Show Me The Money!

Are your feet big like mine? Are they a US 10 or IT 40? If so, you can buy these awesome Illex Kinni shoes RIGHT NOW for $230, saving yourself $20 from the retail price.

Or! You can buy these fabulous Vivienne Westwood boots, same size, for only $250 plus shipping!

Both of these are UNWORN, waiting in their boxes under my bed for someone who can walk in heels.

Yes, yes, I am a cunt who once bought acquired shoes and lots of other pricey stuff in the mistaken belief that they would make me happy, lovable, and shielded from life’s essential and meaningless horror. Okay?

Now I’m a cunt who needs to try to pay bills.

Contact me at if you’re interested.   If you’re not, PLEASE don’t tell me why in a comment, unless you want me to kill you or you happen to be Wendy Brandes.   Thanks! xoxo

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16 Responses to Show Me The Money!

  1. wow! love the first one. But i can’t. Am poor and i have small feet. But i can sell my kidney for foot operation so i can buy this shoes from you.

    you have great taste sister wolf. anyway what is it with jane and fashion week?

    “fashion show is not my cup of tea. fashion week?…what fashion week?”

  2. Mr LaShod says:

    I can neither afford them or wear them, but, my girlfriend was hoping to get me killed so she suggested I write you…

  3. Sister Wolf says:

    Denise – Good, please schedule thje surgery asap

    Mr LaShod -My pleasure, sir. Your place or mine?

  4. Talisa says:

    I have a few pairs in my closet that are just not working for me and NEVER did maybe we could do a bit of bartering??????

  5. Jesus says:

    Jesus just wanted to say you are lovable, you’re not a cunt, (by calling yourself one automatically negates that designation), and life has meaning, but is brimming over the edge with “meaningless horror.”

    P.S. Jesus can’t pay her bills either and is looming on the edge of homelessness by each passing month . . . but Jesus is sending good vibes your way . . .she wants your family to be healthy, happy, and full of fire . . . and brimstone!!!

    P.P.S. please don’t kill me . . . I still have propaganda to disseminate! Oye Vey . . . I grow old … I grow old …I shall wear the bottoms of my trousers rolled.

  6. WendyB says:

    I love being the exception to the rule so much that you can probably start charging me for it.

    Are you sure you didn’t curate those shoes?

  7. HelOnWheels says:

    Why must you have significantly bigger feet than I??!!

  8. Pudfish says:

    hi, just wanted to say that here in rural rainy Buckinghamshire in the Uk, I love your blog. It’s the first thing I look at each day, i love your writing, sense of humour and your wide choice of topics. I enjoy it so much sometimes bits of it echo in my head all day (“Pee already Goony Bird”). I check out your blog even before I look at my kids’ school website to ensure I can ship the little devils off to school; (strangely the school website is not as funny and does not have such great choice of vocab); i even look at your blog before Sea of Shoes!! yes, I know, hard to believe!! The Sea blog has fascinated me for ages, in a “you know it’s wrong but you just can’t help yourself sort of way) .Like you I am amazed how anyone can buy – sorry – curate so much stuff – I mean vintage items… and like you i had started to worry about Carole and what they had done with her; at one point she was making a lot of cakes but Mom said it would have to stop otherwise they would all get fat and I feared maybe they had locked her in their walk in closet with all the curated faux fur to muffle her cries for help… anyway, love, love , love your blog…
    also love the comments, one of the only blogs where I enjoy the comments, they are so witty too ( love the one to Jane about not ending with a preposition!) such a change from the sycophantic “ooooH Garance, oooh Sart you are so cool etc etc) stuff.

  9. Cricket9 says:

    Oooh oh thank you Pudfish for mentioning the sycophants from the other blog(s) – ooooh they are so damn tiresome!

  10. annemarie says:

    yeah, we fucking rule.

    all hail Sister Wolf for bringing us together!

  11. erika says:

    since everyone has chimed in, I will say nice shoes. I wish I could buy them however I am broke and on a shopping fast for Lent. We do have the same shoe size and I will not be broke forever so next time I will definitely check the shoes out and if for any reason you have them still after Easter, I may be interested.

  12. sal dc says:

    my feet are even bigger than yours. you have great taste in shoes, sister.
    (currently looking through my own closet of pricey things and deciding what to sell to pay the rent. not kidding. so.. i feel you)

  13. XuXu says:

    You are fucking great.
    Thank you for existing.


  14. dying for those boots – super broke – but thanks for making me drool.

  15. sybil says:

    why dont you sell them on ebay? I would list my size 7s on ebay but I wore them once (they are way tooo small, run big my ass).

  16. Boatsonline says:

    Great points. I used to spend alot of my time water skiing and watching sports. It was possibly the best sequence of my childhood and your blog kind of reminded us of that period of my life. Thank You

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