nice black piggies 2

It wasn’t until I had my second child that I discovered the joy of piggies.  He thought they were cute and longed for a pig as a pet.

I didn’t feel we could handle a pet pig, even though my research revealed that pigs enjoy watching TV and having pedicures. Some pigs grow to over 250 pounds and have bad tempers. We made do with our dog.

Meanwhile, I have come to love piggies. They are just so fucking cute! Few things are cuter than really cute pigs.

So I liked this photo of a gold pig on a matte black box-thing.

Extrem Iberico Ham smaller

Doesn’t it look beautiful? What great design, I thought.  Whatever the fuck it was. But then,

Extrem Iberico Ham improved

Oh no! It is sleek packaging for a EXTREM, a new brand of Iberian ham, launched by a company called Agriculturas Diversas.

Something about the shock of seeing ham while enjoying the silhouette of a nice golden piggie has really driven home to me what my vegan friends have known all along.

It’s disgusting to eat a pig. Not that I eat much bacon or ham, but I will never do it again, and I won’t cook it for anyone either. Bastards. How dare anyone hurt a nice piggie!

I’m not giving up burgers thought, because I love a good burger with fries, and I’ve already chosen a burger and fries as my last meal, should I end up being executed.

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18 Responses to Piggies!

  1. Heidi says:

    It is disgusting. I’ve become rather sentimental since my breast cancer diagnosis, and more aware of animals’ feelings and such. Well, I’ve always been, but now eating meat isn’t something I want to do.

    Do you visit http://www.estherthewonderpig.com/ ? It’s a pretty wonderful story.

    But honestly, that ham is so wrong on so many levels apart from the whole issue around eating other beings! When millions live and die in poverty and of starvation, to make something like this? Sick, I tell you. Sick!

  2. Eek says:

    Cats are somewhat like piggies, don’t you think? And if you continue to cross Madonna, it is distinctly possible that you will end up being executed! 😉

  3. Bessie the Cow says:

    Sister Wolf, I couldn’t be happier that you see that piggies have value in their own right to exist and just be in the world independent of our tastes, desires, culture, religion or whatever brainwashing it took to cloud our eyes. I hope you can see that even cows (like me), chickens, turkeys, lambs, goats, bison, trout, egrets, dogs, cats, snails, elephants, etc. have feelings and the desire to live. I’m hoping that that last meal of yours will be a black bean burger topped with guacamole, pickles, tomatoes, onions, lettuce, ketchup, relish, mustard, on a whole wheat, multigrain bun (w/o dough conditioners), and all the French fries you can muster (air heated), and that it’s a long, long, long . . . . long time from now that you eat your last burger. I hope the world learns compassion for all life forms. The purpose of life is to CREATE beauty, not to make a living hell for our fellow travelers, in time and space, and then destroy them to fill your craws, give you cancer, and clog your arteries.

    Okay, this cow just broke her soap box, but Godammit, she’s mad about all the death and destruction on this little blue planet, third from the sun. She wants love, peace, art, and understanding, not factory farms, slaughter houses, diseases of poverty and diseases of affluence.

    And I won’t talk about the ghoulish marketing of displayed, flayed flesh in plastic, made for the half that has too much, either (wink, wink).

    Oye, okay, back to grazing.

  4. I think if anyone wants to eat meat they should see an animal being slaughtered. I mean a high end animal; a cow, pig, goat. It’s bloody traumatic and it’s guaranteed to make you rethink the whole meat eating gig. God I hope I’m never executed. It would take me forever to think of a last meal, and no matter what I chose, I’d end up regretting it. Not for long though I suppose.

  5. Sister Wolf says:

    Madam Restora – Hahahahaaha! Probably 30 minutes, tops. Just to be safe, start thinking now.

  6. Steph says:

    Jesus. That is one chic ham case.

  7. Sister Wolf says:

    Steph – Right?

  8. lisa says:

    You would be in no doubt as to the origin of your ham if you went to a spanish supermarket where they hang from hooks around the deli.
    We love our spanish ham. Boo and I have ‘ham parties” where we sit up in my bed watching tv eating parma ham. We even have a song.
    If piggies didn’t want us to eat them, why would they make themselves so delicious?

  9. Cricket9 says:

    Oh Lisa, it would be better if you’d shut up.

  10. Dj says:

    Is ham the new cigarette? Is this what some handsome, debonaire man offers to a woman sipping champagne at a sexy, intimate bar? Does he chew it for her first like lighting a cig first and then his? Doesn’t the little piggy poke through his jacket and startle the woman?

    “Oh, I see you have a little piggy poking through your lovely Armani jacket” “Yes, it’s the finest, most delicious piggy you will ever hope to encounter, very rare, very expensive, very exclusive.” “Oh, no thanks darling, I would much rather have a smoke, not smoked pig. Bugger off!”

  11. Kristy says:

    I found your blog from Chrissie Hynde / Patty Smith web trails. Then…bookmarked. I don’t eat pigs but love burgers too. I empathize with the vibe. p.s. I have a dead kid too. Cheers.

  12. Bessie the Cow says:

    Cow hugs to Cricket9. Compassion is consciousness. Consciousness is compassion.

  13. Marky says:

    I read somewhere that pork is the closest thing to human flesh except for higher primates.

  14. triggerhippy says:

    I have heard of the similarity of pork to human flesh too.

    Most of my Mother’s family worked in ICI in Ardeer, Scotland for years. A lot of explosives got made there. My Aunt worked in the fuse testing lab. After seeing a couple of people seriously burned she stopped eating pork. The smell is identical apparently.

  15. Marky says:

    Triggerhippy: yuck.

  16. Sister Wolf says:

    Cricket9 – We don’t tell Lisa to shut up because she is one of my heroes.

    Krisy – So very sorry for your loss.

  17. Sister Wolf says:

    triggerhappy – !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fuck!

  18. Bessie the Cow says:

    This cow went to a reading at the Annenberg Beach House tonight, and heard a most powerful reading about a pregnant Vietnamese pot-bellied pig.

    I think it was described by a German Publisher as a lesbian love story intertwined with Charlotte’s Web elements.


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