My Pseud’s Corner

The great British satire magazine Private eye had a feature called ‘Pseud’s Corner,’ where any kind of pseudo-intellectual discourse was mocked. I miss it! So here’s my first tribute, and it’s a good one:

In the Los Angeles Times, tin-eared pop music critic Ann Powers reviewed poor Britney’s VMA appearance, and recalled a time when Britney’s “gorgeous form and defiant beauty” were “postively Nabokovian.”

Aaaaaah! First read Lolita, you idiot, before you refer to it. Lolita was 12 years old, and distinctly childlike. That was the point. God, I hate Ann Powers.

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  1. Susan says:

    Yay! Here’s hoping that your tribute becomes a regular feature. God knows there’s enough raw material out there…

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