proof reputation, as well as her shock and dismay that its now a cultural joke to be down syndromed and related to her. she is hardly worse than madonna adopting a kid from malawi only to dress her like a lawn jockey.

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