Nazis: The Fun Never Stops

A friend sent me to this story  about Max Mosley, head of Formula One racing and the FIA, who was caught having a five-hour tryst with a bunch of hookers who helped him to play out his Nazi fantasies. The writing in this piece is particularly funny. Achtung! Go there now.

A few days ago, I was upset to learn that the fashion line Hugo Boss had designed and manufactured Nazi Uniforms during WWII. Just when I had become a fan of Hugo Boss! Shit. I went into a Hugo Boss store in San Francisco and loved the classic but feminine suits and dresses. Never mind, I’ll get over it, there must be tons of designers out there who weren’t Nazi collaborators.

And speaking of Nazi collaborators, since Coco Chanel was a big ass-kisser to Hitler and a Nazi enthusiast in general, I’m going to stop coveting Chanel. Chanel has only brought me misery, nearly getting me kicked off eBay for trying to sell genuine Chanel jewelry, and then foisting upon me a $1,400 handbag that had to be repaired every six months. Look, here it is!


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  1. Mark says:

    Enough with the Nazis.

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