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Sea of Shoes has been busy since she acquired her “tri-tone brogues” by Comme des Garcons (Que to cry, Tavi!)

In fact, she and Mom have been at the Chictopia blogger summit, to discuss their own influence. According to WWD, Sea… is working on a project “that has to do with a community of fashion bloggers, like a fashion agency, that will bring a little order to the way brands and bloggers work together,” she said, adding that “blogging has increased the pace fashion moves at.”

Oh my! take your time to digest this.

Okay, good. So Sea (i.e., Mom) wants to bring a little order to fashion blogs. Maybe creating an official hierarchy by creating some kind of agency? Shit, you tell me, I don’t know what she’s talking about but it doesn’t sound like anything we need.

In the photo above, Sea looks pissed. She’s thinking, “Why the fuck am I here, I’m so much more important than these losers, I am practically Coco Fucking Chanel!”

Do you have a comment for Jane, who still won’t allow you to make one? This is your chance to speak up. I will go first:

“Dear Sea, please don’t get into some crazy shit where you try to control the Internet because it just won’t work. It doesn’t pay to throw your weight around when you’re eighteen years old and have to go everywhere with your mom. I can’t help thinking you actually believe that life is about shoes. One day, you will have to live down this whole episode. Love, SW.

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35 Responses to Comments for Jane 2/18/2010

  1. the photo caption says : Bloggers at the Chictopia conference, including sisters Jane and Judy Aldridge (left). hahaha.

    well i think jane did a good job with her blog. She’s talking now to a bunch of people. her opening must have been something like this – “look at me, who needs college education anyway? “

  2. Zenobie says:

    I have never had a bad word to say about Jane or Sea of Shoes. However people may feel about it, her blog doesn’t hurt anyone, you can choose to read it or not. But I don’t like the idea of anyone attempting to control things with regard to blogging. If a bloggers is contacted by a “brand” for whatever reason, surely that should be kept between them. The involvement of a third party agency seems pointless at best.

  3. Juri says:

    Dear Jane, you know that attending a thing called “blogger’s summit” is the mother of all wake up calls, do you not? At least your mother should be old enough to understand that. Hasn’t she told you yet?

    As for “bringing a little order to the way brands and bloggers work together,” why stop there when there are so many other problems in the world to fix. I’m not a fashion blogger but I’ve learned this: when life gives you a lemon, a shoe blogging teenager is the person to go to for lemonade.

  4. kate says:

    dear jane,

    shit sucks girl. if you’re gonna be all-out frivolous, don’t bother with the networky complaint sessions for third rate livejournalers. get to bryant park, gah. who the hell needs to regulate bloggers anyway? they’re the clothed pornstars of the most irrelevant medium since POG art. girl needs some john waters or warhol superstar action–computers are boring, k. i’m only on one right now cause i’m on a speed trip and trying to write the chimpanzee shakespeare companion in human languages by hitting the keyboard with a margiela paperweight. sea of schlongs!

  5. Sheri says:

    And mom’s wearing the pony-hair boots!

  6. Dear Jane – oh an agency how exciting will you have vacancies for account handlers and will we get lots of lovely shoes to wear. Don’t listen to the doubters I’m in. Can we be all Mad Men and smoke and drink in the office. It will be a riot. It’s okay we’ll get Sister Wolf to be Joan she’ll keep us in order and get your mom off our backs if we get boys in!!

  7. OMGGMAB says:

    Jane, don’t end your sentences with prepositions. Hope this tip is helpful.

  8. dust says:

    Dear Jane- so, the brands and bloggers will be paying you to handle their relationship? How many pairs of shoes will that earn?

  9. Ann says:

    Words actually escape me. I’m all for lofty aspirations but this is really a bit much.

    Jane: you’re buying designer labels that look like a million bucks because that’s what it cost your mom to acquire them, you’re taking pictures of 4 different outfit changes instead of going to school and you’re writing about it. Poorly, at that. It’s a fucking BLOG, Jane, get over yourself – you’re not controlling fashion or its pace.

  10. Iron Chic says:

    Blogging Death Knell Alert!
    Regulation is exactly what we don’t need.
    If someone wants to send me something for free, I will accept.
    Where is all my free shit? I’ve been blogging thanklessly for three years!

  11. patni says:

    Dear Jane and Mom,
    I hate your Chanel boots. They give you cankles, hairy elephant cankles.
    I wont mention the fact that living on unemployment as I do, i could probably live for 6 months for the price each pair of ugly elephant legs, because that would just be petty jealousy.

  12. Suspended says:

    Hmmm….Jane, looking at your golden potato necklace has given me the urge to eat some Pringles.

  13. Faux Fuchsia says:

    Dear Jane,
    I wonder what the next few years will hold for you. Are you going to college? You look unhappy in this photo. I hope you are ok. I truly believe that formal education is the key for you. Give my love to Consuela xxxxx

  14. theresa says:

    Where did you find the source for this???

    (and Jane is soo not paying attention! ha)

  15. susan says:

    Forgive my ignorance, please, but what am I missing here? Does this spoiled child’s blog with endless photos of her questionable and/or terrible taste in very expensive fashion actually have a following?

    Sheesh. That’s kind of just pitiful, on so many levels.

    You, on the other hand, make me laugh my guts out several times a week.

    xox for that,


  16. WendyB says:

    I thought everyone knew that I control the Internet!

  17. Julia says:

    I’m not for anything, really, and I’m certainly not for some silly blogging “summit” (wherein, incidentally, the young girls are probably being grossly misled for corporate reasons) but I’m also still not sure how a blog that exists as a forum for people to rip on other people is really all that much more important/relevant/awesome than a summit that exists to take advantage of naive teen girls. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: how, exactly, is leaving mean-ass comments about a blog that’s “irrelevant” doing ANYTHING beyond making the commenters look like lesser human beings? Look away if you hate it so much! Otherwise, I just don’t believe you when you say you hate it….

    Oh hell, I’m going to get torched! Oh well. Sister, I do agree with you that Jane will have to live this down but we all have shit to live down. All. This is not as bad as it could be. The other night I got kicked out of a club and there was blood and somebody got hurt. I’m 27. What happened? I can’t remember!

    You’re right, though, concerning McQueen, and you’re brave to say it. Mental illness fucks everyone involved. Sorry. It does.

  18. Sister Wolf says:

    Oh god, Julia, this blog doesn’t “exist as a forum for people to rip on other people,” what an inane thing to say! It exists as a forum for me to write whatever I feel like writing. You keep trying to “get torched” but this all you’re gonna get. Better luck somewhere else!

  19. Julia says:

    Actually, I said that bit to make myself feel better if said “torching” happened. Not ’cause I want it. You know, it’s like calling all your flaws up front to steal people’s thunder. The way you yourself refer to yourself a cunt, etc. I find it’s easier for me to live with myself that way — anticipating the worst and all that. And actually, I support your forum to say what you want. That’s your constitutional right, lady! I was just sayin’…

    I don’t actually think what I said was inane, though. But I’m hearing that you don’t want my input.

  20. kate says:

    To Julia, since you quoted the word “irrelevant,” and I was the only person on the page to use it, it might enlighten you to note that I was completely kidding…and wasn’t being very funny either…thus poking fun at myself, at Jane, at God, at her mom, at your mom, at everybody here, and everything in life. The beauty of Sister Wolf’s place is that everything is fair game to some extent, but nothing is ever taken too far.

    Sounds like you know how to have fun though, being kicked out of a club with blood everywhere. As far as being a lesser human being than a weird looking over-privileged sixteen year old with a wall of half a million dollars worth of shoes, I’m a grad student, a volunteer, an artist, and a 23 year old who has seen tons of shit go down in my short life. In spite of my many different investments in life, people make fun of me all of the time for being of a certain ethnic background or being neurotic or having a nonregional accent or wearing too many Eurotrash brands, and it’s great fun, damn it! Far be it from you to deny Jane or anybody else that great rite of passage that is ridicule in some lame reinstatement of the “everybody makes mistakes” centrist principle. I am a better person than Jane, damn it (I’ve met her briefly, and she seemed too coddled and stunted to ever be interesting), and I shit on your weak equality economics. Shit, you seem like a better person than Jane.

    That wasn’t a torch for you, Julia, more like senseless self-immolation. Much love to you for trying to be nice girl. Every blog needs its Jimminy Cricket.

  21. theresa says:

    its relevant as long as you feel compelled to comment. Which is to say, is janes blog relevant anymore?
    ugh. the internet is getting boring.

  22. Sister Wolf says:

    theresa – A friend sent me a link to the story –

    Julia – Inane as in silly or senseless. Your analysis of the reason I call myself a cunt is also inane. Don’t be a big baby about this.

    kate – Julia is a fan of Mom, so she’s trying to win points, I guess.

    WendyB -Not Al Gore?!?

    Suspended – JESUS, I didn’t even notice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Iron Chic – I hear you, where’s my free shit????

    Make Do- Is Joan the one with the enormous boobs? I will be her.

    Sheri – YAY!

  23. Dear Julia – come be an account handler – where you can hear inane mutterings daily on shoes. We can all go and get torched on whiskey and soda. The fun starts soon at Sea of Shoes Agency.
    PS ‘I hear you’ will be banned it sounds a bit try hard almost social worker, just remember we are all about ‘acquired’, ‘curating’ and maybe a bit ‘edgie or fierce’

  24. OMGGMAB says:

    I think Jane and Julia need to go see “The Vagina Monologues” and get in touch with themselves. Then maybe they will understand things on this blog a little better.

  25. Jenny Dunville says:

    Finally went to Sea’s site to be educated. Graphic, lots of cool stuff, but why do I feel as though there’s a pushy, Texas cheerleader Mom in the background?? Sister, at 55 I have to say life IS about shoes. I will never have all the shoes I want. Purging them is cathartic & then I just start over. I’m not daunted by the high heel thing anymore; I know there are zillions of cool shoe styles to own/wear. It’s not such a bad vice.

  26. Paige says:

    Dear Jane,

    Commodity fetishism.


  27. Natalea Hell says:

    As a response to Sea’s latest post:

    Dude?!!WTF?!! Why do you want your feet look like they belong to a horse?? I don’t find the shoes ugly, but when you say that the reason you like them is because they look like horse’s feet… gosh girl.

    The only circumstance that comment would be acceptable is if you where high on weed. And I’m sure you’re not, because with mommy dearest hanging 24/7 with you, you couldn’t find a chance to smoke weed.

    Fuck. I love my mom. I love how she never spoils me with shoes and lets me hang around with people other than herself.

    Siter Wolf, I love you too.

  28. “I was looking for pictures of fungi online today”
    Oh Jane, maybe you do need to start an agency; you can employ loads of staff and pretend they’re your friends. It has to be better than staring at pictures of mushrooms all day, right?

  29. Sister Wolf says:


    OMGGMAB – Yes, a good assignment!

    Jenny Dunville -Can Sea give you her shoes then, when she’s done with them???

    Paige – You’re hired!

    Natalea Hell – The horse thing is sinister. Not good. I love you too.

    tor -Fungi is a big word for her. She’s showing that she knows ‘nature stuff.’

  30. Laura says:

    Dear Jane, why aren’t fashion shows your cup of tea? Is it because real celebrities attending them would steal your limelight? Or is it because nobody there would be impressed with your pseudo-artistic ‘insightful’ comments? And newsflash: being presented at the Crillon Ball doesn’t make you a refined, international socialite. It just makes you a corporate whore. Cheers!

  31. Sil says:

    About that fashion shows are not Sea´s cup of tea… Am I wrong or you have to be invited to asist to a fashion show???? Could the reason for Sea´s dislike that she never gets invited to fashion shows???? Yes, dear, you are sooooo cool that you don´t need fashion shows… Fuck you, Sea. Oh, did I say fuck you???? I wanted to say thank you. You know, I´m just a foreigner…

  32. Laura says:

    I wrote my last post after having ingested a considerable amount of Nyquil, and I think it removed any inhibitions that I usually have. My comment was unnecessary and rude, and I offer my apologies.

  33. Chelsea says:

    Dear Sea,

    What happened to gay boyfriend?


  34. I’m reading this interview and it does shed a little light on the lonely life of Jane. For a start, she lives in the middle of no-where with loads of rich people who don’t understand her love of the fashion. Not even her own sister understands. So all she has to talk about Yamamoto and plastic dinosaurs with is her mum. Feel pity.
    But she does have a job! She interns one day a week, and presumably mail-orders shoes from the ‘net after a hard day. I know I do. But she has to get a parent (probably long-suffering dad – what does he do? Apart from stare brokenly at his credit card statements) to drive her there as she hasn’t passed her driving test yet. Maybe if she wore above-featured (hideous) flats she might.

  35. I love your content pieces on your blog but your Rss feed has several XML issues that you really ought to fix. Great site though!

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