My Tattoo


Here’s my tattoo. Ma haine dure (my hatred endures.)

I am very happy with it, but it seems to upset strangers, which was not my intent. I’m getting tired of explaining its genesis, and that hatred is my fuel, my strength, my currency, etc.

I’m going to start saying it means “I love puppies,” just to avoid pointless arguments.

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5 Responses to My Tattoo

  1. Ann says:

    I love your tattoo, Nigress. I have a tattoo that translates to “crazy or evil spirit” across my back in Japanese. My father still thinks it means patience.


  2. kayayarai says:

    I love your hatred tattoo, too. I have one that’s a porcupine, in my daughter’s honor. Porcupine was her in utero nickname, derived from porky, a pet name between the husband and me. That explanation is also getting a little long to always be repeating, too, so I just let people think I’m weird rather than getting into it.

  3. honeypants says:

    That is beautiful Nigress! You seriously kick ass. I love you!

  4. your brother says:

    out of all the tattoos i’ve seen in my life i always made it a point to never copy anyone’s tattoo..till now

  5. Sister Wolf says:

    thank you my dear, it’s a distinct honor xoxoxo

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