Paging Freud and Jung!

I dreamed there was a dead Me, laying beside me in bed. I was very distressed but I tried to take care of her, plumping her pillow or something. She was very pretty and young, sort of a goth Ophelia. Suddenly, I discovered that my ex-husband had taken her to a school campus and had left her there. I was horrified and furious with him. I flipped out and screamed at him, asking him if he realized that she was defenseless, that everyone would make fun of her etc etc. I screamed: “Isn’t there any dignity, even after death?!”

Then I woke up.

What does this mean? That part of me is dead? Because that is my daily reality.  Or was the dead me really Max? Or was it about Mitt Romney, who had just made his comment about the Libyan Embassy? Or is it because I’ve been immersed in the first four seasons of Breaking Bad?


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15 Responses to Paging Freud and Jung!

  1. David Duff says:

    Too much Mexican food the night before is my guess!

  2. Suspended says:

    That sounds very heavy.

    I recently watched the first 4 seasons of Breaking Bad and didn’t encounter any such dreams. LOVED season 1&2…HATED season 3 and thought 4 was ok (with a few mouth wide open moments…Like when the guy that owned the fast food chain stepped out of the old mans room after the bomb went off. Yikes!)

    Tried to watch “24” and had to turn that shit off!

    I think you should visit Lourdes and bathe in the holy water. I have no idea why I just had that thought but I picture you in a tranquil pool, your floating hair creating a halo. If you want to complete my “vision” – you’ll need a vintage short sleeved maxi dress made of matte gold lace and 4 large pearl rings for your left hand and one large gold lion’s head ring for the middle finger of your right hand. Bring your best red lipstick.

  3. Darque says:

    I’m not the best at this sort of thing, but I think it’s hopeful that there was a real you besides the dead you. Do you feel you might be ready to let go of the other you? Even though you think she was young/pretty? It’s really is OK for you to let go of preserving memories. Memories are preserved through remembering. There is more of life waiting for you. I think your ex husband isn’t as in control of things as you think he is.

  4. ali says:

    I think it means you should write an auto biographical novel mocking/exploring your own anguish like David Eggars did…but different and way way way better because it’s you.

    Career advice from the depraved yet repentant post-grad always light and loose from the lips/finger tips.

  5. Mo in KCMO says:

    Calm yourself, Sis.
    This is only proof that you have a magnificent image-(anary) dream/real life. It is all so colorful and wonderful! Don’t over-analyse it. Frida, Freud, Feaux-for-all…
    Love from Mo

  6. Erika says:

    Urrghhh dream analysis…I am guessing that would be a parallel you, one that never got to exist, that would have existed had you not had a life with him and he had just left you alone. I think her being dead is only significant of the fact that existence is dead/never was.

    I used to channel Dr. Jung when I would feel particularly nutty and imagine a conversation where he would tell me no matter what I was feeling it was all perfectly normal. It was very comforting.

  7. Sister Wolf says:

    Suspended – I believe you’re right about Lourdes. May I hire you as my stylist and spiritual adviser for this excursion? And what about earrings? I have 5 piercings in my right ear, just one in the left ear.

  8. Marky says:

    There was a Greek girl in my class who said if you dream about death it means someone you know is getting married. And vice versa.

  9. Suspended says:

    Consider me hired.

    I’m sensing sea-life. The right ear will have 5 small gold studs in the shape of a seahorse, conch, octopus, mermaid and an oyster (with pearl.) These are linked together with fine strands of gold chain of differing lengths. The right ear will have a large rose gold coral, studded with tiny black pearls.

    There is a garland of honeysuckle atop your shimmering wet hair and clenched in one hand you have a small piece of paper with a message of deep, heart-felt importance. The water makes the letters evaporate in a slow, inky cloud and a tear stains your left cheek as if formed from the dissipating ink. Calmness washes over you. You feel enveloped by the glistening sunlight of the Gods and the embrace of all the love you have and all the love you’ve known.

    Ok, are you with the vision? How are your thighs in a floating position? No worries, I can work with whatever…haha ; )

    Much love and warm blessings Sis’. There isn’t a soul here that doesn’t wish better feelings for you. xxx

  10. Sister Wolf says:

    Suspended – Breathtaking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Ann says:

    Suspended is my copilot.

  12. candy says:

    Sis, there is some kind of conflict within yourself and you have feelings of guilt and you end up blaming the male figure that hurt you the most. I think the fear of abandonment is very significant in this dream. If you had some arguments with your husband lately and he talked about abandonment (like mine does) then this dream is revealing of your diurn emotions. I had a series of bad dreams just after a discussion with my husband; in those, I also dreamt I was dead,in a coffin. I feel you are evolving and the new you is alive but your emotions of guilt are still present,those emotions are keeping the “dead you”around. It could also be related to the depression you are living,the change of medication, an heavy dinner before bed. Hang in there Sister, all this should pass.
    I send you love

  13. candy says:

    We have so much in common Sis. you know that because of my dad’s relationship I end up in relationships that hurt me. I would like to tell you also that a psycologist would say that the dream you had could be identified as a transfer, in this case you took Max’s place.

    I would like to say that your ex husband is a little like my actual husband, he doesn’t say sorry easily that’s why you still blame him. People like this lie to themselves and don’t sleep well.
    They are the first one totell you they are happy when in fact they are not happy with themselves and hurt others by materialising this lie using harassment and verbal abuse.
    But I know that with the lie comes this revelation about themselves, when they are alone, they do cry. Max’s father is hurt also but can not express it.
    I should know, emotionally immature men act that way because of their own issues when they were kids.
    About the dream, I do think you were and still are very connected to your son, you are close. Max loves you, and with everything you shared about him, I know he is a good person, he is grateful that you are his mom and that you were the one who carried him (best gift you had Sis.and nobody can steal that from you). Don’t worry day we will all have peace and love with our relatives.
    PS: you don’t have to post this comment if you would like to keep it to yourself.
    Love always

  14. Jarrod says:

    I think you maybe need to eat more xanax. Typically death in dreams represents the dying of the old with a new beginning on the epoch. Sorry I have just always wanted to use epoch in a sentence. I am new to the site but am a fan of the madness, my personal belief is “embrace the madness, it is the only way to stay sane. You sure as fuck dont want the madness embracing you.” Anyway I am sure you probably get so much of this shit you will never read this, there cannot be that much time in the day judging from the number of comments on everything. Just wanted to say that except for the interior design thing, i do design medical implants and tools, and they do go on the interior of people, anyway I am rambling. i share similar ideas and have similar problems, hit me up (email obviously) if you want. Have a nice day.

  15. Supermouse says:

    It’s the young you. You turned from optimistic to Goth despair, showing your resistance to the propaganda. The truth was death, and it was in the condemnation of the school. You didn’t want to lie by saying it was all sunny and flowers. You had to show that it was death, and that hope was painful because they conditioned you to stop dreaming for yourself. They wanted to make you into a victim and lower your self-esteem so you’d lose the will to live. Now you can dream for yourself and nurse your old self back to life.

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